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  1. Any news on the resin offerings? I'm chomping on the bit for the Mercury Cougar.
  2. Very nice. 👍👍Watching your WIP has inspired me to pick one up.👍👍
  3. Who's going to be casting the cougar? I'd like to get my hands on one. I have Paul's T-bird and this would look real nice on the shelf next to it.
  4. Very nice Torino.👍👍
  5. Nice capri II.👍👍I've been curious about that kit. What's the engine compartment like? Does it have enough room for a decent small block Ford engine like the 351 windsor that comes with the Revell Starsky and Hutch Torino?
  6. Very nice mustang.👍👍
  7. I saw that too. I'm hoping that Paul makes enough money that he will think it's worthwhile to keep casting these for a while. I wouldn't mind getting 1 more down the road.
  8. Hey Carl long time no see!😂😂Thanks for the reply. My old T-bird was probably the second most trustworthy vehicle I ever owned.👍👍
  9. Thanks for the reply Kruleworld. I always wished one of the model companies would have made a T-bird also. I won't hold my breath on them doing it though.
  10. Thanks for the reply Kruleworld.
  11. Thanks for the reply PappyD340.
  12. Thanks for the reply Michelle.
  13. Thanks John. I was bummed when the other site shut down, but I am starting to enjoy this one. So you'll see some more of my more unusual builds on here now.👍👍
  14. I learned the hard way that with resin offerings you can't procrastinate and grab them once they're out. I missed out on getting a Mustang II coupe because it was always lower on my list. Once I got where I wanted to get one, they weren't offered anywhere anymore. Now when I see a resin body I want, I jump on it immediately.👍👍
  15. Thanks for the reply. Where I went to school in '94, the T-birds were big. There were 7 of them and they all pretty much looked the same. Our local police chief hated us because if we lost him and he couldn't get our plate numbers, he couldn't tell which one of us he was chasing.😂
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