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  1. Hi Doug! Wow, the triumph of patience. Riding this thing would be "airy". Bravo! CT
  2. HI! In my case (the silver car above), yes indeed. CT
  3. Salut Jean-Philippe! Wow, very impressive, and rare! Your attention to detail is spectacular, bravo! CT
  4. Hi Gerald! Thank you so much for the many detailed pics. Good inspiration here! CT
  5. Hi Mike! Thank you. Indeed, there is so much sparkle in that Diamond Dust Testor's lacquer, that you are right: the slightest glitch or wave will show. Oh well... CT
  6. Hi Francis! Now, you have me worried. Making your own tail lamps is nice, but be aware that here in Quebec, the DOT zealots are totally inflexible. You WILL have to scribe them with the "DOT Certified" markings, otherwise, you'll not be allowed to use the car. Take it from someone who's been there: they are watching... Nice to follow your new project. Keep whittling at it! CT
  7. Hi Rob! That IRS was primo material for putting a real cheap IRS on a 1/1 rod. I did it on a 33 roadster, building custom upper and lower arms (the OEMs are extremely heavy, so). See for yourself... CT
  8. Hi Zenon! Thank you. Whatever you attempt, stay away from swapping an 83/86 roof on an 87/88 body. Much easier to just fit the rear wheels opening: the roofs are substantially differents, notably the rear window and pillars. And the trunk lid. Good luck! CT
  9. Hi Zenon! I did just that a few years ago (see pix below). I transplanted the 87 chassis/interior AND rear quarter wheel openings on the Monogram 85 TBird pro-stock body. I customized the front end with hidden headlamps, and threw in a 429 Boss with scratchbuilt injection for fun. The bodywork required to blend the lower quarter panels on the Pro Stock body took some time, but it fits. Good luck with your project. I did mine because I had an 85 1/1 Turbo coupe back then. Nostalgia... CT
  10. Hi Ray! Nice result. This is a kit that leaves a lot to be desired, and you somehow made the best of it. Bravo! CT
  11. Hi Daniel! Wow, very impressive "museum quality" work. I wish I could master metal as you do! Keep on, those front-engine dragster were always more gracefull than anything that came afterward. Bravo! CT
  12. Hi Bruce! Thank you for your comment. But for a Bonny car to overcome NHRA Funny-Cars... There must have been something in the coffee! CT
  13. HI! Thank you for the suggestion. I have a couple in line on the building bench as we speak, but as soon as I'm done with them, who knows? Might happen! CT
  14. Hi Tim! Thanks for the pix. Very inspiring. Can you elaborate about the "JOHAN" renaissance? Just curious... CT
  15. Hi! I entered the Fulmine streamliner in the Montreal model show last week-end, and I was honored to take 1st place in Competition-closed wheels with it! Quite a surprise, since Bonneville cars usually don't stand a chance against any drag or Nascar car... Go figure! The times they are a changing... CT
  16. Hi Tim! I sure did, and the transporter is the most interesting I've seen in a while. I'm finishing a scratchbuilkt jetboat, and it will need some transport vehicle, so yours is great inspriation! Stay tuned! CT
  17. Thanks to Dave for the great photo gallery. Very inspiring! CT
  18. Hi Mathias! Great concept and execution. Bravo! CT
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