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  1. Hi Oliver! Well... here is the last car I would have tought to "pro-tour", but you pulled it of. Bravo! CT
  2. Hi Francis! Well, my friend, I've seen most of your previous car "in the flesh", but this has to be your Magnum Opus. Congratulations, Bravo, Félicitations... and I'll be back later with more translated terms. Can't wait to see it in person this fall, and to hold it! I'm certain it must be of respectable weight, with all the metal work that went in! Enjoy your summer, you deserved it! CT
  3. Hi Bruce! It will be a killer! If I may: what it the provenance of the wheels and tires? They are superb... CT
  4. Hi Mike! To set the record straight... this is a car built by Bruce (see above). I would be admitedly proud to claim it as my own, but I'm just a bystander here... CT
  5. Hi Steffen! Wow, world class different, and very well executed. Bravo! If I may: what exactly is the off-white paint? I find it very nice... CT
  6. Hi Gustavo! The gloss is world class, and the red&black combo is perfect. Bravo! CT
  7. Hi Mathias! Very nice, and it makes for something we don't see often on the tables. Bravo! CT
  8. Hi Bruce! Spectacular paint and gloss, bravo! A great use of "leftovers". Can't wait to see it assembled! CT
  9. Hi Dave! Very nice "educated guess", bravo! You are right: the GTO inner panelling seems to fit just right... CT
  10. Hi Jose! Thank you. Now, build your own version, and let's go racing! (never tought I'd say that about the Boot Hill Express...LOL) CT
  11. Thank you Carl! I know you visit my posts regularly. Much appreciated. CT
  12. Hi Freddy! Quite an hommage. I'm certain he's smiling at your tribute. Hang on! CT
  13. Hi José! Nice rod, and the color combo/graphics really scream late 80's. Those Buttera suspensions are tricky to build, but look so great. Bravo! CT
  14. Thank you Scott! I'll do my best to "keep them coming"! CT
  15. Hi Steve! Happy to see it brought back good memories for you. Sure did for me! CT
  16. Thank you Tony! I'M glad that I did not get your pressure to go up! CT
  17. Hi Gary! Thanks for the comments. That would be spectacular, indeed! CT
  18. Thank you Jerry! It came out better than I expected. Lucky day... CT
  19. Hi Dave! Thank you so much for the great pictures! Mucho inspiration here... CT
  20. Hi Francis! Thanks for the compliments, but I'm just an old guy with too much time on his hands! And I try to explore diverse "fields" to avoid being bored. Can't wait to see the "green wonder" completed. Keep at it! CT
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