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  1. Models are based on dykastas from hachette 1:24. Wheels on a motorcycle 3d printing. Bucket in a cradle etched, soldered
  2. The model was going to a pair for a 1948 Ford in a milky color The set fits perfectly Chromium according to maximuiu factory left Replaced wipers, mirror and antenna, in the cabin flock belts and an American newspaper)) Chrome of both models was made with foil mfh p929 I collected everything on the Tamiev super-liquid, pre-cleaning all the paintwork to the plastic at the point of contact. So it is safer so that over time the model does not figure it out in the hands) The last photo shows one of the following projects
  3. Thank you. Glasses are missing because some photos in the process of building the model
  4. Thanks for the feedback and comments.. Today I finished two more models
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