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  1. I used Tamiya Putty both white & gray on a Kyle Petty Mello Yello kit. It looked smoth as glass until I primed car. I used Tamiya white primer & it was full of pinholes as soon as paint hit the puttied area. Anyone have any idea what's going on & how can I fix it?
  2. I'm building a Ray Hendrick 36 Chevrolet coupe. I need a mechanical fuel injection manifold for a big block Chevrolet. If you have one let me know. Thanks, Mike
  3. Thanks everyone. I had fun building it. Thanks again to Dave Van!
  4. That looks really good! Neil would be proud.
  5. Look good. I think Dale would be happy.
  6. Do any of you know which color spray paint would come closest to matching the Kodak Films Morgan McLure race cars? Also, which spray paint would be closest to Viper Red? Thanks for the help!
  7. Finished this a couple weeks ago. Used a SalvinoJR 81 Buick Richard Petty kit for the build. Windshield didn't fit correctly. I had a time getting it to fit. Not perfect but I hope good enough. Also, side windows weren't the right shape. Don't know if windows in all kits are like mine were or just a onetime thing. Other than that the build went well. Pics could have been better but it was in low 20's when I took them, my old bones don't like cold! Again, thanks to Dave Van for the help!!!
  8. Thanks everyone! So glad all of you liked it. Has to be my favorite build. Had a lot of time in this build. And thanks again Dave!
  9. Finished this. Hope Jimmy would like it.
  10. I have an AMT 1968 Roadrunner kit I'm building as Petty's '68 Daytona car. It has round front & marker lights which I will fill. The 1968 GXT also has round front & rear marker lights. I checked. Your car has rectangle front & rear marker lights so you have a 1969 GTX not a 1968 GTX.
  11. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find a sheet of decals for Jimmy Means Alka Seltzer car?
  12. I bought one of their 1962 Pontics. The windshield was scratched up so bad it looked like doo doo. I emailed them with the problem. For $12.00 they would send me new glass. I WON"T be getting another kit from Moebius!
  13. I've been practicing for so long & can't get paint to orange peel! I've been spraying up to 2 feet away. It looks orang peel until it dries. And when it's dry it's smooth as glass! I'm thinking about giving up & going with the '68 Firecracker paint job. White from rear of top to hood & C pillars & be done with it.
  14. Is it just the clear that ya'll are having this foaming problem or colors? I just got a can of Testors Extreme Lacquer in Electric Pink for a Marty Robbins Daytona.
  15. I've using Tamiya Clear fro about 2 years now & I've had no problems. I haven't sprayed it over decal though. I use Pledge restore after I'm done with everything.
  16. Hi guys. I'm wondering which Tamiya Blue would be a close match to Earnhardt's Wrangler blue? I have Brilliant Blue & it's close but wondering if there is a better blue choice. Thanks, Mike
  17. I make mine out of popcycle sticks cut to whatever width I want. I cut strips of whichever grit of sandpaper I was a little wide & use Testors glue that's in orange/red tube. When dry I trim off excess sandpaper.
  18. Here is my tribute to the "Chief". Drove 4 races in 1964 in a car like this. Rest in Peace Maurice.
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