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  1. Fantastic paint work! The Laurel looks menacing in dark blue. I really like the stance and how it mimics the 1:1 cars
  2. Awesome build!! Great work 👍
  3. It’s kinda like 13” wires on a lowrider, it’s part of the style/culture and partly a way to get the car lower.
  4. Awesome 3rd gen Nissan Skyline!! Flawless paint work, the BMF n rims really pop on this one. The tail lights look 1:1. The Aoshima kits have some great options and these Grand Champion kits are great builds.
  5. Great job on the custom touches. The paint looks flawless
  6. Killer build!! I really like the colour combo and exterior detailing
  7. First build of 2019 complete. Tamiya candy lime green paint, Aoshima Hart 5 wheels and low yes! I also cut the exhaust tips off and use some tube n Motolow pen. Most of what I build is Shaktan which is Japanese for low. this is how they build them in 1:1 and on this model the exhaust does not touch the ground
  8. The details in the hatch are killer. It’s cool to see more people building Aoshima kits. They go together great and don’t take long to build while still detailing up great.
  9. Very clean build. Really like the colour, the purples killer and bronze wheels go together well
  10. Here's my 4th build of 2018. A OBB stock C210 Nissan Skyline. Looking back on this I really wished I polished it but another time. Tamiya paint n clear coat. Not much else to say. Hopefully ill have my first build of 2019 finish next week. Another Nissan with a fixed up exhaust too
  11. Fantastic build, really good details
  12. I really like it, great build
  13. Great looking build!! Well detailed and the wheels set it off.
  14. Awesome build! Killer paint job and the flat black flairs with the stance is spot on
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