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  1. monza77 added a post in a topic What Do You Want To See Next?   

    Cadillac CTS-V Coupe,1/24 Lola GT Mk3B (full detail), 1966 Olds Toronado
  2. monza77 added a post in a topic Question about the elcamino and camper   

    Does anyone remember the James Bond movie where they crushed an mid sixties Lincoln 4 door into a cube, dropped it into the bed of a Ranchero that then drove away while remaining level?
  3. monza77 added a post in a topic Roof height/length differences in 56 Chevies   

    Sorry for the errors in spelling and punctuation but I hope you get the idea. I can't type so I don't post much and it takes me so long that I want to get rid of the post. Thanks
  4. monza77 added a post in a topic Roof height/length differences in 56 Chevies   

    I went through this awhile back when I wanted to build a true (Revell) 55 Chev 2dr sedan. I googled questions about interchange of parts like roofs, doors and windshields, between the trichevies. If I remember 55 and 56 share more body parts. 57 chevys have a lower cowl so things like windshields are different from 55 and 56.I believe regular wagons use sedan doors and windshields so the Revell 56 sedan doors and roof height would give you a proper reference. It might be easier to use the 56 Delray as the basis and add the Nomad roof.Of course , you have to fill in the grooves and make door frames etc. All in all, a lot of work either way.I'm not 100% sure on the wagon thing as I was more interested in a 55 sedan using thee 56 sedan. The first thing I always look for when doing a conversion for is interchange of parts within a line. Its nice with The Reveille trichevies they are tooled similarly. One other thing I recall is 55 and 56 frames interchange but 57 frames are different in the front frame horn area. Anyway, just google a specific question like "does a 56 2dr sedan windshield (or door) interchange with a 56 4r wagon and you usually will be routed to a Trichevy forum where they always have someone discussing. If I can use existing kit parts I'm further ahead.Hope this helps.
  5. monza77 added a topic in General   

    Tamiya 1/12 Lola T70 Mk3 P/E
    I have an older issue of Tamiya's Lola T70 Mk3 . Does anyone know if Tamiya has or will release the P/E set that comes with the new issue separately. As much as I like the car I don't really feel like buying another. Thanks.
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  6. monza77 added a post in a topic 20Th Century Cars into Kits   

    I would like to see a new tool i963 Buick Riviera, along the lines of Monogram's Cadillacs, Tri Chevies etc. To me it was the most beautifully styled car ever. A new 1966 Olds Toronado and a 1967 Cadillac Eldorado would also be great. AMT (or whatever they are called now) could tool up a 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix for their Monte.I think these are far more relevent than early 50's Hudsons and Chryslers which I will buy ,but have not much interest in.
  7. monza77 added a post in a topic 21st century cars into kits..   

    I would like to see a full detail CTS-V coupe, especially since Cadillac will be running it in the World Challenge GT.
  8. monza77 added a post in a topic Cars you wished that was in 1/24   

    Cadillac CTS-V, both seriss
    Pontiac Solstice, coupe and roadster
    Cadillac CTS Coupe Concept
    Corvette ZR1
    Lola tT-70 Coupe
    Can Am cars