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  1. "DIGGER"

    I agree with all of the others...this is by far the best one I have ever seen. Really terrifically done!!!
  2. Nissan 300 zx ,tamiya

    Well done...It looks terrific
  3. 2 of my Dad's F1 cars

    I remember seeing pictures of his bikes you posted a bit ago. Those were stunning builds. These F1 cars are works of art as well. Your father has an amazing skill. Keep posting his work please.
  4. I think you are correct Jim...the round tail lights look 1000% better. I like your eye for the design. You should work for GM.
  5. Madgnific: Monte-Carlo based custom wagon

    That is very very nice. I blew up that side picture and the interior looks really sharpe as well. Can't get over how nice the panel lines look on this as well. Thanks for showing this to us.
  6. I agree...the stance looks just perfect! Great job.
  7. '17 Camaro & '13 Challenger

    Both look terrific Doug. Really liked what you did on the underside, paricularly the exhaust.
  8. Decal Solution Residue

    I had the same problem with the Tamiya Mark Fit. On dark decals it left what appears to be water spots on the decal. Might have to switch to Microscale.
  9. Lil Hot Dogger

    Tony what a great job...it is fun to do these every now and again. But I soo know what you mean by the vague contact points on these older kits. I love what you have done.
  10. 1970 Rare Green Charger

    Really very special work. Bravo
  11. Post # 18,000

    Now that is a milestone...do you remember what your first post was?
  12. Revell H2

    Agree..I was not aware Revell did this vehicle either. Great job on the build Ken. Looks great.
  13. AMT ERTL 1967 Shelby GT-350

    I love your detail work. I realize it is a small point but darn you painted that engine belt system with a very steady hand. It looks perfect, as does the dash and the door panels. Can't wait yo see the finished model.
  14. Shifter Boot

    Very creative. Thanks for sharing that idea.
  15. HI Tyler...I did try the black chrome for window trim once snd as soon as I laid down one strip on the trim I realized it was far too shiny. So I removed it and painted the trim. Perhaps someone can suggest a way to dull the black chrome while it is still on the backing paper might be a solution and the black chrome might then work.