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  1. Nice looking website Mark...I added it to my home screen. Congrats on opening up your own business.
  2. I agree with Larry...it is awesome Warren. Thanks for showing this.
  3. I always loved what you did with this DeAg model Bruce. I can never see too many pictures of it! Great work.
  4. Terrific build Alan...it looks wonderful! Really enjoyed your narrative as well.
  5. Very cool Randy...looks great. I like how you mirrored the box art.
  6. Steffen...this is just amazing work. I can't wait to see the finished model. Your craftsmanship in building this is simply off the charts.
  7. Exceptional work Paul...so much detail that looks spot on real.
  8. Looks terrific Keith...I agree with you about the yellow, great color.
  9. Very nice work Andy...the license plate is a nice touch!!
  10. Well done! Your painting is beyond exceptional. What type of paints did you use?
  11. Great job Bruce...it looks wonderful!!
  12. This is a fascinating build thread Matt...just such amazing and wonderful work thus far. Can't wait to see more updates on this.
  13. Really well done Steve...gorgeous model, one of my favorite cars...
  14. Wow!! Beautiful work Dale. Is this a Tamiya kit? Super well done.
  15. Terrific build Justin..well done indeed...your customer should be pleased with her.
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