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  1. Thanks so much on the grey What red would you recommend if I may ask
  2. Actually cup and xfinity cars find their ways into the old K&N West or East series
  3. What shade of red was used for the Davey Allison cars Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks Mike 1017 Will work for me as I'm doing several early 90's busch cars chuck brown grand prix, Terry LaBonte lumina, Gordan ford and a few others That helps a lot
  5. Well still working on several spots where the paint and glue mixed Making it a pita to strip
  6. Is there a source for the late 80's early mid 90's Busch series gm and ford V-6 motors for monogram 1/24th
  7. Okay thanks guess it's going into the parts bin then
  8. No idea my friend Their soaking in the dip some of the paints they use are almost bullet proof
  9. One of the kits I'm building the body is warped fairly badly Tried straightening it out with hot water just keeps going back to it's original twist Need just the body so I can finish up my Swervin Irvin ride Any help is deeply appreciated The body below is my good body from another kit just showing you the style
  10. Thanks but may be following Pete 68 in the larger scales sooner or later
  11. Why I moved to ho scale Remember my n scale 1/160 diamond T cabover
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