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  1. most recent reissued 1/25 scale amt 1969 ford torino cobra fastback kit I painted it a metallic maroon and customized it a bit with some of the optional parts included in the kit
  2. made this with amt's 1964 olds cutlass convertible 3 in 1 kit
  3. 3d resin printed model of the seaduck from talespin i printed and painted
  4. made this with a polar lights 1/1000 scale 18 inch long star trek discovery uss enterprise kit with 3d printed nacelles I used a normal number 2 pencil to do the panel lines and some of the weathering and a yellow colored pencil to make the space dust weathering rings
  5. Thank you I took a break from using spray paint in 2021 cause of issues with my lungs and asthma and the constant fumes from the spray paint being breathed in and only started spray painting model car kits late summer last year and during my break I bought a 3D resin printer and focused on building model kits that I could hand paint with paint brushes and acrylic paints i was going to still post all the models I did still like normal but I started focusing on uploading pics to my Twitter and my deviant art page and started doing videos of my built models and putting them up on my YouTube channel it was a New Years resolution for me to get back to posting here also and so now I am playing catch-up and using my YouTube videos as a way to showcase my builds
  6. Revell of Germany 1/25 2010 Ford mustang gt convertible kit that was molded in blue I painted it gloss marigold with metallic gunmetal Grey accents and some yellow accents on the rims
  7. revell build and play 2018 ford mustang gt snap kit i swaped the rims and tires with one from my parts box i painted it gloss grey
  8. the shipwrecked boat model was a failed 3d resin printed model i scratch made the tent and fire pit i used actual sand from beach for the diorama
  9. 1/72 scale huey gunship from atlantis models i built and painted and weathered
  10. this was a old broken built up model I had got at a model kit swap meet a couple years ago it was missing the masts and bow sprit so I made new ones and found some plastic sails from another boat model kit that I ended up having to use for parts cause a couple pieces were pretty badly warped and a couple of the super thin pieces were broken already when I unsealed the kit
  11. i made this mini talespin diorama with a broken 3d resin printed sea duck model and a resin casted diorama base from a ugh! models 1/350 scale archer class resin model kit and a couple small rocks from outside
  12. A shipwreck diorama i made using another failed 3d resin printed model i again scratch built the hut and used actual sand from a beach for the diorama
  13. 1/102 scale mid war higgin's pt boat from atlantis models air land sea hobby gift set i made into the real pt-73
  14. I made this from the most recent reissued amt star trek tos uss enterprise Bridge kit and parts from a older amt/ertl star trek uss enterprise Bridge kit I hand drew the upper screens for the outer ring stations I also made figures of capt pike lt Spock lt cmdr una chin Riley cadet uhura lt la’an noonian singh and lt Erica ortegas and lt Jenna Mitchell and lt George (Sam) Kirk
  15. this is a 1/25 2024 dodge charger Daytona srt banshee the body is 3d printed and the rims tires and chassis came from my parts box this is based on the Stryker red stage 2 version shown off at Sema 2022 I made the glass from clear sheet plastic and painted black and is held in with tacky glue the blue painters tape which can be seen in places was there to hold the glass in place while gluing the glass in most of it was removed except for the pieces that got stuck with the glue
  16. I pieced this together from various 70's Plymouth and dodge Abody model parts in my parts boxes and some random rims and custom engine from my parts box
  17. thank you thank you and a week i was surprised to see it in my mail box as when i put in the request i got a notification they could not fufill it cause of covid restrictions on mailing parts internationally thank you matey
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