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  1. monza77 added a post in a topic Round 2's new AMT 2016 Camaro SS FULL DETAIL kit: First look/detailed overview (and I'm not kidding about that full detail comment....)   

    While there  aren't many new cars I like I plan on buying multiples of the full detail kit. I hope Round 2 does a full detail C7 Corvette, seeing as Revell is dropping the ball by only doing only glorified toys, oops I mean snap kits of the C7. After the Revell Camaro and  Cuda body issues Revell could stand the competition. We, (I) want a full detail C7 
  2. monza77 added a post in a topic Dekon Monza   

    The Revell Monza is even worse than the AMT. I am going from memory but I think the body is pretty much a caricature of a Monza. It uses a generic non prototypical chassis plate and the body has the wide body kit molded on. The body has proportion issues. i have a Japanese 1/24 scale Monza (motorized) that has a nicely proportioned body but it may be bigger than 1/24. I will try to dig them all out this weekend and post some pictures of the contents.  
  3. monza77 added a post in a topic Dekon Monza   

    I hope they didn't use the AMT Monza SS as a starting point as it is inaccurate around the side windows and especially the B pillar area.There may be other issues as well but they are in storage and I can't get at them until the weekend.  Wasn't this kit issued in the period when AMT was doing funky things with their bodies? I am restoring my 1977 Monza Spyder (without Spyder decals which I removed the first day I bought it in 1977). I bought a pile of those AMT MonzaSS kits and actually built one and was happy with it for years, until I looked at it closer. Let us hope they used the MPC Monza kits (or promos) which appear more accurate. I am excited about the Dekon kit but will wait to see which kit was used as the base.
  4. monza77 added a post in a topic Corvette C7R   

    Thanks Gerry. Still looking forward to the C7R. I really wanted to know if we will see a full detail  stock C7. 
  5. monza77 added a post in a topic Corvette C7R   

    I am excited about the C7R. I hope the chassis is more detailed than the C6R which I thought was toyish, especially after the C5R. Will we see a full detail non painted  C7 kit from Revell ? 
  6. monza77 added a post in a topic Question is Revell's 70'Torino GT and Torino cobra..   

    Why could Revell correct the body on the Torino but do nothing about the current Camaro, 'Cuda and 5L. Mustang?
  7. monza77 added a post in a topic Revell 1984 Olds 442   

    The  chassis looks the same as the Monte SS and Buick GN. No upper front control arms, rear control arms and sway bar 1 piece. The underhood area also looks like those kits, accessories like the AC assembly are extended to the bottom of the firewall. Are we sure it is 1/25 ? I was never sure about the GN and SS as I have many of those and I thought I've seen both scales on the boxes. Could be wrong. It would be nice if they were the same scale as the others. I will buy multiples. as long as they don't screw up the body like some kits I won't mention. 
  8. monza77 added a post in a topic What AMT/MPC Molds Might Still Exist at Round 2?   

    Thanks to everybody for the additional info about the AMT CanAm cars. Another kit I'd like to see  return is the MPC Toyota 2000 GT. It should have international interest. Does anyone know what happened to these molds?
  9. monza77 added a post in a topic What AMT/MPC Molds Might Still Exist at Round 2?   

    AMT made a series of 4,1/24 static CanAm cars, probably based on their slot cars. I can't remember the types and can't find them in the old Car Model and Model Car Science magazines where I know I've seen them before. Sure would be nice to have them back but I think they are most likely gone. A return of the 1/20 scale Mclaren and the STP turbine would be welcome .   
  10. monza77 added a post in a topic This ever happen to anyone else?   

    Thanks jb 
    . !'ll be giving them a call alright, esp.with all these other people having problems. I don't expect much help from Testors though. I don't understand why no coloured pigment comes out, just the clear (cloudy) substance. You would think the coloured pigment would sit near the bottom and some would leak out with the solvents, binders or whatever they put in a can besides gaseous propellant and pigment. The clear substance must be heavier than the pigment and those huge metal flakes they put in that line of paint but that doesn't make sense. Google is not much help with what is in the can, as this is probably a  propriety substance. The funny thing is there is not a hint of colour leaking out with the clear substance, None. Not one can. I may try spraying one of the cans that has some propellant left to see if there was actually any colour in them. Some have leaked  the gunk but have some pressure, others are completely empty. This stuff just seems to ooze out, sometimes saving some pressure. Never heard any propellant leaking and they just glued the cans to the bottom of box. 
  11. monza77 added a post in a topic This ever happen to anyone else?   

    Timely topic for me as, over the last few days I was wondering whether to discuss this on the forums or contact Testors. I have many cans of paint: Duplicolor, Testors enamels and auto lacquers, Tamiya, Pactra etc. Many are decades old. I even have 2 sealed cans of old AMT spray paint . None have leaked although some probably may no longer spray. A year ago I moved from Edmonton back to Winnipeg so before leaving I stocked up on Testors one coat lacquer (hard to come by in Wpg.).I opened up the moving box on Friday and found all the cans containing light colored Testors one coat lacquers had leaked the clear sticky substance around the base. No pigment though.  These included the clear, white lightning, diamond dust, Inca gold, lime ice, fiery orange  and icy blue.The cans containing dark colours are fine. The problem involved multiple cans of the same colour, 20 in all. I guess I learned a lesson, don't hoard this paint. I probably paid an average of $8.00 to $10.00 per can. One other thing, when fresh, this gum that comes out of the can smells and feels the same as the styrene base product made at a  major chemical plant where I worked. The smell of that stuff still made me sick after I opened my suitcase containing my work clothes one year later. That substance is also a clear sticky substance but MUCH more aromatic. Oh yeah, while I'm at it, does anybody in Winnipeg know of a Hobby Shop that stocks a good supply of Testors Lacquers, esp the automotive colours?
  12. monza77 added a post in a topic What Do You Want To See Next?   

    Cadillac CTS-V Coupe,1/24 Lola GT Mk3B (full detail), 1966 Olds Toronado
  13. monza77 added a post in a topic Question about the elcamino and camper   

    Does anyone remember the James Bond movie where they crushed an mid sixties Lincoln 4 door into a cube, dropped it into the bed of a Ranchero that then drove away while remaining level?
  14. monza77 added a post in a topic Roof height/length differences in 56 Chevies   

    Sorry for the errors in spelling and punctuation but I hope you get the idea. I can't type so I don't post much and it takes me so long that I want to get rid of the post. Thanks
  15. monza77 added a post in a topic Roof height/length differences in 56 Chevies   

    I went through this awhile back when I wanted to build a true (Revell) 55 Chev 2dr sedan. I googled questions about interchange of parts like roofs, doors and windshields, between the trichevies. If I remember 55 and 56 share more body parts. 57 chevys have a lower cowl so things like windshields are different from 55 and 56.I believe regular wagons use sedan doors and windshields so the Revell 56 sedan doors and roof height would give you a proper reference. It might be easier to use the 56 Delray as the basis and add the Nomad roof.Of course , you have to fill in the grooves and make door frames etc. All in all, a lot of work either way.I'm not 100% sure on the wagon thing as I was more interested in a 55 sedan using thee 56 sedan. The first thing I always look for when doing a conversion for is interchange of parts within a line. Its nice with The Reveille trichevies they are tooled similarly. One other thing I recall is 55 and 56 frames interchange but 57 frames are different in the front frame horn area. Anyway, just google a specific question like "does a 56 2dr sedan windshield (or door) interchange with a 56 4r wagon and you usually will be routed to a Trichevy forum where they always have someone discussing. If I can use existing kit parts I'm further ahead.Hope this helps.