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  1. Finished this a couple weeks ago. Used a SalvinoJR 81 Buick Richard Petty kit for the build. Windshield didn't fit correctly. I had a time getting it to fit. Not perfect but I hope good enough. Also, side windows weren't the right shape. Don't know if windows in all kits are like mine were or just a onetime thing. Other than that the build went well. Pics could have been better but it was in low 20's when I took them, my old bones don't like cold! Again, thanks to Dave Van for the help!!!





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  2. I have an AMT 1968 Roadrunner kit I'm building as Petty's '68 Daytona car. It has round front & marker lights which I will fill. The 1968 GXT also has round front & rear marker lights. I checked. Your car has rectangle front & rear marker lights so you have a 1969 GTX not a 1968 GTX. 

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