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  1. i moded a polar lights 1/2500 scale uss discovery ncc-1031 kit with some cutting some putty some scribing some some plastic to make the refited uss discovery ncc-1031-a so it is up to date with the late 32nd century starfleet in the year 3189 the reason the ship got the -A at the end of the regisrty number with this being only a refit is cause starfleet records show the uss discovery ncc-1031 was destroyed with all hands after the battle with control in the year 2258 and after the temporal wars in the early 31st century all time travel was baned and all devices and ships were destroyed and it was now fully illegal to time travel forward and backwards in time and instead of what starfleet records say happened to the ship and crew and capt pike and his crew on the enterprise and lt ash tyler only surviving section 31 officer left lied to the heads of starfleet during thier debriefing to hide the fact the ship and crew took the sphere data 930 years into the future so nothing like control a.i can happen agian so those are the two main reasons the discovery was given that -A cause as of the 32nd century the discovery and it's crew are all criminals for time traveling that starfleet and the federation are now harbouring and to keep up the pretense the discovery was destroyed and that is is a new ship with a new crew to the other groups who singed those temporal accords at the end of the temporal cold wars the ship now has programable matter intergrated into it's original computers and systems which now allow for detached nacelles that improves manuverbility and increased efficency in flight and since warp is limited to low warp speeds of warp 1 and 2 the discovery's spore drive makes the ship very valuble to starfleet as a rapid responder
  2. very nice looking restoration
  3. here are my 1/72nd scale s.s minnows and m.v minnows one s.s minnow is from the first season opening of the series and 2nd one is the s.s minnow from the second and third season openings of the series the other 2 are modern what if they remade gilligan's island today i changed the s.s to m.v as thats what it should have been m.v to start with as the minnow was powered by a inboard diesel marine engine not a steam engine what s.s stands for is steam ship and m.v is motor vessel the second and third season opening minnow i scratch built for the most part the the flybridge controls and wheel are from pt-109 model same with the door in the main cabin and the life rings on eaither side of the main cabin most of the hull is wood wich came from a craft store wood model kit which i reshaped and the rest is made from sheet styrene the other 3 minnows are 3d printed with the some small mods i added or changed
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