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  1. Doug..here is a shot of my Lancia collection from one of my display cases. I still have a few more to build including the 1/12 Nitto Alitalia version. I am surprised at the amount of models made of this car but after seeing one in person...I can see why.
  2. Doug....that turned out really sweet. I followed that in the WIP section. I have a nice section for this car myself so it is nice you are opening up a thread.
  3. Interesting color fer sure....like the wheel combo.
  4. Very cool Gary, thanks for sharing. Can't wait to start my C4.
  5. Kurt...paint looks really good....knew you could fix it. I doubt as if I have ever had a paint job that didn't have some little imperfection in it. But I have discovered that polishing pads make great painters out of all of us.
  6. Kurt...bummer about your paint...happens to all of us. Are you still going to go the nail polish route. I have sprayed a lot of that and most of my success has been over black primer. Especially for the real fine pearl. The black makes it stand out. Do a test. Here's a good word in for you to the paint gods. ...
  7. Very nice work...that paint really shines.
  8. Real nice...that orange looks good on a Lambo, like the interior too.
  9. Thanks Tim....I was thinking of cutting them out and replacing them with sheet styrene. Yours looks better than mine.
  10. Scott...really like your choice of colour for this project. Never used Spash paints before. Do you need primer underneath or can you use them straight up like Tamiya. I did this kit many moons ago. It is a cool kit and fits well.
  11. Very Nice and a great idea turning it into a street car. I did one of these box stock and know what they are like. Good job.
  12. Tim...what did you do with the louvers on the front fenders. Took a look at mine and they are pretty rough. Yours look nice and clean from what I can see.
  13. The Ferrari is a 333SP and is made by Perry's Resins...also of Canada.
  14. Well.....as a matter of fact....I am currently working on the Shadow DN4 Can Am. Should be done soon. I also have the Riley& Scott and the Ferrari 312PB and finished the Lola T600.
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