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  1. I built this one too. Decals in my kit were beyond using and had to get an extra set from Patto's...the only one who made them. Its done but didn't turn out nearly as nice as yours. good job. Did you do any of the others in this series. I did em all and enjoyed it very much.
  2. Josh I have actually worked physically harder since I retired. I asked the people who bought my business if they had a job opening so I could come back and rest. But seriously, it took 8yrs of trying to sell that and it was a dream come true. Now if I can only extricate myself from it completely. But keep dreaming like I did. And one day you, when you do retire, you will wake up and ask yourself what will I do today. Build models....of course...what else is there.
  3. Thanks for the incentive Andy but I already have plans for the 1/12 as it will be the same as this one. When completed I will have 5 cars in the same livery but all in different scales.
  4. At first I thought it was photos of the real car. The incredible attention to detail make this museum quality. The ultimate compliment. Very well done and thanks so much for sharing.
  5. I finally retired and sold my business and this is the first project completed since then. Hope to have many more. This kit was imported by Entex but was originally produced by Bandai. 1/20 scale with steering wheels and opening front and rear decks. Biggest hurdle on this kit were the ancient decals. There was no way all those Alitalia graphics were going to lay down perfect so painting the red and green was the best option. I have done this livery before so I had some experience. The sponser decals did come off the sheet but only with several coats of clear varnish and lots of soak time. Even with all that that had to be very carefully pryed away from the backing by sliding a #11 knife under them. Thankfully they stuck and laid down well. The rest of the details are in the captions under the pictures. Thanks for looking and comments welcome. Seatbelts were my idea and didn't come with the kit. Material is silk thread and hardware from KA Models Finished graphics and interior Even without the body work on the car looks fast. Front veiw, all the lines and extras wired and plumbed. Engine had lots of extra lines and wires to attach. It fit pretty snug too. Completed car on its wheels. Note the jewelers screws holding the front and rear panels in place. These were absolutely necessary as they would not have lined up properly. Took some engineering to achieve this. Rear veiw, The exhaust was very tricky and some modifications were required to get this right. Stance of the car is very aggressive. Overall I liked the way this turned out and Bandai, considering the age of the kit, did a fair job representing the car, Now I just have to finish the 1/12 Otaki version of this car that I own.
  6. One of the slickest Ferrari's ever. Your model represents it well.
  7. I built all three versions of this kit....at the same time. I am a glutton for punishment. But......They are a great kit and with plenty of patience they can turn into a masterpiece. . Keep at it as the rewards are there. I am glad Oscar got to see the Auto World version I did. He liked it.
  8. That's OK Ken. I did the Hasegawa of this car about the same time. I used Testors flourescent green and orange. The orange was OK right over the orange plastic but the green had to be done over white. With all the masking and the fact the flourescent wouldn't do decals without clear coat made this one tedious paint job. I have the Tamiya in my stash and was just wondering if there was an easier way. Guess I will just have to suffer. I admire yours because I know first hand all the work that went into it.
  9. Scott....you really knocked this outa the park. I have used Splash paints and you are right...they're good stuff. And thanks for the detailed description of your work....its inspiring.
  10. Very nice model......what colors did you use for the orange and green. Got one of these to do myself.
  11. I like it a lot. Been wanting this kit a long time and now you have made up my mind.
  12. That turned out real nice. Funny, I was just looking at my Tamiya version of this car and quickly shut the box when I realized what a bugger of a paint job it was going to be. May have to re-think that after seeing yours.
  13. That turned out real nice. Funny, I was just looking at my Tamiya version of this car and quickly shut the box when I realized what a bugger of a paint job it was going to be. May have to re-think that....after seeing yours...thanks for sharing.
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