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  1. i got this kit from classicgas and got the tail light lences for it from thomascoffey1959 i had alot of issues with parts fitting together right from two of the rims not fiting into the tires that i had to sand down the sides of to get to fit to the engine parts not fitting perfectly and the front suspension boke in two places the thin rod that connected the two sides snaped while i was triming it from the sprue and one of the rectangular shaped arms that attached to the chassis also broke i also had issues with the exhuast pipe fitting to the chassis and had to cut a portion of it away to get it to sit right and fit i also had to come up with another steering wheel from my parts box for it i painted it rust-oleum 2x ultra cover gloss cranberry also the glass did not fit the body very well it was like it was slighty to small in overal size
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    tuned muscle

    this is the 4th of 7 planed hot wheels style generic cars with hot wheels inspired names i already built and posted the first 3 pony up ,speed charge and street runner this one is a modern muscle car with tuner body mods i started with the amt 2016 camaro snap it kit useda front end from a broken toyota supra body and the spoiler from a die cast 1/24th skyline along with the lower air dam insert i swaped the gauge cluster on the dash with a set from a 1/24th die cast scion dash i use putty to fill in two of th tail likes the hood vents and sculpt some of the front end the wheels and decals came from two different friends on the forum
  3. thank you it is curbside promo style the hood molded into body and chassis has the bottom half of engine molded in same with front and back suspension and exhaust pipes
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