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  1. Up here in Winnipeg I still see at least one a day, sometimes more. Spoke to several owners and was surprised they really like them.
  2. If anyone in Canada needs some cans of Testors Extreme Lacquer to finish a project, Canadian Tire is clearing them out at $6.43 cdn, a saving of 3.16 cdn a can. Good selection of colours although you may have to go multiple stores. I have seen them at multiple CanTires. They are in the house paint section. I bought several but plan to use them quickly as I lost about 20 cans to bottom edge leakage.
  3. Thanks for clearing that up.
  4. It is my understanding that the original AMT El Camino had the same wheelbase as the hardtops. The 1968 to 1972 El Caminos were built on the 4dr and wagon chassis (116.0 WB) vs the HT chassis (112.0 WB). Anyone ever compare the two ?
  5. I used to have a MPC kit called the Superteen Firebird. I believe it was a modified 68 convertible. Was that a separate tool or was it a modification of an existing tool.
  6. Didn't the Aerovette use a 4 rotor wankel, made up of two 2 rotor wankels bolted together?
  7. I thought it came down to cost. The decal scripts are printed in silver ink and do not look realistic. The model manufacturers already have the licence to use those images (scripts). Wouldn't the aftermarket have to negotiate a licencing agreement of their own? I would love to see an aftermarket sheet with nothing but chrome foil scripts for GM cars. That said, I can't wait for this kit to hit local shelves.
  8. Why can't the manufacturers give us chrome foil scripts for the few scripts that would be chrome on these bodies?
  9. Thanks for replying. I was thinking printing it would be more accurate than my cutting it out.
  10. Now that I'm retired I would like to build some of the Can Am cars that the old Car Model and Model Car Science magazines provided plans for. The plans had cross sections of the cars that I thought could be used to make the buck. What I was wondering is whether there is software that could generate cross sections of newer cars from 3d models. If these could be made in a 3d printer, it would keep costs down, especially for larger scales. I know nothing about Cad so the info would be appreciated.
  11. And still no full detail C7 Z06 and I guess there never will be one.
  12. And still no full detail C7 Corvette. I guess there never will be one with the problems at Revell.
  13. Are we ever going to see a C7 Corvette with a separate rear suspension and transaxle or are we stuck with Revell's promo type chassis?
  14. The California Kid 1933 or 34 Ford. I think it was a made for TV movie.
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