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  1. Awesome paint job on a great build!!
  2. Awesome build and fantastic paint job!! I think the JDM build is really cool with the driver sitting where they belong in Japan.
  3. Fantastic paint job on a very cool little car!!
  4. Awesome build and great colour choice!!
  5. Awesome build!! I really like the Chasers body shape. Flawless paint!!
  6. Awesome build!! I really like the colour and detail work
  7. That’s a very cool car. Interesting how this is the car they all use the tail lights from for the KenMeri Skylines. Great build!
  8. Awesome weathering on and great build!!!
  9. Sorry I haven’t check here for a while. I sanded off the badge and used the kit decal. The base Aoshima kits have a great decal sheet. The LB Walk kits have good decals too where the Grand Champion kit from memory doesn’t have many decal and would need paint or BMF. thanks for the comments guys!!
  10. Awesome job!! I really like the metallic grey. next time you post a car under glass, post a pic on the trailer 😁
  11. There is actually a lot of different series. The original is as old as Star Wars and there is 2 series on Netflix I believe. I watch Gundam Unicorn earlier this year and enjoyed it. Most boxes have the difficulty in a gold box and under it is the series it’s from. So it could be HG Unicorn or HG Iron Blooded Orphans etc. pretty cool as well when looking at kits.
  12. I wish AMT and Revell could step it up. Even if it was just snap fit engine half’s that you didn’t need to sand to 20 minutes so the intake sits correctly. I can’t say it enough Bandai’s quality is awesome!!
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