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  1. Any news on the resin offerings? I'm chomping on the bit for the Mercury Cougar.
  2. Very nice. 👍👍Watching your WIP has inspired me to pick one up.👍👍
  3. Who's going to be casting the cougar? I'd like to get my hands on one. I have Paul's T-bird and this would look real nice on the shelf next to it.
  4. Very nice Torino.👍👍
  5. Nice capri II.👍👍I've been curious about that kit. What's the engine compartment like? Does it have enough room for a decent small block Ford engine like the 351 windsor that comes with the Revell Starsky and Hutch Torino?
  6. Very nice mustang.👍👍
  7. I saw that too. I'm hoping that Paul makes enough money that he will think it's worthwhile to keep casting these for a while. I wouldn't mind getting 1 more down the road.
  8. Hey Carl long time no see!😂😂Thanks for the reply. My old T-bird was probably the second most trustworthy vehicle I ever owned.👍👍
  9. Thanks for the reply Kruleworld. I always wished one of the model companies would have made a T-bird also. I won't hold my breath on them doing it though.
  10. Thanks for the reply Kruleworld.
  11. Thanks for the reply PappyD340.
  12. Thanks for the reply Michelle.
  13. Thanks John. I was bummed when the other site shut down, but I am starting to enjoy this one. So you'll see some more of my more unusual builds on here now.👍👍
  14. I learned the hard way that with resin offerings you can't procrastinate and grab them once they're out. I missed out on getting a Mustang II coupe because it was always lower on my list. Once I got where I wanted to get one, they weren't offered anywhere anymore. Now when I see a resin body I want, I jump on it immediately.👍👍
  15. Thanks for the reply. Where I went to school in '94, the T-birds were big. There were 7 of them and they all pretty much looked the same. Our local police chief hated us because if we lost him and he couldn't get our plate numbers, he couldn't tell which one of us he was chasing.😂
  16. Thanks for the reply. Paul sells them on ebay, but you'll have to dig into your pockets for one. They're running between $3-500.
  17. Yeah it is interesting to watch. I was biting my nails towards the end of my auction. I paid way more than I usually do for a model, but it ended up being worth it in the end. All through the build, memories that would bring a smile to my face kept popping into my head. I could almost hear the roar of the 351 Windsor with headers that was in it and smell the 15" 50s roasting!😂
  18. I picked this resin Elite body up on ebay. It is a thick promo style body. I used the Starsky and Hutch Torino for the frame and interior. I used a set of 5 hole aluminum slots, narrow and deep dish, on Goodyear eagle zr40s and 15" 50s. The windshield is from a 1/24 Ford nascar and the rear and side windows are clear styrene. I painted it Testors lacquer star spangled blue with a black roof and then clear coated it. Hope you enjoyed looking.👍👍
  19. This was a resin kit I picked up on ebay from Paul. I built it the look like my 'Bird I had in '94 during my senior yr. in high school. I added a l88 hood scoop, keystone rims on the front, and deep dish cragars on 15" 50s on the rear. Painted it black with a maroon vinyl roof. I've posted builds on the other site that got shut down. This is my first build post here. I hope you guys enjoy it.👍
  20. Nice to hear that someone here has been in my tiny village. LOL. So far the T-bird is building up nicely. Paul truly is a master.
  21. Paul's is a full kit. I just got mine on Saturday. It's a simple build like the Johan Torino that Paul started with. The body is SUPERBLY done. I've already started mine and am very pleased with it. I looked at the 1979 Thunderbird on ebay before pulling the trigger on bidding on Paul's. It is just a 3D body, bumpers, grille, and rims. No interior or frame.
  22. Cool idea for your javelin. I'll definitely be watching this build. Congratulations on scoring your javelin.?
  23. Hey that's my winner!!! The most that I have ever paid for a model, but it's also one that I have been wanting to build since I bought my real one back in '94 during my senior year. I hear I won't be disappointed with Paul's quality.
  24. I've ordered 3 of his mustang bodies. The last body took a little longer, but he always does come through. You won't be disappointed in the least. His work is top notch. Randy.
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