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  1. Excellent work, carbon fibre looks great, all the decals and paint are cool too.
  2. Gramps...I think for the price its a decent model. This car gets around. I have seen this one in person at a Ferrari club meeting in Corning NY in 2007
  3. Thanks for posting Dave, I will keep your modifications in mind when I do mine.
  4. This one is a stunner Tim, you did an awesome job, really like it and the other two as well.
  5. Those graphics are really tough but you pulled it off beautifully. I was only recently working on mine. Did you clearcoat all your decals and what did you use?? . It looks great.
  6. Thomas....this kit has long sat dormant in my stash. I think you have done a wonderful job on it, especially with all the small details. You have shown us all what can be done with a tough kit. Its inspiring.
  7. Very Nice Alex...another winnner from your stable. What do you use to spray the black trim. My "go to" is Tamiya X-18 aribrushed. Water base on lacquer makes mistakes clean easily. I wholeheartedly agree that doing a quick project like this keeps the modeling mojo going. Tamiya is my "go to" as well.
  8. It did...I have actually done a little work on it. Don't know If i am going to go full chassis like you plan on doing...but I might.
  9. Gary...once again thank you for posting pictures of Scott's models. I have seen these kits in person and they are very nice work. Now, if I can convince Scott to come up here and help me with that AutoKits Ferrari 156 I have in the works...........????
  10. Thanks for the tips guys. Appreciate it. This won't be my first trip around the block for a Fujimi EM Porsche. The problem with mine is the paint, a special mix of pearl and white, has flaked off in spots. When I get disgusted with a project it has a habit of sitting, in this case 20yrs. I know I will have to strip it sooner or later. But when i see a post like Randy's the inspiration to dig it our sooner sets in. Thanks again.
  11. The paint is good, their website is slick, but customer service is very bad. I ordered several items and after 4 months of writing with no answers, I finally had to threaten them with a PayPal refund. Amazingly, my order showed up in a few days. I understand from a few others, this is the norm for them. Buyer beware.
  12. Mine has been sitting in the box in the same condition yours was. Only difference is you got yours done and it turned out to be a decent model. Thanks for letting me know it can be done.
  13. Wm...I like your presentation...and the model is a work or art. Very Nice.
  14. Wm...very nice job. All the trouble you went to with the details really shows. The back story and period photos were a nice added touch. Thanks for posting.
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