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  1. Hi Richard! Great rescue operation, bravo! I tried this Rustoleum clear myself a few months ago, when Testor's cancelled the Wet Look clear, hoping that since both were manufactured by Rustoleum, maybe it would have the same viscosity/flow as WLC. But I found it much "hotter" and less viscous. I'm impressed that you were able to carefully "built it up" on an enamel based paint. Convincing result! CT
  2. Thank you Phil! It took me a while for the lightbulb to shine in my head about it... but better late than never! CT
  3. Thank you Chris! I was able to use Word to select a shade around the "Acid Rush" letters that mostly matched the Testor's hue. Marvels of technology... CT
  4. Hi Tom! Beautifull recipe, bravo! CT
  5. Hi Roy! To paraphrase the old saying: " Everything old LOOKS new again". Bravo! CT
  6. Hi Tim! I was reading an old issue of my favorite model magazine with your article on that car just last week! Nice results! CT
  7. Hi Steve! Truly world class, bravo. And the natural light is flattering to you smoke treatment on the wheels! But what truly sets my envy is... the west-coast weather and BC nature in the background. Take it from a guy who just spent 3 hours shoveling 2 foot of snow on his house. Rain forecasted for tomorrow, so better be prudent! CT
  8. Hi Daniel! Do you know Fred Stern ( Fred's Model World) in Buffalo, NY? He sells kits at a builder's price, not collector's, if you see what I mean. And he sometimes has interesting Johan specimens avail. Yous might want to add his site to your list of favorites. Who knows? CT
  9. Hi Alan! Thank you. You know what? To Francis' point (above) about the law of "perpetual motion"... I look at the mostly complete "remnants" of the Alternomad, and the very nice molding of the interior components lead me to think that a "Camino style" conversion could work. I think it could be a shoe-in for a slightly twisted 59 Caddy convertible Monogram kit that collects dust in my stash. Hmmmm.. Let's see... CT
  10. Hi Danno! Well, THAT is an enthusiastic comment if ever there was one! Thanks! CT
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