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  1. Hi Steve! Thanks for the comments. Being there is still on my bucket list. I'm planning for the 2023 event, if all goes according to plans... CT
  2. Hi Bernard! You made good of a great kit, and your color combo is very nice. Bravo! CT
  3. Hi Francis! Alas, my shop/garage is not large enough to accomodate these looooooooooong vehicles. Currently, I have a 1/1 1970 Challenger 440 6-Pack that I'm working on, and it takes all the space (it's blown apart for paint, and it is, indeed, a fairly large car. Hope the health issue you mentionned on your thread a behind you, and it was nothing serious. We certainly are getting older by the day... CT
  4. Bonjour Bernard! Merci pour les compliments. To your point, I build 1/1 cars, so my modeling approach is always skewed toward "practical" designs, I don't mean to claim that I always attain my goals on this repect, but I try! CT PS: I often see your postings on the Koolest Kruzers French forum, and the never fail to please!
  5. Hi Sir! The first ever set of mags I bought in the early 70's were Keystone Klassics. They are forever etched in my memory. You nailed it: your second attempt is spot on. Bravo! CT
  6. Hi Zenon! Wow, great find, bravo! I had an 85, manual, and it was a blast. The intercooler came only in 87 from the factory. You can increase your boost by piercing needle holes in the wastegate sensor hose. Start with one or two, and progress as you fancy. You WILL feel the improvement, believe me! Just don't hit it full blown for too long... CT
  7. Thanks for the pix, Ron! That rear-engined Econoline is wild. I had a 64 back in the early 70's, but more "tamed" than this one, alas! CT
  8. Hi Roger! Here are two more! LOL. CT
  9. Hi Doctor! A fellow modeler on this forum once said : "A clean build gets you attention... An imaginative one gets you trophies". I'm certain he was right. Keep modeling. So much styrene, so little time! CT
  10. Hi Jim! Thanks for the info. I'll be on the lookout for one at the next show! CT
  11. Dear Doctor... Great mash-up! Hence, I see no reason to reevaluate my previous statement. You are, indeed, a Doctor Frankenstein of sorts. Just the good variety! Bravo! CT
  12. Hi Steve! Good morning from LA MAISON DE CLAUDE.... (your french is right). Thanks for the comments. They key isue here was packaging. My admiration for the real Bonneville racers went up during this build. The next salt car should have a slightly more expansive body, for ease of assembly... CT
  13. Hi Jim! Great street rod, bravo! If I may: is-this based on the RM ZZTop 33 Ford coupe? Or the Thom Taylor cabrio version? Just curious... CT
  14. Hi Roger! Well, it is "mission accomplished", again! Very nice. And I'm not surprised that you belong to the club of builders who "raid" the Phantom Vicky for all its fantastic parts. That rolling stock fits the typical pony-cars just perfectly. Bravo! CT
  15. Hi Jung! A truly impeccable build, with a world-class paint finish. Museum quality. Bravo! CT
  16. Hi Ismael! Well, as you know, the mantra at Bonneville is "IMAGINATION" . That is how so many competitors came up with novel ideas, sometimes challenging the tech inspectors to take a fresh look at regulations. No big sponsors money here, just pure creativity! CT
  17. Hi Steve! Thank you for the praise, and the sense of humour! Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go back to the junk bin: more discoveries await! CT
  18. Hi Edgar! Thanks for the compliments, much appreciated. Wow, your father in law's story is great. I guess it proves that the famous "five degrees of separation" theory is right. It postulates that we are never more than five contact-persons away from anyone on the planet. Let's see: I'm in contact with you, you are in contact with your father in law. who in turn met Mr. Thompson... That's a maximum of 4. It works! LOL. CT
  19. Hi Steve! Happy if it helps. On a different note, check my Bonneville Streamliner in the Road Racing & SCTA thread section. I'm curious to see what you will think... CT
  20. HI! What a great show it must have been. Any pictures of the models? Thanks. CT
  21. Hi Bruce! Thanks for the compliments. You are right: In this day and age, salt lake racing may be the last "amateur" motor sport. To me, it is certainly part of it's appeal. So much styrene, so little time! CT
  22. Hi Ismael! Thank you for the compliments. Rest assured that I'm no expert myself as to SCTA rules. Just some basic research and some fantasies allow me to have fun with styrene and concepts. Go ahead: create your own racer, and share it here! CT
  23. HI! This week, paid 13.99 CDN $ for a 100ml can of Revell's spray clear, and 23 CDN$ (!) for a large (180ml) spary can of Mr.Hobby clear. Granted, my LHS is a bit on the pricey side, but at least, is well stocked and offers brands that he is the sole provider for locally. Oh well... CT
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