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  1. Wow.that looks awesome Can Con,I love the wheels too.And nice work converting the chassis on the 74.
  2. I have around 400 in their original boxes and well over 100 or so in plastic sterlite bins, and another 50 or so in zip loc bags and as far as parts cars and parts bins and resin stuff... Oh boy, that's another story lol.I feel as long as your paying your bills and being responsible we deserve a little reward,I call it my retirement plan,most kits only increase in value, especially vintage kits,so I can build them or sell some later if I had too and still have plenty to do.This hobby is a blessing, something to look forward to and enjoy.
  3. Looks like I will be adding some more kits to the hobby room.nice
  4. All are nice colors,I like #1.
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