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  1. Very nice! I used the same kit to build street version w/o the racer parts.
  2. Decided I didn't really like the gold wheels, so a fresh coat of white was in order. Also cleaned off the poorly done lettering on the tires and repainted. Also made a set of floor mats using blue painters tape painted with the body color. I think they turned out OK. The interior is a bit fancy for a 4x4, but why not...
  3. Unfortunately, I don't remember where I got the chassis. It's been in a box for years.
  4. A little update... I used Duplicolor primer, base and clear on the Camino body. Not entirely happy with it. I expected a smoother finish. I have used the same paint on metal with better results. On the camper I used Duplicolor primer followed by Duratrax RC car body paint which went on nice. I then used the Duplicolor clear over it. Looks OK. Not real glossy, but most campers are not anyway. The truck bed topper/cap/camper shell (description depending on where you live), I used Rustoleum 2X with no primer. It turned out nicer than the Duplicolor, but is taking longer to fully cure. For the interior I again used the Duratrax white with Duplicolor Garnet Red on the dash and seat. No clear coat.
  5. Thanks, but the roof was already glued on when I got it. I'm just going to leave it as-is.
  6. Making a little more progress. Chassis done except for trailer hitch. Converting interior to bench seat.
  7. Got color on the body. Duplicolor medium garnet red. Third coat was a little too heavy, so some wet sanding is in order before clear.
  8. Got primer on and engine/trans in. 283, 4-barrel, 4-speed. Color later today hopefully!
  9. I've been wanting to rebuild this one for a while. Decided now was the time. Older AMT body on an unknown glue bomb 4x4 truck chassis. The camper was already built, so trying to bring it back as well.
  10. Here is something a bit different.... My wife has been saying she wants a black over red Jeep Wrangler. However our current finances won't allow that, so for Christmas I got her a 1/18 diecast Wrangler as a gag gift. Now she can tell our friends I bought her a Jeep! 😀 Anyway...we also like vintage campers (we have a 1:1 1972 Midas Smokey waiting restoration), so I thought I would build her a camper to go with her Jeep! The design is just an approximate copy of the popular "canned ham" campers. I used materials that I don't normally work with. The frame, sides, rear bumper, LP tanks and are all wood. The top panel is aluminum (roof flashing). Tail lights came from the parts box (I think they were electronic panel light lenses of some sort, but scale was perfect). The wheel/tire came from Hobby Lobby as did the marker lights which are faceted "blingy" things (technically "acrylic gemstones") that I painted with translucent orange and red. The LP tanks were also sourced at HL (3/4"x1" spools). I spun them in the drill press to reshape and then added the upper rings from parts box. Paint is Duplicolor Perfect Match automotive touch up paint. Chrome trim was done with Molotow pens. It was done as a curbside model, so no interior. Overall, I think it turned out pretty good! Parts cut from 3/8" poplar (wheels from HL): Frame started: Wood sealed with polyurathane, then primed and painted: Partly assembled: In paint booth for white color: And the end result!
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