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  1. A Chevy SS Impala and done like how Aoshima did the 86s, with both RHD and LHD options.
  2. I just use painters tape. The adhesive on the tape will stick to the residue and slowly remove it by reapplying the tape and removing until all the residue is gone. I used the same technique when removing the price stickers from CD covers and gifts.
  3. Damm that’s is so tidy!! Another flawless black paint job with wheels that resemble the centrelines that are so popular with drag racers. Great concept of air bagging it and actually plumbing and installing a full compressor setup.
  4. I wouldn’t think 2 pieces of glued plastic would require extra structural strength. When I want a stronger bond I do use the epoxy putty by Tamiya to fix my kids toys and they last 10x longer then new. Just offering suggestions, not disagreeing with Sfan.
  5. WOW!!! You have achieved an excellent finish!! I won’t sand any metallics ever as a rule. I can damage the metallic flakes and ruin the effect. Use Mr hobby primer as a micro filler and wet sand if needed. Spray your metallic colour (which yours look great to me before clear) apply the clear and use that to achieve the wet shiny look as you have done. again great job!!
  6. Use it the same as any other lacquer thinner. So don’t mix it with water based paints. The the Mr Hobby paints are solvent based acrylic, essential lacquer. They’re aqueous range is water based and have a blue label.
  7. While your at it Peter can you please try a sheet of the newest BMF and let us know how you go. With you knowledge of the product I would really like to hear your first hand experience with the latest version.
  8. They normally do for a reasonable price. When they get hit with covid limits etc everything has to go DHL express and that cost 4x as much.
  9. PlazaJapan.com when they are allowed to ship internationally. I got some but have not tried it out yet
  10. The AS is a military theme series. most of flat while some are semi-gloss. Ive never never a gloss tank or ship but I have used a gloss coat of TS-13 over AS paints and with 2 coats they turn out nice a shinny.
  11. Just to reinforce the previous comments. yes it’s a lacquer paint. Mr Hobby 1500 series primers are fantastic and what I use. Try black, grey and white on a test object and I would also test a silver base coat. Mr Hobby super clear 3 is also fantastic and gets a wet look. Combine all of these with their Mr Leveling thinner and use thin coats for a great result. This was painted with only Mr Hobby products and my airbrush.
  12. I only brush paint Citadel paints as that’s what easiest for me to buy. I would highly recommend any miniatures line of paints tho. Scale 75, the Army painter, Vallejo and of course Citadel. They settle very smooth and are easy/friendly to thin, use and clean up.
  13. Another flawless build!! I really dig the rear bumper mounts left there for some visual interest rather then smoothed. The naked front end makes this car take on a presence of its own and really helps the aggressive stance that it has
  14. Seeing as you asked probably this one from Games Workshop I also would like to build the new Aoshima LB Walk Lamborghini. To get my hands on a new Tamiya Toyota 86 or BRZ kit. Lastly I would like to build the Lego Pirates of Barracuda bay set. Those 4 would keep me happy but I’ll probably only get the miniatures and Lego competed
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