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  1. Thanks DJ, it may be longer than we all want but if God doesn't stop me I'll get around to it. 3 little ones, wifey and a house keep me pretty busy.
  2. I grew up around these trucks. Going to build this one for my uncle, going to do one of his, not sure which paint scheme. Then I'm going to do one, a KW, of his. He's gone now so I'll keep it. I think I'm going to try and start with a wood mold for the boxes and bend styrene (?) Around it and then start fabricating the straight parts, get it all together and learn how to make molds.
  3. Thanks! I heard and read that term and kind of knew what it meant but didn't realize it meant no engine and hood glued shut. I thought about shaving the door handles. In real life I don't like them but I think you're right. And thanks for the vote of confidence deleting the vent window, I'm going to get it gone!
  4. Got this kit with the intentions of going custom. Going for a lowered show truck. I think I'm going to start practicing some detail work but we will see. I've thought about just dropping the truck and skipping any engine work as I'm more interested in learning some lowered suspension work over engine detail work and that will leave me with an extra 350 engine and a TH400 (?) tranny. We will see, I have one kit near completion and a semi transfer truck I recently started. I am shaving some of the trim from the original... The parking lights on the fenders and the trim that wraps around the cab. I'm debating on deleting the vent window and going with a solid door glass... Anyone done that before? Curious how it will look. Thanks for taking the time to look, comments and suggestions always welcome. Anthony
  5. Thanks for the post! Might have to get some wheels...
  6. Started the transformation of my Peterbilt 359 from having a sleeper to eventually getting a dump box and a transfer trailer. Got the sleeper off and starting to get the back of the cab made. Still lots of work to do.
  7. Thanks! Might check into it one day. Lots of tools to buy in this life... Auto body tools, model making tools, house renovation tools... Lol
  8. Lol! That does make it easier. I'm going to make it up as I go.. have half an idea of what I'll do. I don't even know how to make a frame but I can Google!
  9. I'm a fan of big rigs! These look nice, looking forward to following along.
  10. Very cool, I'm digging the work you've done! Looking very realistic.
  11. Thanks Jimbo, he was a man always on the go, not sure how he's holding up being stuck and no longer independent. Worse thing was about a month ago the car he was in was rear ended, reportedly the car was going 67, and his back and neck were broken again... Such a tragedy.
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