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  1. The trailer suspension, wheels and tires came from an old AMT 1/32 scale reefer kit.
  2. L700 restoration done, Moebius semi transport wheels dechromed, modified and fitted to A100. Working on trailer details. Trailer still needs painted as well as the transport wheels.
  3. Slow progress, but did get front bulkhead made for the trailer.
  4. When I built the A100 years ago, I left the MT wheels removeable so I can convert it to transport mode. Today I ordered a set of semi truck wheels/tires to serve as the transfer set. Guess I need to get some tie down chains too!
  5. I added a spacer between the front axle and the springs.
  6. This is a digital pic of an old B&W print of a car I built way back when I was a kid. Somewhere around the late 60's, whenever that kit was first was released, probably 1968. First a little background story on this model... I had a meager allowance back then and a small paper route so money was somewhat scarce. It was somewhere around November and Mom had given me strict instructions that I was NOT to spend any money on models since I needed to buy Christmas presents. So...there I was in the 5&10 store (anyone remember those?) while Mom was getting her hair done down the street. That MPC Mako kit was just begging to go home with me! The temptation was just too much...I HAD to have it! So, I plunked down the $1.95 (or whatever it was back then, but I think I'm close). Of course I then had to hide it from Mom. Somehow she found it and I was in for a good verbal lashing. She also forbid me from building it until after Christmas! That was agony...I kept taking the parts trees out and drooling over them. One day while Mom was at work I gave in to temptation and I figured I coud just build the cool tilting trailer and put it under one of the other cars on the model shelf in my bedroom and she would never know! So I built it. Unfortunately, Mom was smarter than I had calculated. She saw the trailer and immediately knew it was from that kit. I don't remember the exact punishment for disobeying, but it was probably an extension of the building prohibition. So, I did eventually get to build it. Why I decided to go with the gasser configuration I have no idea. Kinda of a strange body style for that, but I thought it was cool. I had not yet mastered spray painting, so it was painted metallic gold with a brush. Naturally the paint was very streaked from the brush marks (actually looked pretty bad) and that led to the name "Goldstreak." I don't remember all the details of the build other than the injector stacks that I scratchbuilt using chrome-plated brass tubing. I was real proud of those! Unfortunately I no longer have the model (wish I did!). A couple years ago I picked up an original Mako kit which is a combination of built/unbuilt parts but includes two bodies (one of which ironically is painted gold) and included the trailer. I also got the later re-release version known as "Custom Corvette" which did not include the trailer. Those two kits will allow me to maybe build a version of my original. I think I can do better with paint now after 50+ years! So here are the pics:
  7. Making a little progress. The drop-deck trailer was originally the IMC Big Rig semi trailer. The deck was cut into three pieces with the rear section being mated to suspension, wheels and tires from an old AMT 1/32 scale reefer trailer. I still have to figure out how to attach the deck sections together. This is what the truck looked like when is was originally built years ago. Sorry for the poor photo...it is a pic of an old fuzzy color print.
  8. Built this old IMC kit box stock way back when they first came out, whenever that was.... About 25 years ago I started a rebuild that included stretching the frame and adding a tag axle stolen from the IMC trailer kit. It was originally light/dark blue 2-tone, but was repainted to match my Dodge A100 monster truck (photo included for reference). Then in got stashed away in a box along with the custom drop-deck trailer I had started to go with it. Finally...it is out of the box and back on the bench. Time to get 'er done! And the trailer as well.
  9. Finally.... Got 'er done! Posted in Under Glass section.
  10. Finally finished one! AMT 65 El Camino body mounted on glue bomb rescue 4x4 truck chassis. Used a stock 283 with 4-speed from parts box. Interior was modified from SS bucket seat layout to bench seat using spare parts. Exhaust tips are chrome plated metal cut from an old RC transmitter antenna. The camper was also a glue bomb rescue and was dressed up a little with roof top AC and rear diamond plate deck with fire extinquisher and jerry can. I really need to improve my painting skills, but I'm OK with this one. I included a few "before" pics.
  11. Last fall we sold our Minnie Winne motorhome. Replaced it with a 5th wheel toy hauler and Dodge Ram 3500 dually. Loving the Cummins power! Perfect for towing the camper with our 2015 Indian Roadmaster trike inside.
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