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  1. Awesome job!! I really like the metallic grey. next time you post a car under glass, post a pic on the trailer 😁
  2. There is actually a lot of different series. The original is as old as Star Wars and there is 2 series on Netflix I believe. I watch Gundam Unicorn earlier this year and enjoyed it. Most boxes have the difficulty in a gold box and under it is the series it’s from. So it could be HG Unicorn or HG Iron Blooded Orphans etc. pretty cool as well when looking at kits.
  3. I wish AMT and Revell could step it up. Even if it was just snap fit engine half’s that you didn’t need to sand to 20 minutes so the intake sits correctly. I can’t say it enough Bandai’s quality is awesome!!
  4. Muncie There’s a few scales and difficulties. HG is high grade and basically a skill 3 in their line off 6 skills. I attached a image show some differences. But there’s also a vintage original kits that are getting re-issued as FG or fun Grade with the least amount of parts. KPnuts I get lost in there unit codes but have found a bunch I like so I started with them a pick out more as I go looking at kits. Peteski have you seen the RG parts tree? They figure out a way to mould parts together the the tree. I’ve seen hands with moving fingers still sealed in the plastic bag. 😄
  5. I apologise for hijacking your thread and getting on forum etiquette. Is the kit you’ve order an RX-178? If so I have a HG version of that and can try a share some ‘what’s in the box’ pictures when I get the chance, if you like. 2 popular things when building these are the Tamiya panel line and to finish them in a flat coat. You have a choice to paint them or just use a clear coat which is why it’s good that they are moulded in the correct colours. Just 2 popular techniques a lot of builders do.
  6. I knew we were on the same page. I’m glad we can have a good chat and discussion. 👍
  7. No this thread topic is “Anyone know what a gundam is” I’m a member of lots of forums and it doesn’t matter what section you post in. You generally discuss the threads topic. In this case it’s “anyone know what a gundam is” If a members trolls your threads with off topic conversations and opinions, normally everyone hates on them for doing it. Now im happy to discuss Gundam in more detail and share images and information with KPnuts. If you want to discuss anything and everything start your own thread in this section, as you pointed out it’s for anything and everything.
  8. While the section is “off-topic” this thread of discussion is titled “what is a gundam”. Hence all discussion should be about the titles topic and original poster’s question, Gundam’s. I did not attack Steve, I only quoted him. I encouraged him to stop trolling and posting in a section asking “what is a gundam” which he has no interest in. No interest = stop posting, yes? I have no issue with any members but weather you be trolling, bored, cyber bulling or discrediting a subject, I will ask you to stop. Which I have done while supporting the topic of debate.
  9. I agree and believe my comments are on topic. The topic is “what a Gundam is” I stated their origins, made mention of how great a Bandai brand kit is and how easy they are to build from my personal experience. Request to lock the thread if you feel the need. So the stress of the world situation gives people the right to troll and discredit a subject they have no interest in?? I think if your off topic and not talking from personal experience then keep your opinions and comments to yourself. Sorry that this reply is off topic. I hope you agree with my statement.
  10. Dude, this threads ask about Gundam’s!! You don’t build Gundam’s so why comment with your opinion. No asked what does Steve thinks about made up robot mech. Im not picking a fight I’m waiting for you to stop commenting on subject you have little or no interest in. I really appreciate the work you put into your builds. Not everyone has that level of dedication or motivation. After 25 years of building cars, I don’t have the time anymore and after building Bandai’s kits I’m still in the hobby and the quality is mind blowing which is what this thread is asking about? Yeah, gundam kits? I respect you but this time your don’t need to have the last comment defending yourself on a subject your not into. Let this thread go.
  11. I only stated the facts about kit quality and that your correct about not being a replica of a 1:1 object. You’ve continued to state your lack of interest in Gundam, no interest (I assume) in looking into or learning about them, yet you keep coming back to comment your opinion. I’m not attacking you I’m only stating facts. looking forward to your reply Chris 😁
  12. I call it even when AMT and Revell do some new tooling that compares to Bandai. Most High Grade (HG) kit have more parts then a AMT 3 in 1 and are cheaper and of a higher quality. If you you want to have the last say then yes, hang your hat on the fact they don’t need to replica a 1:1 scale item that will get picked apart for being inaccurate. That’s true. Still great fun kits and Bandai’s quality is like nothing else I’ve seen before. Chris 👍
  13. I wasn’t and fan of Power Rangers either. I guess we have that in common but I do not enjoy sanding and reworking bad kits. When I’m paying $70 Australian for a AMT 57 Chevy compared to a 2010 Bandai Master Grade kit with ZERO moulds lines and no need to sand. I know what’s more fun for me.
  14. It’s the Japanese version of Star Wars. It’s 40 years old and Bandai produce amazing kits that make AMT and Revell look like garbage. If you think building an ikea flat pack compares then I dare you to buy and build a Gundam kit manufactured in the last 5 years. Go buy a 30 minute missions kit as they’re new and cheap. Dont be scare to try try something new. It might make you realise why they are gaining popularity.
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