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  1. Hi All. I'm excited to be returning to the hobby I love after being away about 40 years...been busy with raising family, career, etc. Man, have things changed...FOR THE BETTER! I must say I'm somewhat intimidated by how great and detailed the modelers and their cars have become. In my day, if you bought a "hot knife" from Oscar Koveleski's Auto World and used it to cut out and hinge opening doors, hood & trunk, following Hank Borger's directions, you were cutting edge! I'm planning on returning to building muscle cars in 1/24 & 1/25 (maybe 1/16) scale from AMT & Revell. If I could impose on you, I need a refresher course on spray painting, as I was never very good at it. Can anyone layout the steps (in order) starting with the bare styrene body, such as # grit of sandpaper to prep body before priming, then after priming, color choice of primer & primer brand recommendations, type of spray paint (enamel or lacquer) from a can, brands, wet/dry sanding post-painting? Also, I see a lot about sanding sticks...can these be used to sand car bodies, or just small parts? How difficult is it to use Bare-Metal foil? Recommended glue for attaching windshields and rearview mirrors in-place? See, there's so many new specific products on the market since I was last involved, I just don't know how/where to start. Sorry to be so long here, would appreciate any help any of you can give me. Looking forward to making new friends here, sharing interests and having fun. Thank you
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