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  1. 52 minutes ago, Classicgas said:

    Perfect 70s rake!


    11 minutes ago, TransAmMike said:

    Ditto what most other have said, you are improving with experience. Cool looking Impala, kinda old school late '60s hot rod.  Oh, and very nice interior👍

    thank you 

    16 minutes ago, Snake45 said:

    Pretty clean build! Kinda odd to see leaf springs peeking out from the rear of a '66 Impala, but also kinda cool. Nice "sit." Model on! B)

    thank you  it was the only type of revell ones i had the wheels backs from the kit work with 

    1 hour ago, Steve H said:

    Hi Michelle, as the others have said, your builds just keep getting better with each project. This looks great, nice colour combo, love the blue. You have been busy!! 

    Cheers, Steve

    thank you 

  2. 27 minutes ago, Claude Thibodeau said:

    Hi Michelle!

    Wow, nice build.

    And even with the rear suspension headaches you encountered, the stance and rake end up exactly like the "day 2" muscle cars of the era, as far as I can remember.



    thank you 

  3. 1 minute ago, Hi-Po said:

    I have to agree with all of the others - your best job to date. 

    To separate parts from the sprue, I use either of two sprue cutters, a Despruing Tweezer - #82393 or a Professional Sprue Cutter -#84386, both from Micro Mark.  I have also used the micro saw blades that David G. speaks of with satisfying results.  Any of these products I highly recommend.

    If you have a Hobby Lobby or Michael's close by, you might check out their jewelry making department for wire cutters.  They offer many styles that compare to the to ones offered by Micro Mark.

    thank you 

  4. this is the recent reissue of this revell kit   the downside is the lack of clearity as to what chassis parts were for the lowrider build option and what parts were for the  factory stock option 
    which left me guessing i ended up replacing the whole rear suspension  cause of this issue and cause of fit issues when the parts wer glued to gether for the kit supplied rear suspension  it did not line up with the holes and recessed areas the suspension parts were supose to connect to so i replaced it 
    i also swapped out the rims for a set of standard chevy muscle car wheels   
    i painted the body testors extreme lacquer deja blue  left the roof white and did the interior in white 












  5. 1 hour ago, David G. said:

    Good looking build, looks like it was worth the hassle.

    I can't tell you how many times I broke a delicate part while cutting it from the sprue. It's a pain in the neck, that's for certain. I'm not sure what you use to remove parts from the sprue but I imagine you probably use some type of sprue cutter. They're great tools and I have several that I use but for some of the finer parts they're just too big and clunky.

    A few years ago I discovered a great tool for separating those teeny-tiny parts from the sprue.

    It's a set of photo etch craft saw blades from Tamiya. They're available through most online hobby retailers


    These do have to be cut out and folded for use but they're great for cutting those tiny parts loose without damage.

    If you're not up for cutting and folding then Micro Mark has a version that looks like it can be used "right out of the box" so to speak.

    Micro Mark Ultra Fine Saw Blade


    I haven't tried these so I can't speak to their suitability but I'm guessing that they're about the same size as a single edge blade so they should work well. And they're from Micro Mark so they will be useful for something.

    Best regards,

    David G.


    thank you 
    depends of the thickness of the connection to the i use  a pair of needle nose wire clippers  or a pair of snub nose  wire clippers 

  6. 20 minutes ago, Classicgas said:

    Your best yet. Good job.  One question,  where are the shock tower braces?

    not  with the kit parts if your talking about the support ams that attach from the inner wheel wells  to the firewall 

    Just now, Hard_2_Handle_454 said:

    Looks great, I think it's one of your best yet.

    thank you 

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