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  1. Well... I thought it was done.... With the load on the trailer I discovered that the trailer was bowing at the joint between the drop deck and the upper deck. I was concerned that long-term display with the load would result in permanent tweak of the trailer. So...I added a couple heavy duty triangular supports disguised as a toolbox. NOW it's done...I hope!
  2. This is Gracie, our Norwegian Forest Cat. She responds to her name. "Here kitty kitty" either gets no response or she gives you the look like "who?" Her idea of life is for us to spend 24/7 on the couch with her. She also travels with us when camping in our 5th wheel camper. She lays on the console in the dually while driving, between mom & dad, just like at home on the couch! Posing pretty on her favorite spot in the house: Sleeping in the camper: Watching kids playing at campground: Traveling in the Dodge dually:
  3. No interior in these. Maybe the next one will. 1/25 '65 El Camino with camper 1/18 Scratchbuilt wood & aluminum camper
  4. Recently finished after 25 years hibernating in a box. Dodge L700 with A100 monster truck load.
  5. Thanks! Well...I really need to finish the 1/25 '64 Tempest wagon project I started a couple years ago. But first I need to get a 1:1 Honda 550 running so I can sell it.
  6. Finished! Started new topic in Under Glass with more photos.
  7. I built the Dodge A100 monster truck many years ago (approx. 1990). It has a number of scratchbuilt features including forward-tilting body, working simulated hydraulic cylinders for body and steering, working 4-wheel steering, full wiring & plumbing, etc. At the same time I started a rebuild of an old IMC Dodge L700 to match the MT. The frame was stretched and a tag axle added. An IMC Big Rig semi trailer donated it's floor for a custom drop-deck trailer. The project stalled and went into a box. I recently got it out and was determined to get it finished! This is the result. The ramps store under the trailer deck. Trailer wheels, tires and suspension came from AMT 1/32 reefer trailer
  8. Just a couple details left and then I will move it to the finished forum. I think it's turning out pretty good for a 25-year delayed project!
  9. The "wood planks" are painted. Detailing to follow.
  10. I will be painting most of the deck black. That will tone it down some.
  11. Getting closer. Still need to paint the "boards" on the trailer black and add details.
  12. This is the only other one I have. Should have shot more. It was very cool!
  13. Here are some hot rods I shot at a show last fall. Great reference material for scale builds.
  14. No photoshop. But it is a 1/4 scale (about 36" long) Radio Control model I built about 25 years ago. Sorry for the poor pics, they are ditigal copies of old color prints. Scratchbuilt chromemoly tube chassis, O.S. Engines .91 2-stoke nitro engine mated to a ducted fan, plus three solid fuel reloadable rocket boosters. The fan plus three rocket boosters equaled total thrust of 100lbs. We also had a single Aerotech solid fuel engine that was 100lbs by itself (shown mounted below the fan tailpipe in the body-up photo), but we were afraid to use it! Body was a modified fiberglass Pacesetter Corvette. All functions (steering, brakes, throttle and rocket ignition) were handled from the RC transmitter. Top speed was estimated at 150mph. It was only run a few times with a couple of those runs resulting in rollover crashes. We determined that even though the car was thrust-driven not wheel-driven, it still needed a rear wing to help keep the rear tires planted at speed. The car was rebuilt and sold to a private automotive museum in Michigan.
  15. Is it real or model? I have the answer but will let you all guess for a while.
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