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  1. Is this guy the only onlinesource for 1/25 scale White Freightliner cabover grills? If you want to sell one of yours, I'd be happy to take it off your hands.. 🙂
  2. Outstanding work on the build and weathering! You did an amazing job removing the infamous cab seam and fixing the steps - flawless! What do you think about putting some black on the door panel lines to give it some more depth?
  3. Super clean work! In 1975 at the age of 11, I bought this kit as my first attempt at a big rig. Cost was $4.99 plus two cans of Testors spray paint (light blue, flat black) for $.50 each. I gotta tell you, this one almost killed my enthusiasm for model building, lol. This year, at 58, I'm going to attempt this one again as a "revenge build" in honor of my 11 year old self. I've already done the same with the Revell Baja Beast and the Revell 57 Chevy Nomad, cursing the entire time.
  4. I, too, was seduced by this sexy box (and it's reissue) when I was 10, and again at 13. Why would Revell do that to a child? Currently, I am doing a "revenge build" of this beast in an attempt to get it (mostly) right now that I'm 54. It's just as bad as I remember, but with better tools and more skill, I think I can at least finish it. My other white whale model was the first one I ever built (at 8 years old): the infamous Baja Chopper by Rev(hell), which I have since rebuilt successfully.
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