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  1. I've got the Fred Cady decals for this one as well....plus a fair bunch of other cars!
  2. Much obliged gentlemen.... Being that I enjoy using Vallejo Air acrylics, which would be the best match for the Ford Engine Blue that some engines had?
  3. As it is, while I've got your attention, what is the difference between the Dodge and Plymouth under that beautiful shell....like the colour of the interior, engine, shock absorbers etc., etc....? Jimmy Pardue's white #54 is on my list! As tempting as his red/white one is, I haven't seen any decals for that one....
  4. Much obliged gentlemen! Knowing that I should have a couple of '64 Dodges and Plymouths, somewhere in the stash....to play with, well....
  5. Fellow earthlings, Can I use the frame from Lindberg's '64 Petty Plymouth and attach Jo-Han's (with a bit of tweek I imagine) '64 Dodge Super Stock body to it, to create Junior Johnson's #3 Dodge, or did Dodge and Plymouth use completely different styles of frames?
  6. Beautiful....not only because she's a '13'!
  7. Thanks Casey, I'll pick one, or a couple, up this month then! Yip, it's still there Glenn! Too focused on those other things!
  8. While I'm tooling around with, or try to, some other projects that's grounded to a halt (thanks to the workload), I was looking at this '37 again.... As it is, she'll become in the end, hopefully, a fenderless rat rod.... I have no intention of using them there modern thingmajigs in the front/rear end, old school is the way forward sometimes! Which would be the best kit to borrow the front and rear axle from, is there a kit out there where I can get the complete frame (when nobody's looking), should that be easier? Many thanks!
  9. Awesome stuff, thanks! Seriously considering looking for a Milwaukee Road pickup, from about the same era....
  10. Many thanks Richie and Gary, tremendously appreciated! Thought that I snoop around for some suitable wrecker parts as well, while I'm at it....
  11. Right.... Being a sucker for old gas stations etc., etc. and having a strong must have feeling about AMT's Texaco Chevrolet 3100 pickup.... As good as it looks in those colours, Mobilgas (Mobiloil) is my big favourite, besides Koppartrans back in Sweden, anyhoo....can you turn this one or any of the 40's and 50's pickups into one belonging to a Mobilgas gas station? If so, did they carry any particular colours as such with AMT's Texaco pickup, haven't had much luck hunting on Google! Those that I've found have been toys....
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