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  1. So AMC is responsible for the doors on my Sunfire freezing shut every time we get melting snow or freezing rain. I keep a spatula handy for prying between the door frame and the weather stripping.
  2. I actually had a friend who took his new, blue 1969 Judge and had it painted a hot pink colour that his girlfriend chose.
  3. Yes, it's too bad it is molded with the block and if I remember correctly, the pan had such a draft angle that I think I ran out of material trying to level it. It almost looked like a core shift. I forgot about the diff cover and never thought about the wheel pattern at the time. The oilpan is a road race item so its funny it is on a drag race engine. I want to look at the engine again to kitbash with various Monogram Corvettes to make some Greenwood IMSA cars.
  4. I like the S/ST and think they are the best 1/24 scale representation of S/STs. They might be the only one though. While I don't really care for slots I don't like to see the loss of anything. Wheels aside this kit is a great source of 1/24 scale Chev big block speed parts. It has a side sump oil pan, Motion (tm) valve covers, a pretty nice tunnel ram and a Lakewood style scattershield. All pretty rare in 1/25 scale never mind 1/24. I am pretty glad it's back, I'll buy a couple. The only thing I can't remember is if that style of pan was a road race item. Anyone? Google?
  5. Thanks for the reply. I will probably scale up the Amt Corvair engines as the 1/1 block and trans appear to be box shape with a few barrels stuck on. Well, I guess it actually is a "boxer" layout. I was thinking some old IMC dune buggy kits (1/20) might be a source. Great work and thanks for the inspiration. Will be following closely.
  6. Great to see this built. Those old japanese motorized kits have some really neat subjects not kitted domestically. I was not aware of the smaller scale version so the hunt is on. I have a ( I believe Entex ) 1/20 scale Monza Gt motorized kit and was always on the lookout for a 1/20 scale Corvair motor and transaxle. Are you or anyone familiar with the 1/20 kit and does anyone know a source for a motor and trans? I'll be following this one and applying it to my larger scale one.
  7. Is this one of the 1/16 trucks made when Revell was owned or tied in with Ceji? I bought one, it was the monster truck version with huge 2 piece tires, triple shocks, and a glass t roof. I was so put off that I never built it, but probably still have all the parts somewhere. I now remember that the cab was terribly warped and I really disliked the non stock grill. I do believe there was another version that had a stock grill but it never made it to our local hobby shops.
  8. Thanks Casey. I guess I had one or two red ones in my stash and never paid attention.
  9. Glad to see this kit back, especially with the centerline type wheels. I always thought they were the best representation of that type of wheel in any kit. They maybe SuperTricks (Crager)but to me they look good. I intend to copy these in resin and use these as my go to for this type of wheel. I have bought this kit a few times with the intent of building it stock as I think it was the only game in town until the Lindbergh 66 came out. The first one I bought was the original black one and came with the centerline type wheels. Every other one I bought was red with the slots. Was the black one with centerlines only issued once? Also, the big block chevy is pretty nice. The tunnel ram looks good as does the oilpan with side sumps. It is a good source of speed equipment for Monogram 1/24 cchev big blocks.
  10. Thanks George. I have a 1977 Monza Spyder since new that I stripped the graphics off of first thing. Ditched the 305 within a year,put hedders , intakes, and various carbs and the biggest mistake 3.73 gears and posi (Cosworth Vega parts apparently). Had a hard time breaking into the 15s. Too much gear, too short a tire and it fell flat at 5000 rpm, but it was a lot of fun up to 5000
  11. Owning a 1977 Monza I always thought they should have put the Cosworth in the Monza. I know why they put it in the Vega but it would have been a nice option for the slightly sportier Monza. I am always on the lookout for a Vega wagon or Gt to go with my other orphan cars. Faust likes kits of oddball unloved cars , unfortunately I have a habit of buying fullscale GM oddballs. Also, where can I get the conversion pieces?
  12. Is it just my kit or is the tread area of the slick so sunken that I am l am leery of sanding it flush for losing some of the piecrust edging. Still, a very nice kit. I also have 12 or so Accurate Minatures and Revell Grand Sport kits with tires exhibiting the same shrinkage. Any suggestions for a period correct tire for these?
  13. Thanks Dave. I will do that. I have all the Corvettes but would like the Iroc and the Firebird which are really expensive on Ebay.
  14. Does anyone know who has the molds for the Monogram 1\8 scale car kits and what is the likelihood of seeing any of them being reissued?
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