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  1. Way to go Dave. Nice job on that Porsche. How did you like the Fisher kit ? I just happen to be working on an LH myself in a Martini livery.
  2. Joe really nice job. Silver is a tough finish to master but you nailed it. My guess is Tamiya Mica Silver. What did you really use for base and top coat.
  3. Very nice Mario and very cool backdrop. Hmmmm....thought I heard "La Grange" playing in the back ground there.
  4. Harry,,,this one really caught my eye. The color, the wheels everything about this just says Mustang. Always like your posts because you explain a lot. Even your mistakes and we all make em. Good job.
  5. These are cool kits and a lot can be done with them. Your paint and decal work is real sharp and you did a nice job overall. Mario and Michael are not that tall. 5'5" would be pushing it. The driver figures were not the best feature of these kits.
  6. Paul.. every year in May I do a model show at the Watkins Glen Motor Racing Research Center. I have 6 custom made display cases (only take 4) and usually take about 60 models of various scales. Below are two of the three cases I took last year. You can see how they are packed. Those empty cigarette paper boxes hold the more delicate cars. I use latex foam and crushed up paper towel to seperate them. I take tools and glue to repair any thing plus some small zip loc baggies to store parts that fall off. I suffer very few casualties from the 35mi one way trip. I take these pictures of the cases loaded so after the show I can pack them back the same way. Its very effective and I have been doing it this way for close to 20yrs now. Hope this helps.
  7. Thanks...it was well worth it...probably Tamiya's finest effort to date.
  8. Great job on this one. Very nice paint and decal work.
  9. Very cool Rex, nice job on an old kit. I did one of these a few years back and featured it in this post:http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/176585-mclaren-senna/
  10. All I can say is wow what a kit. Most impressive in the fit and finish. Especially the body panels and glass. What started as a painting excercise turned out to be a 2 week project. Finished it yesterday. Color is a custom mix of the Tamiya LP line. LP42 Mica red (45%), LP44 Metallic orange (45%) and LP62 Titanium gold (10%). Clearcoat was with LP2 and the black is Tamiya TS14 spray. Extras include the Studio 27 carbon fibre set and some scratch built seatbelts. Lots of detail pictures with captions. Thanks for looking and comments welcome. Engine and rear suspension detail. This was so well done and fit precisely that it would have been a shame not to take a picture. Brake discs rotate with the wheels....an interesting feature. Tamiya spared nothing on the interior. Studio 27 spared nothing on the either. Those blue things in the doors are the exposed struts to hold the doors open. Kit did not have working doors as they were quite complex to begin with. The rest of the interior. There were 3 stainless steel bezels for the air vents that didn't make the picture. They almost did make the model. The body had to be removed so they could be added. Luckily it was very well engineered and went on and off easy. Finished car. I was looking for a very reddish orange with a hint of gold. I liked this color and wound up finishing the kit. Lots of detail back here. Really liked how the wing fit and the fact you could adjust the angle. There are lots of little winglets all over this car. That little pieces of carbon fibre just behind the rear wheel has two of them. I went with the optional window on the lower door. The driver sits so low in this car it is necessary for vision. Carbon fibre everywhere. 150 pieces in total that all had to be massaged into place with heat and solvent. Then clearcoated. I used a new varnish called Just Like Glass that works a looks a lot like Future. Two coats brushed on and it really made the CF pop. Some more of the rear end detail . There were 50+ decals for the splitter and bumper. The chrome stick on logos were a nice touch. My growing Mclaren collection. The two silver ones are diecast, the 570S is an unbuilt (but started) Revell 1/24, the orange racing version is an Aoshima (I think) , the white one a Fujimi and the good ole Mclaren Mustang. Enjoy!
  11. Dave...this looks like it is going to be a really cool build. Never heard of these cars..must be a "down under" thing. Really like the colour scheme. Looks like they were really fast. More info would be great. Which Fisher kits did you pick up by the way?
  12. Pierre, your Cobra is really starting to take shape. And thanks for posting that picture. A classic Cobra vs Corvette shot plus a good look at the great Ken Miles at work.
  13. Mike, I have this kit in my stash (about half done) plus an original I bought as a glue bomb and some extra Corvair engines. I did buy the PE set and one of its best features is a set of hinges for the doors. Much better than the kit ever was. Will be following this build and if you need parts...got lots of em.
  14. Mark, my Supra build is here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/158526-toyota-gr-supra/#comment-2348285.. The three cars I owned are a Sunbeam Tiger, Toyota MR2 MK2, and a Porsche 944. The Porsche and Toyota are featured here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/160157-toyota-mr2-x-2/#comment-2377022
  15. Nice build and cool diorama. I did this kit awhile back. Its great to have a model of a real car you own(ed). I have three.
  16. Gary...what a great post and cool collection of models. Thank
  17. The Fujimi kit is really an amazing work. In this case it rivals Tamiya. (I have both) And you did this kit justice, some very nice work.
  18. Thanks Dave....I admit that part was delicate but it all lined up for me. I'm 74 by the way.
  19. John...welcome to the forum. You just gotta dig into one of those kits. Once you do it will all come flooding back to you and you won't want to stop. Doesn't matter if you do a good job or not. I have been asked many times the reason I spend so much time on my hobby. The reason is simple...its peace of mind. Once I am at my bench the rest of the world just goes away. We all need that. Where in Penna are you?
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