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  1. 20221008_073529 by Tomasz, on Flickr 20221008_073456 by Tomasz, on Flickr 20221008_073416 by Tomasz, on Flickr 20221008_073359 by Tomasz, on Flickr 20221008_073351 by Tomasz, on Flickr 20221008_073334 by Tomasz, on Flickr 20221008_073327-crop by Tomasz, on Flickr 20221008_073315 by Tomasz, on Flickr 20221008_073920 by Tomasz, on Flickr 20221008_073803-crop by Tomasz, on Flickr 20221008_073756 by Tomasz, on Flickr 20221008_073737 by Tomasz, on Flickr 20221008_073730 by Tomasz, on Flickr 20221008_073726 by Tomasz, on Flickr 20221008_073720 by Tomasz, on Flickr20221008_073715 by Tomasz, on Flickr 20221008_073706-crop by Tomasz, on Flickr
  2. I will swap my Ferrari 250 62 K566 for a Ferrari 250LM 65 K653 or a Porsche 917 71 K609. Only European Union countries.
  3. Thank you. The scale is included in the post title: 1/12
  4. Thank you. The scale is included in the post title: 1/12
  5. My next set from Model Factory Hiro. And the first of the C2 group. Lots of work, sweat, blood and tears ... But at the end it is a huge satisfaction.
  6. You did it? I'm in the process of collecting references to the DBR1 from Le Mans 1959. It is very difficult. Also in the field of car painting. At that time, each car could have been different and there was no documentation. Also missing from Aston Martin in 1959. Race photos are black and white or colored. For now, I know it could have been California Sage, or ... Almond Green, ... or something else The build has not started yet and I am already fighting ...
  7. My Ferrari D50 was linked up here so let me write something. I have been building MFH sets for some time. Actually everyone's galleries are here. These are models for someone who: You want to make them (I came back to modeling after 40 years of break), You want to learn (the break has done its job), You has a lot of time (they are labor-intensive and I'm almost retired), You has some money (they are not cheap). If you do, I can read a review from my latest Alfa P2 MFH gallery here: " Well its way better than heroine "
  8. My next MFH. I love this sets. The wallet is crying, but I think I'm too stupid to do something scratchy. Here I replaced all the rivets, made the seat upholstery and added some tubing. It is Giuseppe Campari's winning car from the 1924 French Grand Prix. Understandably, there weren't many exact reference photos ...
  9. A lovely car from a loved racing era. A very successful set of Model Factory Hiro. Master Club rivets, correct brake and fuel pipes, some cables and a stickers on the dashboard have been added. The rest from the box.
  10. It's varied. Tamiya Motor Racing Tool Set, China and scratching. Everything weathered and with my decals Old Bentley from Airfix is very good base for upgrades closer to the original
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