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  1. this is the revell snap kit i had to get a replacement part for it from revell of germany cause it was missing from this kit when i bought it new and the replacement part came this morning i added some extra detailing paint work to certain areas
  2. i wish i had a mid to late 70's chevy v6 engine for this model i did not what to use a v8 for it so for now untill i find a the engine i want for it i curbsided it i painted the body rust-oleum universal pearl metallic sea mist the interior i painted rust-oleum 2x satin aqua
  3. i do not build big rigs or nascars or other sports racing cars and do not plan to
  4. this is a 1/1000th scale 12 inch long 3d printed kit from madman's shipyard
  5. thanks and they were closest to the ones on the actuall 2012
  6. yeah it does i really liked the look of that 2012 thats why i wanted to make a model of it
  7. this is the amt showroom replicas 2010 camaro pace car kit the rims and tires were a extra set of the ones from the amt/ertl 2004 gto kit this is a replica of a 2012 camaro i saw at a popeye's and talked with the owner about while waiting on my order to be ready and brought out
  8. thank you thank you thank you
  9. but one of our presidents was the commanding officer of the 109 and there was even a song about him and the 109 and what happened that night in 43
  10. thank you nascars,other racing cars,farm equiptment,big rigs,gundum,battlestar, i don't do airplanes unless it is a plane i like
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