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  1. Yes Dave I did that as well as clearing website data from Safari through the control icon. No luck. Oh well. Will just have to view the site from my tiny screen iPhone until I invest in a new iPad. Thanks for responding back.
  2. Dave: I have an older iPad and I am now unable to post messages, view the bottom 20 percent of all pages, or see most of the posted picture links. Otherwise the new upgrade is great...,sigh posting this from my new iPhone...
  3. Greg...I have had pretty decent luck with using a damp cloth to wipe the tip of the bottle right after I dispense the glue. Requires some discipline to remember to do that but seems to keep the clogging down for me.
  4. Glenn...I would go with the Tamiya clear. It is a bit expensive I acknowledge that, but it will serve you well and you won't have to worry about compatibility issues.
  5. Marcin, your work here is just stunning. The work on the eyes is beyond amazing. I was wondering when you painted this did you use the paint right from the pot or did you use a thinner of sorts or a retarder?
  6. Very nice build Marco. Your photo presentations are also excellent! Thanks for posting these.
  7. Beautiful build Robert...love the color choice as well..
  8. I agree with Dann...stunning model...
  9. Dan thanks for posting these lovely pictures! Viewing them just made my day!!
  10. Carl...that is a very nice case...super well done.
  11. Very nice work on this Keith...great looking model.
  12. I am very fortunate that I live within easy driving time of a very good brick and mortar business here in SoCal, Brookhurst Hobby. But when I do online shopping I agree with Snake, Modelroundup is a great on line source.
  13. Very cool...love what you did here. Agree with Geno, great looking models you have here.
  14. Nice looking website Mark...I added it to my home screen. Congrats on opening up your own business.
  15. I agree with Larry...it is awesome Warren. Thanks for showing this.
  16. I always loved what you did with this DeAg model Bruce. I can never see too many pictures of it! Great work.
  17. Terrific build Alan...it looks wonderful! Really enjoyed your narrative as well.
  18. Very cool Randy...looks great. I like how you mirrored the box art.
  19. Steffen...this is just amazing work. I can't wait to see the finished model. Your craftsmanship in building this is simply off the charts.
  20. Exceptional work Paul...so much detail that looks spot on real.
  21. Looks terrific Keith...I agree with you about the yellow, great color.
  22. Very nice work Andy...the license plate is a nice touch!!
  23. Well done! Your painting is beyond exceptional. What type of paints did you use?
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