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  1. Bruce...nope those came with the kit and were finished in satin. . Thanks for the compliment.
  2. Nice model, a good attention to detail. Liked the history...it was a nice touch.
  3. Glad this re-surfaced. Beautiful build Dann. Ferrari's are my favorite and this one ranks right up there..... Yuda Mann
  4. Great project Kurt. I remember seeing these in the auto magazines but never read the articles. I always thought they had a Lambo engine. Now it makes sense, since at the time Chrysler owned Lamborghini. The hellcat engine is a great choice and looks awesome, but if it were me I would go for a Lambo V-12...jus sayin'......<G>
  5. Dave, Aoshima/Beemax are big into aircraft and have recently gotten into cars. What they have done is excellent and just below Tamiya as far as quality is concerned. What I really like about them are the PE kits they provide as alternatives to stock out of box builds. Etiher way they are a joy to build and make handsome additions to a collections. I am starting to see more of them on this forum.
  6. Thanks...I have always felt doing decals was an artform all to itself. Appreciate the compliment
  7. Matt...this is a wonderful kit to build and you are off to a great start. I see I am not the only one to use alligator clips mounted on sticks to hold and spray parts.
  8. I have 40+ models in my collection with the Martini livery....so you might say... I have some experience. Thanks for the kind words BTW
  9. Thanks Dave, the Shadow is not far from my mind. But Martini cars are my favorite and when i get one they usually take precedence.
  10. It sure was....thanks for the compliment Thanks Thanks Yah it is..its a cool car Thanks for the compliment...and I agree with you
  11. This is a Fujimi Porsche 911GT3R. This is the car Sebastion Loeb (the rally driver) drove in the Porsche Carrera Cup in 2013. Decals are from Studio 27 . The red had to be carefully matched to the decals and the sides are all painted on. The wing was matched to the darker blue. Overall this was a nice kit to do despite some of the fussy details. And it goes in quite nicely with my extensive Martini collection. One of the fussiest details was painting the clear red and blue on the center caps of the wheels. Those decals are 5 seperate pieces per side and didn't go on without a fight. Some Future varnish help hide a lot of the tiny wrinkles. The wheels steer in the kit but they fit in the wheel wells so tight, that they barely steer. Tires and brakes were nice.
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