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  1. Nice save Rex. That color really sparkles. well done.
  2. Matt...great minds must think alike. I am currently doing two of those Corvairs at once. One of them is the Yenko Stinger Stage II. I am a little further along than you. Both bodies done, decalled and foiled. Working on the engines now. I had four of these kits and have a toe of extras if you need them.
  3. Thats a beauty, you captured the looks very well.
  4. Mario, that color was an interesting experiment. A silver grey basecoat with with clear that had a little gold added to it. Gave the paint an interesting glow when polished.
  5. Nice job Mario, and great photography.
  6. John...I built this kit many, many moons ago, when it was first released as a matter of fact. Have been following your WIP with great interest and your attention to detail is awe inspiring. I have another kit of this that I want to convert to Jackie Stewarts Matra/Ford. Have all the pieces, just have to get the ambition. Will keep following your WIP...keep up the great work.
  7. Nice little car, good job converting it to US specs
  8. Pierre....I have done all those kits on your list. I would recommend either the Alpine 110 or the Ford GT. The Ford is very similar to your 917 in the way it goes together. So you would be honing your skills a little more. The A110 is a wonderful little kit but has a lot of fussy chrome. The F-1 kits are a lot more complicated and would require some new techniques. All are excellent choices and help is available should you require. ...hope this helps.
  9. Had this one banging around in my stash forever. Painted and polished it in 2010. Color is Testors 1849 Graphite Dust. Clear coated it with their wet look clear and jsut for effect added some brass to the clear. Built mostly stock with a few additions. I have almost every year Corvette and slowly getting them done. See captions under the pictures for more details. Car done and photographed on my fall background. Wasn't real happy about the way AMT attaches the wheels but at least got them to steer Rear veiw had some nice detail. Car looks like it is going somewhere. That accent moulding in the fender scoop wasn't included in the kit although the box art clearly had it. So I made one. The kit did have this nice convertible top. Painted Tamiya Nato black. Engine detail was fairly nice but getting it in place was something else. I forgot how much work domestic kits were, Note the two jewelers screw at the base of the windshield. This was a much better solution that trying to glue it in place. My experience with Vettes was that the windshields were very fussy because of the angle.
  10. Very nice Pierre, I think you nailed the magnesium look very well. Over all the car looks excellent.. Can't imagine what you would do any different.
  11. Helmut...I retired 8 months ago. I owned a retail store and the building it was in. My apartment was up stairs and the shop in the basement. Often times when I was working I could wander down in the basement and gaze at my stash. Some 300+. Oh !!!...if I only had the time. That was my dream. Selling the business was the key and i had tried for many years. Finally the right people came along and I was able to retire. I still own the building but instead of store owner my only job now is landlord. I can come and go as I please and do whatever. And that "whatever" is build models. You have witnessed my output these last few months so you know I am living my dream. My hope for you is to live that same dream. You will enjoy it immensely. Three years is not as many as 12 and that is what it took me. Hang in there...you will achieve your goal.
  12. Steve, I did this kit some time ago and posted it here. Some color help but mostly build stuff. I have my build notes and instructions as well. Here is the link to my build: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/152448-1964-ford-gt/
  13. Helmut...thank you for posting those pictures. Those are some I had not seen when I was doing my search. Its a cool car in those photos. The model kit was as you said. A lot to be desired. Of course I was just doing it as a paint excercise. I think it would have been great to do all the upgrades you suggested....I just didn't want to invest the time. I will look forward to see what you do with yours. I did check on the going rate for that kit for another modeler and you should be thankful you got it at the price you did. All I can say is wow. Like you I also have the Nakamura Lola and the Ford GT MKIV. I have compared the Lola to others I have and I think its still do-able. The Ford...??? Those will be for another time.
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