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  1. Great work so far Dann. I just luv working stuff, what did you use for the struts..?? Keep it up...I am enjoying this build.
  2. Well worth the effort Bruce, it turned out great. Thanks for the WIP...it will help in my build.
  3. Impressive work on this iconic sports racer. This was a nice kit
  4. Looks good so far, post it in "under glass" when finished. Welcome to the forum, you will find plenty of good company here.
  5. very nice, like the chassis detailing.
  6. Kurt...I see you have the berlinetta too. Are you going to do both at the same time ?. The chassis and engines are the same. Sorry about the fit on your windshield. I got lucky on mine and it fit perfectly the first time. But it looks like you have it solved.
  7. Will be following this one fer sure. A nice kit of one of the best looking Ferrari's
  8. Original IMC Chaparral 2E (the yellowed one) built circa 1965, rebuild of the same kit (boxed as a Union) 9/25/2015. We don't spray clear enamel over white plastic anymore.
  9. Good job Justin, I actually helped build one of the real ones way back when. That is a nice little kit and you did it justice.
  10. Outstanding work on an old kit. The seats are fabulous.
  11. I remember now...Lindbergh made that kit. Pretty rude and crude..just the basics. I built these in 2004.
  12. This might answer your question. Not exactly black, but a very dark red with a lighter red fogged on the bottom. Its the 1/20 version. Don't know who made the kit.
  13. Good job Kurt, Its a cool kit and your choice of color is great.
  14. I have quite a few models in my case with the engine separate. Its a result of hoarding parts and kits. Thanks for the compliment.
  15. That really is incredible. Is this the car that engine goes to. Wish I had this when i built it. Thanks for posting.
  16. Don't worry about the postage, need to know where to send it. PM me if you can. Anything else you need. Gonna be a real small package.
  17. Dan...I have this extra set of Lambo wheels (two sets actually) and this oddball 1/12 or 1/16 tire. If Lamborghini used one of those space saver tires they might have used a different wheel. Yours free if you want. $70 sounds kinda steep for just a spare tire, but if you do the engine as a side display that might be cool.
  18. Dan...not much to see here I am afraid. Battery, horns and some brake and clutch resevoirs. Mine was motorized and lighted so much of this space was allocated for the battery box (which i removed). I am sure you can spruce up this area a tad.
  19. Great job on this one. Those graphics are no easy task and yours turned out superb. Did you paint them on or use the decals. Either way its a work of art.
  20. Dan....this build caught my eye. And then I spent over an hour going through it. What incredible attention to detail. I don't think it matters what scale you build , you always seem to go the extra mile and your results are superb. A good friend of mine is tackling this very kit and I recently took these pictures of my build of the same from 20yrs ago to help him along. I will send him this link as well. . Hope you don't mind if I post them on this thread. Sure do wish this forum was around when I built this. I t was a great kit but I would have liked to take it to another level like you are doing.
  21. Its looking real good, thanks for the information on the paint. Fitting the front will really help me on mine.
  22. Beautiful job on a tough to build kit.. Excellent....like the body color.
  23. Than you Dan....some of your interior work inspired me to go full kamakazi on this one.
  24. Bruce...what did you use for the red ? . Sure is bright. I have this kit in an original and the re-issue. I was going to use Tamiya TS36 but it only gets that bright over red and not over primer. The clear looks awesome too.
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