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  1. i realized i forgot the interior pics
  2. thank you thank you thank you
  3. the kit was missing the wheels and tires and the engine and i did not have any early 60's ford rims or engines only muscle car rims/mopar rims and late 60's and mid 70's ford bid blocks i used these set of modern ford rims and tires and i curbsided it i painted the body rust-oleum universal sea mist with a rust-oleum 2x blossom white side stripes i painted the interior white and hand painted the accents folk art acrylic metallic ice blue with a paint brush
  4. thank you i was luckly to get that sunny ness this morning it rained off and on today it severaly dowpoured and lots of thunder and lightning yesterday and i am not sure what the weather will be like the next few days it thank you
  5. thank you thank you thank you
  6. thank you i thought it would be a nice change
  7. the grille,hood and front bumper are from harts parts resin the rest is a moded 75/76 dart sport i decided to put a 225 slant 6 in it over the normal small block v8s the body i painted testors extreme lacquer turquios the interior i painted by hand with paint brush apple barrel matte acyrlic laguna the shifter and rims and tires came from my parts boxs
  8. this took me a while to restore the body had the whole trunk area removed the grille was broken in two and the bumper guards were either cut away or broken away the front glass was missing and so were the taillights there was no engine no wheels and tires no dash or stearing wheel or front seats or shifter and the support piece the rear of the hood sits on was broken away i ended up useing a trunk area from a broken 71 charger body along with the support peice which was more detialed with windshield wipers and vents i repaired the grille and filled in the gaps were the bumper guards were and the tail lights are resin replacements from harts parts resin i also added a trunk spoiler and chin spoiler and some tinted headlights from my parts boxes the dash was a cut down monogram 71 gtx dash which i removed the gtx letters and the stearing wheel ,shifter ,seats and the 340 four barrel engine and rims and tires all came from my parts boxs i painted the body rust-oleum metallic line raceing green metallic the interior i painted apple barrel matte acrylic paint marsh green by hand with paint brush
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