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  1. michelle

    chevy opala

    yeah i know i did not have any small blocks v6 or v8s so i just used the kit engine and they did use small block v8s in brazil and argentina cause the dodge cars had 318s which were small block v8s
  2. nice work i would love if round 2 or revell would make a 1/25th or 1/24th scale version of this
  3. michelle

    chevy opala

    no all the parts except the tail lights are from the nova kit i just cut the bumpers apart so they just are the thin narrow bumpers and moded the lower halfs to the front and back ends so they are part of the body
  4. michelle

    chevy opala

    this was a fun little mod i made to a revell 1969 nova kit this is a brazillian chevy i painted this in krylon short cuts antique bronze
  5. nice work on your custom polar lights mystery machine
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