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  1. Claude- Most everything on this forum is pretty cool and I should comment on way more of them than i do. This however really caught my eye. You've got the right stance, tire/wheel combo, and an awesome paint job. I wouldn't mind seeing a few more pic of it. Fantastic job!
  2. Thanks for the kind words. I had a good time building this one. I cut it to the wire but it made it to the show.
  3. Well I finally finished up my Rambler. Got it done in the hotel the night before NNL East a few weeks ago. I would have liked to do a few things better but overall I’m pretty happy with it.
  4. Cool project, Ricky. I love those headers. Did you make them yourself or are they out of another kit?
  5. This is the Rambler I’m currently working on. There is still a lot to do but it’ll get done.
  6. I am actually building one of these kits right now. I'm setting it up as a fictional '70's drag car. I have some cool decals for it. I'll post some pics of the progress tomorrow. I'm hoping to have it complete in a few more weeks.
  7. Hello. I'm Ron and I'm happy to have been introduced to this forum by TBILL. Thank you for allowing me into your mix. I've been building models since 3rd grade with the exception of not building while serving in the Navy. I'm 52 now and back to building, or trying to as time allows. I like most all cars and trucks. My dream car since I was about 10 or 12 years old has consistently been a 1941 Willys 3 window coupe. Some day I will have one. I have mostly been building 1/25 and 1/24 scale muscle cars, 50's cars and classic trucks. Most of my collection are american kits but I must admit that I am really beginning to love Tamiya, Fujimi, and other foreign kits. Japanese classic cars and trucks are becoming more interesting to me than american muscle. I'll always love american iron but I am continually being drawn to Japanese classics. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself. I am looking forward to being a part of this website and making some new modeling friends.
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