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  1. Hi! Interesting concept, clever building techniques, and promising results. We'll stay tuned! CT
  2. Hi! Clearly the 90's look, Bravo! CT
  3. Hi! Absolutely gorgeous! It reminds me of the craze for "panel painting" that was so popular in the late 60's. All customs and funny-cars had them in that era. Just like you, I suppose, I've painted countless "custom vans" with those techniques in the 70's. It IS making a comeback, as I could tell looking at the "Cars of SEMA show" in trade magazines. The current urethanes make using big flakes more fun than the kazillion coats of lacquer required back then... Your work is stunning on model cars... I can only imagine the effect on 1/1 cars! Keep having fun with styrene. CT
  4. Hi Gary! Thanks. I've done it countless times in 1/1 with thick lacquer and a PRESSURE FEED gun. Never tried it with my airbrush. I'll sure do! I've experimented with "cobweb in a can", those novelty items sold in craft stores around Halloween... but the results were far from convincing. Time to start the Badger! CT
  5. Hi! Impressive body of work, really. Bravo! I'm intrigued by the large Chevy: it features what appears to be "cobwebbing", in scale !?! It's a chore to do in 1/1, much less in scale... Any advice on your technique? CT
  6. Hi! Wow, that paint is great! World-class built. Bravo! CT
  7. Hi! Today, a friend called me because he had to move, and wanted to sell some old kits he had built over the years. Out of curiosity, I went, and lo and behold, there was a Johan Rumbler Javelin funny car! Complete, with the alternate parts to built it stock, custom or F/C, the last being the version he elected to do back then. The box was nice... BUT... mices found their way in the big box, and the stench was horrible. Had to junk the box (always sad with a JOHAN original), alas... I notice looking at your project that you have the scooped hood, much nicer than the standard issue on the Rumbler. The F/C version features a flat red rear stop "panel" in place of the standard unit. Good luck with the completion of your project! CT
  8. Hi Dale! You are right to "stick with what works fine" for you. Far from me to try to steer you back to "hobby paints". All that counts is your enjoyment, and satisfactory results. Keep having fun with styrene! CT
  9. HI! interesting idea, and great execution. Those injectors are great, they look more in line with the "mission" of the car than the vertical tubes you used at the beginning. Bravo! CT
  10. Hi Sir! Great work, and I'm not surprised! They look convincingly like those on the cover of Hot-Rod back then.... Since yours are machined and not cast... maybe a smidge more shiny than the OEM. Keep on, you are a great inspiration to us all. CT
  11. Hi! This is spot-on. Suddently, I'm back to 1967! Is-this the engine from the 53 Stude with the "pyramid" intake for twin-blower? And if so, what is the provenance for the exhaust headers? CT
  12. Hi Francis! Tremendous work, as usual! I was browsing tru pictures on my computer, and I found this one from RAM 2019. You swept the first place in competition-drag with your Plymouth (left of picture), me 2nd with my Duster pro-mod, but alas, I can't remember the name of the gentleman who picked 3rd and is pictured between us... Just to wax nostalgia in this year of cancelled or postponed shows... CT
  13. Hi Mike! Thank you for the comments. Much appreciated, coming from the Brass Master! Funny you should mention a 32 Ford. This winter, I completed my "annual" Bonneville car (I try to built at least one a year...), and it is a 32. I was inspired by a feature in The Rodders Journal, about a car under construction on a 32 platform, albeit extremely modified for the speed trials. So, I used the bare 32 frame from AMT's Phantom Vicky, lengtened and kicked it up, built a full roll cage, put the Monogram 87 turbo coupe 4L in it (heavily modified), and all sorts of other extensive details. The body is the AMT ProShop 32 roadster, with a scratchbuilt loooooong hood and nose cone, full belly pan, air ride fore & aft, etc. To poke fun at the famous So-Cal lakester... I called mine S0-CAN Speed Shop. (is there such a thing as southern Canada, anyway?) I must do a photo session for the 8 models I built this winter, and post them here. Just can't pry myself away from the bench to shoot them all, Tomorrow, maybe... Keep having fun with styrene.
  14. Hi! I can see you are not afraid to tackle major "resurrection" work, and that's good. Your ability to make it fit nicely is worthy of mention. Keep at it, and above all else, have fun! You can be proud of your work. Bravo! CT
  15. Hi Francis! Thank you for the compliments my friend. Coming from a MASTER, it's much appreciated! CT
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