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  1. Way way cool lots of paint work going on. Go Nitro Go Nitro oooops I meant GotNitro lol.
  2. Thanks neat back story. Just couldn't figure out the herald was all. Thanks again. Turned out Superb.
  3. Not sure if I'll do many more in this scale.
  4. Newest Charmin commercial has blue dad bear imitating Barry White. Mock up looks great.
  5. That is a very sweet looking set. All I have is my phone what is the logo on the trailer.
  6. A little stretch would help with the crowded look to me at least. Nice build you have going.
  7. Thanks all. It's been a weird ride but getting there.
  8. When done and if a contest comes up I could see these 2 side by side on the same table.
  9. Kerry. This is a replacement for the crushed one. Now just need to finish the trailer to complete the set.
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