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  1. thank you thank you and cool and can i get either of those through us sellers or only from aussie sellers cause that would still cost a lot for shipping much like getting some of the aussie muscle car resin kits do
  2. thank you thank you and very true thank you
  3. the solid metal axles i perfer in amt and mpc i don't like the multi peice chassises and suspension build ups i always think about this quote from a perticual scottish engineer " the more they overthink the plumbing the easier it is to stop up the drain "
  4. yeah i have had issues like that more with round 2 kits that have been repoped for years i not found this issue with revell and monogram kits
  5. thank you thank you the trunk spoiler is mounted how it is supose to be and the stance is just how the wheels attach to the wheel hookups
  6. this is a mexican mopar in 71 they uses the 71 duster as the basis for the valiant super bee and in 72 the dodge demon as the basis for the 72 valiant super bee and then in 73-76 they used a mix of duster and dart sport in 73-74 it used the duster front end and dart sport taillights 75-76 it had the dart sport front end and the duster tail lights the added a hood mounted tac on the drivers side next to the hood scoop on all of them and in 77-80 they used the dodge aspen/plymouth volares as the basis for the valiant super bee for those years i do not have a engine in this one cause issues i had with this duster kit mainly the chassis did not want fit right with the body with the engine in the bay i used some super bee decals from my decal collection i have had this model finished being built for a while at least a month now i was waiting on the valiant name plate decals from a friend but due to the hurricane he had to shut down his computers and printers for decal making and 3d printing when it was getting close to him sadly he has to get all new computers and printers cause of flooding and now i will not get them till december at the earliest or january at the latest and thats cause of all of the orders ahead of mine which were reprints to begin with when i got the original decal order all the name plates for various cars that were on the decal pages were much to big for 1/25th or 1/24th they would work nicly on those big die cast cars you can buy at stores i painted the body in testors arctic blue metallic
  7. thank you some chassis from the parts box that fit pretty well that just needed a little triming
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