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  1. Hi Russell! Very clean "salvage job", bravo! And choosing black for the top section increases the level of difficulty on a rebuilt. Mission accomplished! CT
  2. Hi Ray! Great color combo. What will you pick for the interior? And if I may: what is your metallic finish on the tranny/driveshaft? It looks the part! CT
  3. Hi David! Wow, many of those I see for the first time. World class roster, really. Bravo! CT
  4. Hi Tom! Wow, you nailed the stance perfectly. And that color... CT
  5. Hi Steve! Well, input is worth nothing if... the right guy is not on the scriber. Well done, fits perfectly ! CT
  6. Hi Steve! Interesting styling statement, to say the least. If you keep it curbside, may-I suggest you go with your 2-door idea, but don't exclude a mild top chop /hardtop look as on the blue picture? If someone can pull it off, it's you! We'll all be watching! CT
  7. Hi Paul! Thanks for the kind words. From now on, to know that I have the attention of the Mattox Styrene Dynasy of California is intimidating! I'll try to do my best. Regards to your family! CT
  8. HI David! Interesting project, it recreate the essence of what a late 60's custom could be. I remember building the Thunder chopper when it came out ( I must have been 15 back then). The springer was the best part of the kit, but shortening it makes it even better IMHO. Plus, the crescent shaped rockers in the kit are a bit outdated. I'm certain yours will be much more refined. Clever idea for the fender. I'll borrow it on my next chopper project! Keep on! CT
  9. Hi Mike! I agree with Francis: it takes a steady hand/eye coordination to do this. You've got it, obviously. Bravo! CT
  10. Bonsoir Jean-Claude! Great work, and not a mask in sight! Obviously pre-covid! Nostalgia... CT
  11. Hi Charles! Your building skills are top notch, and your photo session makes great use of the natural light and real life background. The decrepit asphalt reminds me all too well of some streets here in the Great White North. World class work, bravo! CT
  12. Hi David! I, too, have way more kits that I will likely build until I'm too old to do it right... But I try to justify myself by telling my wife: "since I do mostly mash-ups, divide the number of kits you see by two... That would be more representative of the future outcome from my stash". Somehow, so far, it keeps her calm... CT
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