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  1. QbanFam

    3D Printed Parts

    Hi, Raymond. I just have it on stand by. Since I couldn’t find any barrel online that looked realistic, I’m printing my own. I ordered some wood filament, which apparently looks really good and can be stained, to make 3D print some barrels. Hopefully I can get good results. I’m still learning the ins and outs of 3D printing. Thank you for checking in.
  2. Well, you are doing an awesome job with great results.
  3. QbanFam

    3D Printed Parts

    Thanks, David. That’s exactly my plan...to make a handful of molds that can be useful. I’m planing on making some molds for planters, pavers of different designs and cinder blocks.
  4. WOW!!! I feel like I can reach in and place myself in that set. Amazing work and attention to detail.
  5. The ambient lighting is incredible. Combined with the floor shine and reflection makes it very real.
  6. QbanFam

    3D Printed Parts

    More 3D printed stuff. I’m putting together a collection for my next diorama. I created some molds to cast sidewalks, ramps plus other. These are just examples of them. In this case I made the sidewalks higher (equivalent to nine inches in real scale) to make up for the added pavement, drains and manhole covers. This should give a height closer to real life scale.
  7. QbanFam

    3D Printed Parts

    Hi Chris. I agree with you. I will also be using a primer that helps fill in the small gap. I have never used it, so hopefully it will help get rid of left over, unwanted blemishes after sanding. I’m sure once done, weathered and embedded on the pavement, or concrete slabs, it will look more realistic. Right now I’m in the testing phase, making sure I get as close as possible to realism with realistic details.
  8. QbanFam

    3D Printed Parts

    Thank you Gary. I spent lots of hours learning, figuring things out and putting it into practice. It’s really not complicated to learn, at least for me. It’s just time consuming, but worth it.
  9. QbanFam

    3D Printed Parts

    Hi David. Thank you for your kind words. In my opinion the 3D printer was affordable. It’s actually on of the best affordable 3D printers in the market. I just found a site with some profiles (settings) for the slicer (the software that makes the 3D model printable). I’m gonna try those profiles, which supposedly gives better results. Some things I’m working on designing now is some molds for Jersey barriers, wall barriers and abutments. I’m trying to get some road accessories going before I jump into my dioramas. Also, I’m researching vehicle parts to detail my diecast models (this is more advanced, so that’s for the future).
  10. I just wanted to show some pieces I designed using DesignSpark Mecanical (a free CAD-liked software for 3D design). Then exported to CraftWare (a free 3D slicer software). Then printed on my Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D printer, which I recently purchased. It’s my first time using a 3D printer and any of these softwares. I actually created a profile on Thingiverse (a site with lots of free downloadable 3D objects) and have been uploading my designs (my profile name is QbanFam). They are free to download. I really put a lot of effort into this, since I’m a novice. All designs I researched and drafted to scale. Please, give some feedback. Keep in mind I haven’t really played much with the settings for optimal quality. It’s a filament printer, so th details might not be as sharp as a resin 3D printer. Note: These pieces have not been primed and painted yet. The red is the color of the filament, except the last dual drain.
  11. Sweet!! Makes me want to climb up the ladder to the roof.
  12. Thank you for the tip, David. I’ll keep that in mind.
  13. That’s awesome !!! You have great eyes and hands for details. The 3D printing is going well. I’m still learning but I printed my first object. There is some twicking I need to do for better quality prints. Here is a picture of a manhole cover and frame I printed. It needs to be sanded a little, primed and painted/weathered.
  14. Very nice work. The patrol vehicle is my favorite (I’m a deputy sheriff, lol). Keep it up.
  15. Hi David. Every time I check in I get a huge surprise. Your diorama is really stunning.
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