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  1. What yellow was used
  2. Who makes it what brand I mean and thanks
  3. Sorry I wasn't able to complete mine but my new job of railroad crew shuttle driver is an on call 24-7 position One where you get sleep as you can pays good but modeling took a major hit Kudos to those that won and completed their builds
  4. See if I can do any better this year being sick a lot last year didn't do any favors for modeling See what I can come up with
  5. What color blue did you use nice car
  6. These came in the right colors got some HO 1/87 decals awhile back for these Made them both single stack one will have dual air cleaners the other single air cleaner and a lubrifiner Will be changing out the rear Alcoa rims for five slot rims Hoping to order a bunch of detail parts for these next month if I can On the glider kit you can see I already added the Watkins heralds to the doors Anyone have general dimensions for a KW lubrifiner Thanks and enjoy the tow trucks are in progress slow but sure
  7. Thank for all the help muchly appreciated
  8. Very nicely done Yeah mine is starting from the monogram #66 trop artic kit but I'm building it as a BGN car
  9. Yeah if I could find one or a parts one cheap
  10. Ok was hoping for maybe a resin or other media As my cutting skills suck after nerve damage in my hands from when I rolled a tractor trailer thanks to a driver under the influence Much appreciated though How much and where would I need to make the cut(s)
  11. This is for a 1990 Pontiac BGN project I'm trying to put together any help is deeply appreciated
  12. Looking to find a GM V6 for a monogram 1/24 BGN Pontiac I'm working on Any help is appreciated
  13. Builders club sorry I'm stupid here as I haven't kept up with the kit industry
  14. Needing 4 tires and rims from a 90's era monogram/revell Ford mustang kit I have the low rider mustang but want to build it as a stock rag top Any help is appreciated
  15. Another Kenworth for a friend athearn cab, boley wrecker unit Stripped slowly starting to build it as a single axle unit for medium duty service
  16. 91% iso alcohol and they stripped fairly well Will be getting a weathered white paint with some rust trails from loose lug nuts at one time maybe a grease streak from a bad bearing seal at one time
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