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  1. Alex...your panel lines look PERFECT. Would love to know your technique. I paint with rattle cans and no matter how careful I prep or paint it seems like the panel lines flood with paint. Your model is gorgeous.
  2. I really like what you did on this Pat, very nice. I am just starting this kit myself. Any issues I need to be aware of? Thanks for sharing.
  3. Excellent build, really a beautiful model. The stripes I think are perfect!! I agree about the fit quality of Tamiya kits. They are very well engineered. Thanks for sharing this with us.
  4. Very helpful Bruce..thank you for taking the time to respond. Sorry to read about the cancer, hang in there Bro. All of us Old guys seem to get that form of cancer at some point in our lives...so you are not alone. My thoughts are with you.
  5. Terrific job on this build...loved the detail, the foil, and emblem work. Excellent.
  6. Really nice work...I think it looks awesome!
  7. Bruce thanks for the response. Are these models made entirely out of plastic or are they a combination of plastic and metal?
  8. Great job on it Dan...I really love these little Weird-Oh's models..yours looks terrific. About 4 months ago I had the opportunity to buy the entire series of these models for 100... I regret not pulling the trigger on that purchase.
  9. It looks terrific...really love the color. I agree with you about the Tamiya kits.
  10. That is again an outstanding build...very well done
  11. I agree with all of the above...outstanding model.
  12. Excellent as always Dann...love your builds!
  13. Beautiful model Don...love the detail work you did on the accent highlighting. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  14. Dann...thanks for sharing your builds...great work, but hey I did not expect anything less when I started reading your thread. Can't wait to see the finished model. One of my favorite cars of all time.
  15. That color on the left is gorgeous...I can't wait to see the body completed in that color and sheen. Really nice work.
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