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  1. A little progress... Got it sitting on all four wheels and the one-piece hood/grill assembly fitted. The goal is to have a tilt hood, but not sure yet if that will work. Smoothing out the body and LOTS of fitting, filing, modifying....
  2. The top was made using twill fabric I found at Hobby Lobby. I sprayed the back side with matte clear and let it dry, then folded the fabric and secured the folds with super glue. Sprayed another couple coats of matte clear on the back side to seal it, then trimmed the edges to size. Turned out really well. I will do another one on a later project. FYI...you can buy as little as 1/8 yard of fabric, which is still a lot for model use. I think I paid $1.50.
  3. Started this project about 20-25 years ago. Time to get 'er done! Monogram ZZ Top Eliminator kit. Rear mounted transaxle, IRS and IFS from unknown kit. Engine will be unique as well. Stay tuned!
  4. Solido '36 Ford Pickup. The one on the right in attached photo. They were left-over from the pro street conversion on the left.
  5. I haven't posted here for some time due to not working on models much lately. However, I did finally get one finished! Started with Revell '32 Ford Sedan Street Rod 2 in 1 kit, but I think I may have gone a little bit beyond "Build 1 of 2 ways!" Lots of mods and scratch building. Body: Channeled over the frame, frenched rear tail lights, scratch built sun visor, scratch built folded fabric top, recessed firewall, chopped radiator shell, '39 Chevy head lights. Rustoleum 2X grey primer. Interior: Front seats and door panels cut down, rear seat reshaped, custom shifter (bent straight pin), '59 Impala steering wheel. Testors metallic red lacquer. Chassis: Stock kit frame and rear suspension, spare parts front dropped axle, quarter elliptic front leaf springs, scratch built steering linkage. Testors gloss red enamel. Artillery wheels and tires off a 1/18 diecast. Hubcaps are chromed steel plug buttons. Engine: '51 Chevy 235 6-cylinder, dual carb intake, split exhaust, scratch built magneto, breather tube, exhaust head pipes, fuel line and radiator hoses. Exhaust: Stock kit duals mated to custom head pipes and finished off with scratch built chrome steel tips. From spare parts box: Wheels & tires, brake drums, head & tail lights, dropped I-beam front axle, front leaf springs, steering wheel, engine, air cleaner scoop, quick-change rear end center section. Scratch Built: Fabric top, sun visor, magneto & wires, crankcase breather tube, fuel line, radiator hoses, exhaust head pipes, front suspension & steering linkage, shifter, body mounts, recessed firewall. It was a challenging build, but fun!
  6. Well... I thought it was done.... With the load on the trailer I discovered that the trailer was bowing at the joint between the drop deck and the upper deck. I was concerned that long-term display with the load would result in permanent tweak of the trailer. So...I added a couple heavy duty triangular supports disguised as a toolbox. NOW it's done...I hope!
  7. This is Gracie, our Norwegian Forest Cat. She responds to her name. "Here kitty kitty" either gets no response or she gives you the look like "who?" Her idea of life is for us to spend 24/7 on the couch with her. She also travels with us when camping in our 5th wheel camper. She lays on the console in the dually while driving, between mom & dad, just like at home on the couch! Posing pretty on her favorite spot in the house: Sleeping in the camper: Watching kids playing at campground: Traveling in the Dodge dually:
  8. No interior in these. Maybe the next one will. 1/25 '65 El Camino with camper 1/18 Scratchbuilt wood & aluminum camper
  9. Recently finished after 25 years hibernating in a box. Dodge L700 with A100 monster truck load.
  10. Thanks! Well...I really need to finish the 1/25 '64 Tempest wagon project I started a couple years ago. But first I need to get a 1:1 Honda 550 running so I can sell it.
  11. Finished! Started new topic in Under Glass with more photos.
  12. I built the Dodge A100 monster truck many years ago (approx. 1990). It has a number of scratchbuilt features including forward-tilting body, working simulated hydraulic cylinders for body and steering, working 4-wheel steering, full wiring & plumbing, etc. At the same time I started a rebuild of an old IMC Dodge L700 to match the MT. The frame was stretched and a tag axle added. An IMC Big Rig semi trailer donated it's floor for a custom drop-deck trailer. The project stalled and went into a box. I recently got it out and was determined to get it finished! This is the result. The ramps store under the trailer deck. Trailer wheels, tires and suspension came from AMT 1/32 reefer trailer
  13. Just a couple details left and then I will move it to the finished forum. I think it's turning out pretty good for a 25-year delayed project!
  14. The "wood planks" are painted. Detailing to follow.
  15. I will be painting most of the deck black. That will tone it down some.
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