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  1. Hi! Great project. When I built custom frames like yours, I often use clear styrene pill-boxes (or Crazy-Glue boxes) as the basic material for the rear tubs enclosures... They are avail in many sizes, and react well to styrene glue. Half-round styrene (Plastruct) in very small size can be used on it to replicate the beading/embossing usually done on aluminium tubs to stiffen them. The Revell Mat and Debby Hayes TBird is also a very good donor for rear tubs, but be advised that they are very tall, meaning the may interfere with the tulip panel at the base of the rear window. But I'm sure you may have your own plan. Oh, the joy of scratchbuilding! Keep going. Inspiring! CT
  2. Hi! Impressive interior. Have you tought of a name for that style? Post-industrial TiKi? Hawaïan Bomber? Just curious... CT
  3. Hi! Well, formal invitation extended: I will pick the tab for our lunch upon your first visit. How's that for the "there is no free lunch anymore" mantra? Styrene rules!!! CT
  4. Hi! Great build. To your "egg" comment: back then, when Mr. Coddington introduced the Aluma Coupe (another Erickson design!), a famous magazine editor called it the "Fabergé Egg on wheels". It's a small world... CT
  5. Hi Dennis! I was surprised to see it fit with such a reasonnable amount of work. I cut a section of a leftover transparent twin-blower Stude hood to marry to the twin grille contour, and had it to reach as far up as I could before it veered into the blower hump, and adjusted (shortened) the Ford hood to fit. Nothing a bit of bondo couldn't take care of... I ended up filling the oem grille openings, and used a lower air intake to feed the radiator and squeeze in the "sliver" flashers. I wanted a different look from another Stude concept I built last year (see pix). Hours of fun with styrene! CT
  6. Hi Patrick! My eldest daughter lived in Ft MacMurray for 8 years, and I visited Alberta twice, but alway in summer. great place! As to Québec city, we are under a foot of snow this morning, all trought the night. But with six cars on the bench under progress right now... who cares about the oudoors? The snow blower session is not schedule untill late pm, so... CT
  7. Hi Pat! The show was here in Quebec city. It's called L'Exposition amicale des modèles réduits, and was held for the 19th year in a row. Very well run show, with about 6-700 models shown. We are been blessed to get coverage in Contest Cars for the last 8 to 10 years. You should attend next year! CT
  8. Thank you Michal! I really like your expression: Brutal Beauty. Actually, I think I will use it on my next Pro-Mod, if you allow me... Bold graphic treatment would make for great home-made decals! CT
  9. Hi! Thank you Patrick. You are right to say that the lid makes it more "different"... but it hides the interior details, because it is so low. I can't decide which way I prefer: top;ess or with the lid. Decisions... CT
  10. Hi! Show results: many comments from customs afficionados... but no trophy. With spectators' vote, you never know. Vox populi... Vox Deii! CT
  11. Hi! Very nice. That should take care of what ergonomics experts call "pressure points! ?! Keep on! CT
  12. Hi! Verrrrrry impressive. I can see the infinite amount of time here. Bravo! CT
  13. Hi John! I remember that car. It was a milestone in contemporary rod circles. Made the cover of Hot Rod Magazine, but painted silver at the time. Have you seen the last car Buttera completed? A very small, polished aluminium body model A derivative, looking a bit like a Kurtis racecar? It was I N C R E D I B L E. RIP Lil' John! I can't wait to see your car. It will be inspiring, again! CT
  14. Super! My 1/1 33 Ford 3W was painted this color + vanilla shake. Was called BURPLE by House of Kolor. Great job! CT
  15. Hi! Maybe there's someting in the New-York atmosphere? Just guessing...LOL Here in the Great White North, it's the salt on the road. CT
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