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  1. cool i was wondring why you had not posted a front shot of it with other pics you posted and was curious if uou might have had the headlights fliped open or some other mod that would have been different
  2. i am already started to collect parts and models for this years builds
  3. cool custom charger great job on alll the mods and scratch building
  4. this is a 3d printed 1/12500 scale 8 inch long model of a inquiry class starship from star trek picard i named this ship after my favorite pokemon trainer and alola leaugue champion ash ketchum who's adventures i have been following since i was 4 when the anime debuted here in the states in september 1998 and that is why the registry number is 91998 also the reson the name and registry number is not on the ship is cause none of the inquiry class ships in the episode of star trek picard they were in had them on thier hulls
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