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  1. this was a rebuilder/parts car it did not have the front and back seats or engine or grille insert or wheels and tires or exhaust pipes or engine bay support arms i got the grille insert the front and back seats from from fomocomav the rims and tires and engine and engine bay support arms came from my parts boxs i know the rear roof pillar side vents are not correct they were glued in already and with something not able to be removed via the freezeing and pop apart method the decals came from my decal box i painted the body rust-oleum metallic charcoal
  2. thank you i figured out it was this monogram kit since it was molded in black
  3. thank you thanks thank you
  4. thank you i never though of it plus i started to work on it right after i got it in the mail
  5. i got this from larry ray it was missing the front bumper and 2 of the wheels and was hard to pop apart with out breaking it cause of all the glue but ran it under water and stuck it in the frezzer for a hour to make the glue brittle and easy to pop it all apart though the body was still pretty rough even with all the sanding i did to removed the glue caked on the body some of it left ripples and other defects that i could not buff out and were deep enough for me to use putty on i replaced the two remaining wheels and tires and the two missing ones with a set from my wheel tire parts box i created the front bumper from a portion of a back bumper from a broken of monogram snap it fox body mustang body the shifter came from my interior parts parts box i painted the body testors extreme lacquer purple-licous i painted the interior rust-oleum 2x paint+primer satin blossom white the decals are from my decal box
  6. nice work this is the only lambo i like
  7. michelle

    73 mustang

    the last movie i would want to see it in since i am not a big fan of those films maybe a hot wheels movie or game or show since i kinda was thinking of two different cars from hot wheels acceleracers movies when i was making this mustang and they were rivited and the 70 roadrunner both driven by taro kitano
  8. michelle

    73 mustang

    thank you and cool looking custom 69 and nice work replicating it
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