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  1. heres the motor so far and headers I went with first pic that you see colors for motor oil pan and tranny, and the for top end of motor im going to go with second pic colors! and im putting pix of tires too!
  2. here's bottom pan, roll cage fire wall/dash not assembled yet
  3. here are some pix I like to start with body then get in to the rest the #15 is what color scheme
  4. hello mcmf NASCAR fans, I'm building the Revell/monogram legends series #15 Earnhardt ford wrangler thunderbird and I'm trying to go full detail and paint schemes I need any reference any fan or forum member can help with I mainly need engine, engine compartment, and interior dash. photos, statements, anything will help and I will post pix as I go along! thank you all who look at my post and thank you all in advance for your help pix and input! bummer666
  5. sorry JollySipper for taking so long to respond to you but here are the instructions you asked for
  6. hello wanted forum, I need a interior box for a AMT 65 ford galaxie 500 if anyone has one or knows where to get one it would greatly be appreciated! thank you to all in advance! 😁😁
  7. hello forum, first time posting here i am building a AMT 65 ford galaxie 500 xl for a friend he would like me to keep model all stock but wants to know if i could build model lowered I need help, tips, or info on how i can do this without loosing the integrity of the model, all help will be appreciated! thank you all in advance!
  8. one last thing how did you figure out the top notch's on firewall for hood??
  9. hey Clutch, tanks for the heads up on the firewall unfortunately I found out the hard way I had it painted and all together until I tried to put shell on!! " @#$$@@$$!! " so I cut out battery box and used the end piece of battery box and glued it were battery box was, and shaved down each side of firewall like you said .075 (3/16") and it fits im post some pix of progress so far but thanks again bummer666
  10. im looking or hoping to find a resin model of a 1958/59 Chevrolet apache fleetside pick up with wrap a round or big rear window 1:24 scale thank you to all that responds back
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