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  1. Man that looks great! The inerior looks amazing aswell
  2. Lol yeah thats alot of nose for a tiny R-model cab.. thinking a mercury sleeper will help that big front end look a little smaller.
  3. Little progress while the weather is crappy. I stretched the frame and started the cowl extension that im probably going to shave down a little bit. I used the front rails from from a tyrone malone super boss kit. Also might use the twin turbo v12 out of the kit for the mack . 🤔
  4. Did a little sprayout of the orange and it is such a nice color. Now just gotta find where i put the cream color so i can put them together lol.
  5. Started to assemble the engine.very nice resin kit from gary. Only thing i did was scrub everything with hot water and simplegreen just to make sure there were no oild that would mess with the paint. Deciding if i want to paint it to match the cream or orange on the truck or paint it detroit alpine green. The trucks going to be kind of a work/show truck not stock. Any opinions?
  6. Yeah seems there were alot of different variences of the 700 series lol prob more changes than most of us even realize. The (Western) 700's had a valueliner style hood with the dropped fenders and had a raised section of the hood running down the center like the valueliner 600 series which was considered a western option, but i dont think the 700's with that hood were called valueliners like the 600 series was. They were also to late in production to come with a v12 tho so the hood i have works perfect.
  7. Nice man thankyou!! These pictures are a huge help. Is that your truck?
  8. Yeah whatever pain that dm cab had on it was good lol didnt even rake the shine off lol. Will be stopping to shipping your wheels to you when i leave work. Going to fill the cut out in the hood
  9. Thanks guys. Yeah i need to get the motor together and the cowl extended then it will rele start coming together.
  10. Cabs glued and got the red all striped off with safey clean but had to use acetone and wet sand the rest off. Also shaved off the body line that was on the fender. Last pic shows how far i plan to extend the cowl.
  11. If anyone is looking for custom paint this guy sells house of color basecoats in spray cans. You will have to apply a clear coat as this stuff is a automotive basecoat. I ordered the house of color tangelo pearl orange. One of nicest Colors ive used. If you search "spray can" under his items https://ebay.com/usr/stevensons1
  12. Oh dang yeah thats a bummer for sure. I could see having to pay import tax on something large like a car or something, but model car parts is a joke lol...keep up the awsome work tho looks sweet
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