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  1. I know for a fact those decals were a real terror, and you did a great job on them. Looks great.
  2. Gary...that's actually the first time I have attempted that. So the compliment is most appreciated.
  3. Not a problem there...you know the door is always open for you.
  4. Dave...we model builders collect all sorts of stuff that we think will work. I was the manager of a paint and wallpaper store and one day this small sample book showed up. We were never going to sell any of that stuff but the minute I saw the book I knew "I" had a use for it. It went home with me that day and i still have it. Its not a matter of going out of my way to think about it. It was more like using some of the things we have on hand.
  5. Thank you Gary. The kit was not really all that difficult so I am sure somebody else must have built one. Maybe this post will bring them out of the closet.
  6. After years of sitting in its box I have finally finished my 1/16 Italeri Mercedes 300SL convertible (also known as a cabrioblet) Colour is a pearlized ink by Liqui Acrylic currently sold by Hobby Lobby. Colour is called Sun Up blue and i add a small amount of Tamiya clear blue to bring out the colour more. The trunk had some sand through during polishing and had to be resprayed recently. Matching the colour again after 12yrs proved a little problematic. Which is probably why is sat so long. Once past that problem the kit went together well and the chassis was surprisingly detailed. (se photos) I liked all the working features on this kit, opening hood, doors and trunk. Especially the steering wheels which operate through the steering wheel via a rack and pinion box (shown) See photo captions for more details.Thanks for looking. Almost forgot I had this background, rest of the photos are on my white background to show detail One of my favorite photos, all that chrome trim was seperate but fit very nice. The engine is the same 6 cyl as found in the Gullwing coupe. It is mounted at a 45 degree angle to reduce the hood line. This was quite an engineering feat in the 50's The doors open and close quite nicely, I really like this interior which was sprayed with Tamiya flats. Carpet is velour wallpaper I had from a sample book. The chassis ready to go under the body Don't usually take this photo but the underside was so detailed...why not show it. That steering box has a small rack and pinion that worked very smoothly. Took this picture to show the actual size of the car. 1/16 is a good size model. Italeri hit a home run with the kit inmy opine.
  7. Great looking model Gary, luv the photography, nice backgrounds.
  8. Its a winner Bruce, you did a great job.
  9. Rich Chernosky


    Great job on this one. It was one of Mark Donohues first rides.
  10. I have this kit and have avoided it for quite some time due to the problems you have mentioned above. It is encouraging to know that it can be done and an acceptable model can be had. Thanks for posting and all the additional information provided. You did a great job.
  11. I was curious because I have struggled with flourescents for years. By their very nature they are porous and absorb the solvents of any clear coat. Which changes their color and dulls them down. My solution was to go to a water-base clear. Krylon makes one in a paint called Lo-Odor. It dries very clear and builds nicely. Doesn't change the color of metallics or flourescents. It dries very hard but can take as much as 2 months to cure depending on humidity. So I am always looking for quicker solutions. Thanks for telling me. The artistry of modeling is in the paint...in my opinion.
  12. Interesting choice of colour, can't miss that one on the track. Whose paint did you use and what clear coat. ??
  13. Thanks for the compliment. In retrospect, that scoop can be glued on with the body in place. Make sure the window fits first, then glue the scoop on. Adjust it while the glue sets then fit the window and it will sit perfectly around the scoop. I did it bassackwards.
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