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  1. Very nice build there JC. I have an entire shelf devoted to the Martini livery (about 40+) so yah...I'm a big fan.
  2. Had to go into the archives for this. I have detailed build notes on most of my current builds.... this one included. The Guldstrand is an AMT kit I completed 5/10/04. Colour is Tamiya X-23 clear blue over and light pearlescent blue. The stripe was a special mix pearl white. All the vents were cut out and screens added, wheels steer on mine (pet peeve) and the hood is removable. It was a decent kit and other than those mods it was built box stock. It had the usual fit problems most domestic kits have. I also have the Monogram Callaway Corvette speedster in the collection.
  3. It sure is...you have a keen eye despite the glare. There is an entire shelf dedicated to Vettes above the Lambos (about 50 of em although I have more on another shelf) and below is the Mustang shelf (also about 50+) I believe the first Lambo in line is the Tamiya. The rest are 1/20, 1/16, 1/12
  4. Dann...another veiw of the Lamborghini shelf. This time the Countach's. The Tamiya kit is in there somewhere. I did it when it first came out. Its kinda cool having the same model in 4 different scales.
  5. A great kit and you did it justice.
  6. Dann...I am glad to see I am not the only one that is a big fan of the Miura. I have a whole shelf dedicated to Lamborghini's. Fell in love with the Muira in 1970 when I followed one into Watkins Glen track. There is a tunnel that goes under the track and the tradition is to pushyour clutch in and rev the engine so the sound just reverberates off the walls. It sounded a lot better than my Austin Healy. One of these Lambos is probably the kit you are working on but the interior is not as tasty as yours since it was built a long time ago. I have images of a friends Miura if you need them.
  7. Rich Chernosky


    Nice builds Jerry and welcome to the group. Look forward to seeing more of your stuff.
  8. Dann....as per usual your interiors are over the top. Much engineering and thought went into this. As one of my heros would say....aaaaahhh, much better.
  9. Good looking model, I have built several of these and did not encounter all the problems you did. I fixed the wheel problem by bolting them on with jeweler screws. Glue didn't seem to hold them.
  10. Very cool layout. A lot of thought and creativity went into this. Keep working at it...it gonna be great. A lot of the modelers on this forum are also slot racers and that includes me. Here is my 4 lane layout on a 8 x 40 table. Thanks for looking
  11. Matt....that turned out superb. I followed your build in "on the Workbench" and will incorporate the mods into mine. This build was the incentive for me to search out and get the Fred Cady decal set for the Gurney 66 car. Now to find that Ford engine. Thanks again for posting it.
  12. Dave...thank you for the kind offer. Like many modelers on this forum I have a large stash...about 300+ , so I really don't know when I will get to it. And the Porsche section of my display cases is pretty full to boot. But ya never know when the fancy strikes...so thanks again. I will follow your posts....it just might be the incentive to dig into this project.
  13. Great progress Kurt, luv your handmade vacuum form machine. I made one of those a long time back and it worked OK. But then i got lucky and scored a dental vacuum form machine. But you do what you gotta do with what you have and yours is excellent. Look f0orward to seeing more.
  14. Very cool Dann, luv what you did with the carbs and other engine detail. This is going to be great when painted. You are a plastic maniac. Keep it up.
  15. Thanks for putting this up. I just recently got this kit and your build notes will be of great value. I have looked this kit over and it kinda looks like one of Revells 1/24 kits only made in 1/16 scale. Your opinion would be appreciated.
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