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  1. Restoration

    Thanks men. The large door is made from plastic, the small one from plastic and cardboard. Here is some pics before the paint job was done :
  2. Restoration

    thanks men , i'm glad that you love it !
  3. Restoration

  4. Restoration

    ok men, this one is finish !
  5. Restoration

    thank you friends! For the method, it is simple. (hope that everybody understand, i use google translator !) As a reminder, I only painted the acrylic, Liquitex diluted alcohol at 70 ° all passed the single-action airbrush to 10 euros on a well known auction site. 1 / I first had a layer of black on the body 2 / I spend a veil (very diluted paint, very liquid) brown (Raw Umber) once the black dry 3 / I balance of keys Burnt Sienna Burnt in places. 4 / I start my keys with color again a veil of Earth sienna 5 / Once this is done and dry, I spray a good dose of hairspray on the whole and before drying I sprinkle salt. 6 / When the airspray dry, i paint with the last color, here green. 7 / Once the color box is dry, I can only pass the model under water to remove salt and "work" the paint to get the desired effect. In fact the hair spray protects the color of rust base and allows me to remove the green where I want. 8 / Finally, I will complete the effect with touches of rust pigments that will slightly melt the rust stains with paint. Here, as usual, is my method of pretending, that is relatively simple and efficient! My tubes for different layers and veils basis for rust:
  6. Restoration

    hi all, I'm near the end, here is the paint work on the body. I have to made some small details and it'll be done. For this paint job i use the salt technic, it work great, i love the result.
  7. Restoration

    thanks men. To engrave the foam, here is the different step with some pics, you'll see it's very easy ! First i cut some line with a hobby knife then with a pen to have a larger line after that you can cut your brick and here is the result
  8. Restoration

    thnaks men ! Here is the last pics of my work on this dio. The frame of the 32 is already done :
  9. Restoration

    After, you have to take your dry pigment and with a brush, put some pigment on the wall you will have this Then make a wash with black paint and alcohol You'll have this After, an other wash with the first color And you'll have this Then you have to let dry the wall over a night I hope that it's clear for all like this ! Eric
  10. Restoration

    thanks all, here is a tip to do the brick job ok guy, here is the pics for an illustrated how to ! If some point are not clear enough ask me, i'll try to give you an answers So first you have to engrave your wall in polystyrene foam (you can use blue insulating foam at Home Depot in US for example). Here i use some Depron (that's use to made light RC plane) To engrave the material, let's have a look to this photos wich show you how to do the better job for that : Here i made my wall like this and here is the result I haven't got pics for the primer of my work with the Gesso, but you just have to paint the wall with it, and when it's dry, you paint with the first color ! and you have this when the paint is dry Then you take the 3 other color And paint randomly some brick
  11. Restoration

    Hi all, Here is my last work in progress, this guy is working on his little hot rod. I Started this diorama on the 15 of april, and here where the work after 1 month I know, there is too much brick, but i love them !
  12. Car Wash : Max, throw the sponge !

    Exactely, thanks
  13. Car Wash : Max, throw the sponge !

    C'est ce que j'avais compris, mais à mon avis, la traduction pure ne traduit pas le sens de sa phrase !
  14. Car Wash : Max, throw the sponge !

    sorry but i don't understand, what do you mean by the "whole front end of the garage" ?
  15. Car Wash : Max, throw the sponge !

    Yes, the end nears, i still have to do the effects of water and wet on the ground. Well I painted my figure with my meager knowledge, the purist on the figurines will be convulsed with laughter, but hey, again, i am too bad for this job. Anyway, overall it goes not too bad, I finally found! A ton of pictures but I'm pretty happy with the scenery: