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  1. Awesome job!! So clean, simple and military!!! This is my type of car 👍
  2. Welcome aboard!! Dont worry about that. I’m sure the Americans can figure it out after all we’re Aussies 😁 Theres a few Australians on here so when you find one just remember to check them out and give them a comment 👍
  3. This is fantastic!!! I really appreciate how you built it your way and added your personal flavour to the GL 🤠
  4. Never seen a Dart in my part of the world. Ask me to name 50 muscle cars and I’d never think of the Dart. Seeing this Dart built in a lowrider style of build is awesome. It makes me want to google them and find the kit. I really like this build and if this is “out of the norm” for this type of car, well it looks great and more Darts need to be built this style!! 👍
  5. Really good progress so far! You can’t go wrong with a sideways racing car 👍
  6. Damm!!! Amazing build of the highest quality and the comments your getting reflects this. Top job and it’s looks like you’ve stirred up memories in a lot of other forum members. To share your memories with each other because of a plastic model kit is just awesome 😀
  7. Fantastic paint work! The Laurel looks menacing in dark blue. I really like the stance and how it mimics the 1:1 cars
  8. Awesome build!! Great work 👍
  9. It’s kinda like 13” wires on a lowrider, it’s part of the style/culture and partly a way to get the car lower.
  10. Awesome 3rd gen Nissan Skyline!! Flawless paint work, the BMF n rims really pop on this one. The tail lights look 1:1. The Aoshima kits have some great options and these Grand Champion kits are great builds.
  11. Great job on the custom touches. The paint looks flawless
  12. Killer build!! I really like the colour combo and exterior detailing
  13. First build of 2019 complete. Tamiya candy lime green paint, Aoshima Hart 5 wheels and low yes! I also cut the exhaust tips off and use some tube n Motolow pen. Most of what I build is Shaktan which is Japanese for low. this is how they build them in 1:1 and on this model the exhaust does not touch the ground
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