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  1. 1953 Chevy 3100 Truck.

    I finally received the static grass applicator. First time using this, so I have to practice to get better results. I figured I would apply some 6mm meadow grass to this diorama. Here are some pictures. I’m not sure the color of the grass I picked goes with the theme. I probably should have used some dead ones, or patchy.
  2. Got to start somewhere

    Looks great. Maybe some random shop decals on the walls.
  3. Over The Creek.

    Thanks a lot. That will be the final pose.
  4. Over The Creek.

    Thank you.
  5. Over The Creek.

    True. I just haven’t gotten into the figures yet. I’m still learning and tweaking things to ge the most realistic scenery I could get. I’m also filling my head with information and tutorials on vehicle painting and weathering, so I can then model those on my dioramas.
  6. Over The Creek.

    Thank you. I’m super excited. To be honest. I was really afraid to start in this hobby, thinking I would just mess everything up. Turns out that’s just how I have learned. Lol. I already have my third diorama in my head. I want it to be a section of a city. I’m thinking of trying cobblestones and stucco walls for the building section. Then add a couple of scooters and a vehicle. I have a die cast 1950’s Mercedes Benz 300 SL (white color). I love what you have done in your diorama. Hopefully, some day I’ll be able to get your level of detail.
  7. Over The Creek.

    Very, very nice. I love that model.
  8. Over The Creek.

    Updated. Added some pine trees, touched up on some ground details. Almost finished. I just need to work a little more on the bridge and abutments, on the utility poles and the creek before I add water.
  9. Over The Creek.

    I like the idea of a motorcycle. I didn’t think of that. Would it stand or would I have to modify it? Just wondering. I guess a vintage motorcycle, cruiser or touring, would fit well. Thank you.
  10. Over The Creek.

    Interesting. You made a great point. My intention was to make the vehicle the focal point but I guess that backfired. Lol. I could always choose a smaller vehicle in the 1/24 scale. Or just move the car back to show more bridge. Thank you for the observation.
  11. Over The Creek.

    Thank you Gramps46. I weather the wood with vinegar in steel wool (I like when the vinegar has acquired the rusty color). Then I just do a couple of washes with either black or raw umber. Where the wood might be exposed to high leve of humidity I do some random green washes (I use pictures from the web as reference).
  12. Over The Creek.

    Thank you for Eshaver. I was undecided whether to add rails or not. But since you mentioned it I think it makes perfect sense to do so. Thank you, again. I’m adding updated photos right now. I’m currently working on this diorama, plus one I have on hold because my static grass applicator has not arrived yet.
  13. el camino 68 "HAYDEN FLOUR MILL "

    Wow!!! Talk about skills. I would definitely consider this a masterpiece.
  14. Over The Creek.

    I agree on the third I beam. The bridge is 24 feet length in real life scale.
  15. Garage diorama

    Looks like you picked the perfect spot. Can’t wait to see more. Great job.