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  1. Cool, did you extend the body yourself or purchase it like that?
  2. Can you post a photo when you finish it, great work otherwise
  3. Great model. How have you mounted the tray onto the chassis? Got any photos of how you did it?
  4. So here's the finished product, Detail turns it from a model to something more realistic. I've added a few tow trucks because I like tow trucks and had some decals made using my name as it is my garage. I could add a few bits like security cameras, newspaper stands etc but I have to call it done sometime. I hope you like it, I do! Dave
  5. Great work! Are you interested in selling the wrecker parts? Dave
  6. Your engine detail is impressive, the rest of the kit is super excellent also. How long have you been modelling?
  7. Great work, do you have any photos of the hinges?
  8. I used a cheap letter type stencil, cut out the letters and taped them down, then used a rattle-can yellow.
  9. ISO the above. Also other 1/24 or 1/25 (preferably) uncompleted pickup wrecker kits. Not trucks or other scales. Even the wrecker bits could be of interest to me. I've got a couple of the Revell Midnite Cowboy kits.
  10. If you model with young granddaughters you need to incorporate their ideas, so a shower for the dirty workers and a toilet for their needs. The condom machine on the back of the door was my idea though.
  11. Some new pics of the WIP. I've completed the basic extensions, painted, inserted windows in the new back and side walls, a few decals put on. Next is to print some of own decals to f8nish up.
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