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  1. Looked at mine the other day and there is not much to change since they used only one engine. Probably scratchbuild a lot of the suspension as the metal will probably not support the wieght of the finished model. I am more concerned about the seam between the two halfs. I did the 1/20 revival version of this car and the seam was not a problem because the body fit well and it looked like it belonged there. Also all the interior has to be finished before the body goes together and i am just not used to this technique, so doing these at the same time will be a huge help for me.
  2. I have an email pal who has built one. Specifically the Ferrari. He is not on this forum but I can contact him for info and post it. He is in Germany and it takes awhile for him to respond.
  3. Great build Scott. I was glad to be part of it. Awesome pictures, and amazing attention to detail. I wanted this kit and one was recently for sale but I was outbid by $50.....Oh well.
  4. Very nice build, the added picture is a great idea.
  5. Yes....that's the one. Sounds like a great idea. I post here on "under glass" all the time so it should be no problem with pictures and text.
  6. Aaahh..you remember. I am still on the commitee but I don't host a show there. I let the Motor Racing Research Center have my show and they hold it in the early part of April. Did you ever finish that AutoKit Lotus I traded with you. I have worked on the Ferrari but have yet to finish an Autokit.
  7. Andy....good to see you are still active. You are doing some interesting work here. I have this kit in my stash, along with a few other Merits, so i will be watching your progress with interest.
  8. Very nice, I remember doing this kit many years ago and had to replace the decals too.
  9. Thanks for the compliment Dave. I also have the Matra to do and the multi colour paint job looks to be a real challenge. I'll race ya....
  10. Nice clean build and the color looks great. Keep up the good work.
  11. Thank you Gary, especially for the reference disc, which was an invaluable aid to finishing this kit. Yes....the shovel did come with the kit and it looks like it was very much needed according to some of your reference pics. If I remember correctly this was standard equipment on many cars at the time. The drivers were not allowed outside aid.
  12. Another Fisher kit under my belt. This one is the Ferrari 365P White Elephant car that ran at Le Mans in 1966. Colour is Tamiya TS26 white and Testors 1111 dk blue. Extra features include seat belts, steering wheels, wing mounts, extra photo etch, mirror mounts. A lot of very fussy details went into this project and it slowed me down quite a bit but done it is. This model represents the car as it was raced. This car was run by North American Racing Team (NART) and went through quite a few changes before it hit the track. Seat blet materila is 4mm silk ribbon cut in half, Hardware came with the kitWhite elephant on the wing support is how the car got its nick nameOne of these knock-offs had one of it ears broken when I got the kit. Found it in the box and repaired it. It was very tiny and I was lucky to find it. Learned a new trick when I applied these bolt heads. They are almost microscopic.Original photo had a blue paint smudge above the front winglet. The camera never lies
  13. Great looking build....like the color and decal choice.
  14. Great job on this kit . I especially like the work you did with the emblems. so crisp and clean. This is one of my favorite Ferrari's and you have done it justice.
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