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  1. Hi Rex! Thanks for the comments. However, at this hour, I suggest you skip the all dressed slice... It may cause heartburn and interfere with your sleep... CT
  2. Hi Tom! Thanks for the comments. I'll keep the thin crust request on file for any upcoming food-truck build. Who knows? CT
  3. Thank you Mike! The most painstaking was the pizza pies. Made of modeling clay, that I "borrowed" from my grand daughter toy crib. The melted cheese is white glue, and the pepperoni roll & slices are also tinted modeling clay, rolled and sliced super-thin. The joy of cooking... CT
  4. Hi David! Thanks. The candy orange (just one light coat) makes it pop more than just the brilliant orange would. The logo on the doors and pizza box tops /banner came from the internet. But I don't know if it is a real biz, or just a generic artwork. Maybe someone could shine a light on this? The rest of the lettering is made on my computer, minus the Coke logo on the back doors, which came from a Nascar decal sheet of unknown origin. CT
  5. Hi Misha! Thank you. I have never done a real diorama before, and far from me to claim my parking base as such... Let's just say it was an experiment. I shared it with Mister Tom Woodruff a few weeks ago, before posting it here, and he was very encouraging. HE does make REAL dioramas. That keeps my effort in perspective, I think... CT
  6. Hi! I love the way Mr. Foose streamlined the iconic F100 cab. I used two kits: one for the cab, and the sectionned rear cab panel of a second kit to make the front "wall" of a scratch-built catering rear section, made from the body of Monogram's Ford Panel van, minus the roof. Scratchbuilt: floor, rear counters, cabinets, pizza ovens, lifting hydraulic roof (removable), glass showcases, pizza warmer, cheese and sauce bowls, ustensils, pepperoni, pizza pies and boxes, paper plates, soda cans & straws, napkins, decals, side-pipes and shields. Rolling-stock from Lindberg's Cord cabriolet, flathead engine from AMT's 50 Ford. Chassis and driving shaft were lengtened. Tamya's bright orange + candy orange +Wet Look Clear. Polished stainless finish done with Krylon's chrome spray paint. The base is a parking lot simulation, with cracks, sidewalk, drain, and fallen autumn leaves. Trash-can is a cap from a lipstick tube my wife threw away, lined with a black latex baloon to replicate the trash bag. And some trash inside, of course... It took me out of my usual street-rod/customs /Bonneville cars comfort zone, But was fun. Bon appetit! CT
  7. Hi Kerry! Turns out it was a good thing that i went back to my notes... I was OK about the light (one coat) overcoat of Tamya's transparent orange (TS-73), BUT... the base colour is indeed Tamya's TS-84, i.e. GOLD, not titanium gold. So: white primer, TS-84 base, one coat TS-73 candy + clear (in my case: Testor's Wet Look Clear). Voilà! CT
  8. Hi Kerry! Yes, it is. It was the subject of a post on this very forum about a year ago. I guess you could find it with the search bar, under: 75 Duster scratchbuilt Pro-Mod, or something similar. Here are just three more pics. Enjoy. And to the precise colour combo, I will go back to my notes, to be absolutely certain about the Tamya's colour numbers, and get back to you on this thread ASAP. CT
  9. Hi Noel! That is also what I read somewhere... Even the more so important to try to attend, isn't it? CT
  10. Hi Sir! I've been on this forum for about 18 months, and I have witnessed firsthand your interest and positive attitude. It would be a loss for all of us if you were to turn to other interests. An older gentleman that I worked with, many years ago, told me one day, when some colleagues were complaining that he was not as "productive" as he used to be: "you know guys, at some point it is not what you do, it's what you know". How right. So Carl, please, keep roaming the halls, and don't be shy of your comments. Regards, CT
  11. Hi Patrick! Like they say in France: "mais... c'est formidable!" . Bravo! CT
  12. Hi Kerry! May-I suggest a cognac candy hue? Take Tamya's Titanium silver, and dust a light coat of Tamya's clear orange on it. This is what you will end-up with. But then, just my two cents... CT
  13. Hi Andrew! Point well taken. And what is the date, exactly? Gotta put it on my calendar, then... CT
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