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  1. I real like where your going with this build!! I’ll be looking forward to seeing this one completed 👍
  2. No where near as good as the Nissan S14 Boss front end, which is real. Luckily as modellers anything is possible to build. If you like it that much or have your own creative idea’s.
  3. Wow!! Awesome Nova!! Your style/vision applied to this Nova really create and unique Nova that looks great. This would have to be the best gloss black paint I’ve seen on the forum 🙌
  4. Wow!! This build turned out awesome. Good choice of colour and exactly how they look in 1:1 Great job!!
  5. That air bag setup 🙌 this is really turning into a top quality build!
  6. Awesome quality build!! I really like these KenMary Skylines and you’ve really done this GT-R justice 🙌
  7. How did I miss this one. Amazing black n white paint job, it makes the roll cage, stickers and lights really pop!! The Kadio racer style really contradicts the fact it’s a police car as well. Top quality build and excellent finish. Looking forward to your next Japanese project Luke Since the LB Walk line of kits were released in 2013. I find they are great to build and go together very easily.
  8. I jumped the gun on this one. So you mean pro touring style. Old car new running gear? But in scale? I built a Revell 69 Camaro with a LS1 and 2008 Camaro concept interior 10 years ago. It was a fun but rough build.
  9. Most of what I have built. I’ve never seen in real life. So being 1:1 accurate isn’t my top concern. Looking like the cars cars on the internet is important but here in Australia there’s not many Camaro or Mustang driven daily unless you go to a car show. Now I’m building Japanese cars these even less of them here to see.
  10. Now that’s awesome!! A unique build with a top quality finish!! The Alien looks real, as does the UFO ?
  11. Been looking for something different to keep me in the hobby and was shown the Gunpla stuff a while ago. After a couple of year I have a bit of a collection and have started building Master Grades. Here is my 2nd MG build and everything has been painted with the air brush except the glass and pilot. When I decided to build Master Grade this is the standard I wanted to build to. Since then I’ve started trying to weather stuff so I’ll probably go back to this and weather it later on. Showing what inner frame it has The pilot Finished and with my first MG
  12. The possibilities of 3D printing is endless and the future to those in the know or can afford it https://www.hrewheels.com/wheels/concepts/hre3d
  13. Interesting that in your opinion a bad kit is judged by 1:1 comparison inaccuracies and not by the kits quality of plastic, moulding and part fitment. Obviously you enjoy the prep work that goes into a great build.
  14. Lol chill, he just didn’t like the 79 1/2 Camaro and it’s mould quality and done design choices We don’t want yet another thread locked because someone has a different opinion to the majority on here.
  15. Check out the Revell new Camaro as well. Also so I think clearly scale do 3D print/resin stuff that might be useful to you.
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