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  1. tommrp

    68 dart

    Very cool. Nice job!
  2. Thank you very much! Just saw your Coronet project...very cool.
  3. Hi, Dave. Kind of like you, I came back to modeling very recently after many (many) years away. I actually picked up most of the current techniques etc. from Youtube videos, along with forums like this one. The whole painting process is of great interest to me but I've found that there are many opinions and not much consensus. Of course, I see fabulous results using different methods...so I'm thinking I'll try different approaches on different models and see what works for me. The best part is the investment in money is pretty small and the investment in time is (mostly) enjoyable. I say watch a lot of videos, read a bunch of forum posts, then just go for it and try what seems most appealing to you. As to some of your specific questions, you'll get about as many answers as there are model builders. Some go through the whole 600 thru 12,000 (or whatever) grit wet/dry sanding, others get nice results without any of that. I'm not disparaging any of that; I'm just saying there are lots of ways to do it. Some will work better for you than others. Read posts, watch videos, then just have fun trying things!
  4. Thanks! Yes, we see our share. I imagine MN isn't much different, though I haven't spent too much time there the last several years.
  5. I used a variety of paints...would have to go look at bottles to remember them all. I did use the Vallejo pigments; I liked those a lot. I used flat clear over the whole thing when it was done.
  6. Just read through (almost) all five pages of comments. Certainly don't want to argue with anyone, and a lot of great opinions and historical data here. I, too, would love a new/old Dodge pickup release. I find it interesting, though: I built several of the annuals many years ago and remember them fondly. I would love to build one (or more) again. And, I'm not too concerned about correct engine/trans options (though I appreciate those who are), but I also tend to replicate something more or less realistically. I think it would be great if a new release would have realistic wheels and tires. But: I LOVED those totally wrong too-big & too-slick wheels and tires for the 4x4! Ok, ok, I was like 12 at the time I first/last built them...but that's a little part of it for me. Make something that looks cool, is fun, and sparks a little of what excited me about model building when I was young. Is that so bad? So: New kits should include parts for realistic recreations. And reissues of old kits should, if possible, include a little throwback stuff for those of us that remember building them when they were new and we weren't so smart & sophisticated. Just my opinion. :-)
  7. Actually caught out a couple friends online with these shots. :-)
  8. Thanks very much for the words of encouragement! While I can admire some of the total rust bombs I've seen, this actually went a little bit farther than I really intended. Still, happy with it. Yes, there is a bit of salt that caught my eye in the photos more than in real life. Making them mud is a great idea! I look forward to seeing a weathered 'Ring racer.
  9. Lots of really impressive paint jobs. Kudos all. Still waiting to get a great glossy paint job (maybe the '70 Challenger that's on the bench will turn out). So, for now, I think this is my favorite of my builds.
  10. Hi All... New member here. Old timer casually getting back to modeling. Couldn't count the kits I built as a youth (though I remember quite a few fondly and in detail). Here's only my second kit after 30-ish years and my first attempt at rusting. It's an AMT 1941 Plymouth coupe. I had some fit issues (or it could have just been my rusty skills) but it was mostly to experiment with aging & rusting techniques. Naturally, I see things that I wish I had done differently but overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
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