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  1. Wow! Masterfull work, really!. Of what type of material are the 8 curved intake tube made of? Just curious to increase my knowledge... Thanks! CT
  2. Hi! Superb work, really! Being a child of the 50's, I built my share of those "goofy" show rods, back then. You are right: they WERE spindly and difficult to finish properly. Yours is a fine example! Bravo! CT
  3. Hi! I saw the real 1/1 car race many moons ago... and you nailed it! Bravo! CT
  4. Hi! Imaginative use of your parts. Just in case you wonder, you may clean up the stuck tire rubber on the lower quarter panel with WD40. It works! CT
  5. Hi! Very nice car, with lotsa details! The stance is right-on. Bravo! CT
  6. Hi Kerry! What a great project. I'm also a fan of Bonnie cars, and yours is already very detailed. I bought 2 copies of this body from Flintstone a few years ago, with the intent to modify them to obtain an Alloway Speedstar, since the proportions are ok. But your work gives me second thoughts, and I may lean again toward a salt car... However, my copies were VERY thick in the side walls, due to the molding process, I guess. Did you face this problem, and did-you grind them down? Just curious... CT
  7. Hi! Great execution, but above all, good taste in the colors, finishes and various components. Bravo! CT
  8. Hi Mike! On the notion of "simplicity"... That is exactly why my favorite scratchbuilt subject is Bonneville cars. Devoid of body jewelry, excess weight, down to the ground, as slippery as can be: the essence of "less is best"! A friend who happens to be a very well known french singer once admitted to me: "writing songs is easy... it's getting rid of all the superfluous notes and lyrics that's so hard". He should know, since he enjoys world wide fame, and with every new album, he strives to be more and more "minimalist", to great effects. Amen! CT
  9. Salut! Thanks for the infos. You made the best of your circumstances, bravo! I could have bet it was the "real" color... CT
  10. Hi! Great, masterfull work, bravo! I always felt that quality work is good for the soul of the onlooker. Needless to say, I fell good looking at the delicious "simplicity" of a FED design. Your rendition is world-class, for sure. CT
  11. Hi! Great built, as usual! The setting is also world-class, bravo! Just curious: what is the paint used? It looks like the "sandalwood" shade that was popular back then... CT
  12. WoW! That is litterally importing fighter plane technology in a car! Just as was the obsession of the big three back then. The spirit of Harley Earl lives on! CT
  13. Hi! Good idea! I had one of those Fieros when the car came out. Fun car, but the anemic "iron duke" 4 cyl. was the weak link. Your swap gets rid of the problem! CT
  14. Hi Kyle! Hope you are dooing OK trough this pandemy? I was ondering if you finally shoehorned an engine in the delivery? I'm building a lowboy 36 Ford currently, and the chassis I'm using is the same as yours, with many modifications however. That's when I recalled your project. Just curious... CT
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