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  1. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find a sheet of decals for Jimmy Means Alka Seltzer car?
  2. I bought one of their 1962 Pontics. The windshield was scratched up so bad it looked like doo doo. I emailed them with the problem. For $12.00 they would send me new glass. I WON"T be getting another kit from Moebius!
  3. I've been practicing for so long & can't get paint to orange peel! I've been spraying up to 2 feet away. It looks orang peel until it dries. And when it's dry it's smooth as glass! I'm thinking about giving up & going with the '68 Firecracker paint job. White from rear of top to hood & C pillars & be done with it.
  4. Is it just the clear that ya'll are having this foaming problem or colors? I just got a can of Testors Extreme Lacquer in Electric Pink for a Marty Robbins Daytona.
  5. I've using Tamiya Clear fro about 2 years now & I've had no problems. I haven't sprayed it over decal though. I use Pledge restore after I'm done with everything.
  6. Hi guys. I'm wondering which Tamiya Blue would be a close match to Earnhardt's Wrangler blue? I have Brilliant Blue & it's close but wondering if there is a better blue choice. Thanks, Mike
  7. I make mine out of popcycle sticks cut to whatever width I want. I cut strips of whichever grit of sandpaper I was a little wide & use Testors glue that's in orange/red tube. When dry I trim off excess sandpaper.
  8. Here is my tribute to the "Chief". Drove 4 races in 1964 in a car like this. Rest in Peace Maurice.
  9. There is no way in the world I could do what you did. It looks fantastic! you put me to shame! I just finished a 1964 Plymouth that Maurice Petty drove in 4 races that year. I'm ashamed to post mine!
  10. Thanks for the help. I knew it wasn't a vinyl top. I should have said "a vinyl looking" top
  11. Looks good but all suspension parts should be Royal Blue. A friend that worked for Petty told me.
  12. Looks great! How in the world did you paint the gauges like that?
  13. What do you mean a "kicker" & what type of clamps?
  14. In the '68 Daytona 500 Petty's Road Runner had a black vinyl top. What could I do to make the top look a vinyl top?
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