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    the dodge

    thanks and i will
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    the dodge

    i decided to build my own version of al bundy's dodge but i did not have a early 70's duster which is what they used for his dodge i only had a 1980 volare rebuilder so that is what i used i cobled together a engine and engine bay parts from different cars some gm some chrysler some ford and the wheels i made from some hub caps i had i glued on race car wheels i scractch made the screwdriver key and drybrushed orange rust in different places and in the engine bay i drilled a hole were the gas cap would go and used a peice of one of my old skirts to put in the hole i painted the front seats with a mix of cotton blue and terratorial beige acrylic paint so they looked a little dirty i also sanded away the t-top outlines so i could paint the forward vinyl roof section i decied to make the chrome arond the vinyl roof portions not so good as to make it look like it is breking or falling apart and missing in a section on the passenger side
  3. thanks it is one wild mustang
  4. this is a custom 69 mustang that is from the cgi animated acceleracers films by hot wheels the car is called rivited it is owned by the metal maniacs and driven by taro kitano in the films it has a 427 ci twin turbo fuel injected v8 creating 815 hp in the films it also had a Lava plow,Ramming blade,Volcano tires,Complete vehicle shields,Grappling hook,nitrox 3.5 booster system and T-top sunroofs it was damaged and and abandoned during a resuce mission in the 4th and final film
  5. thank you and wilkes barre is no were close to were i live
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