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  1. thanks thank you thank you it was the only type of revell ones i had the wheels backs from the kit work with thank you
  2. this is the recent reissue of this revell kit the downside is the lack of clearity as to what chassis parts were for the lowrider build option and what parts were for the factory stock option which left me guessing i ended up replacing the whole rear suspension cause of this issue and cause of fit issues when the parts wer glued to gether for the kit supplied rear suspension it did not line up with the holes and recessed areas the suspension parts were supose to connect to so i replaced it i also swapped out the rims for a set of standard chevy muscle car wheels i painted the body testors extreme lacquer deja blue left the roof white and did the interior in white
  3. thank you depends of the thickness of the connection to the i use a pair of needle nose wire clippers or a pair of snub nose wire clippers
  4. not with the kit parts if your talking about the support ams that attach from the inner wheel wells to the firewall thank you
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