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  1. Joe R. added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    1941 Plymouth Drag Coupe
    1/25 scale
    Mild custom body with parts box headlights and taillights.
    Kit-bashed and scratch-built racing motor.
    Vintage MH Drag slicks and Armstrong front tires.
    Revell Parts Pak racing wheels.
    Vintage traction bars.

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  2. Joe R. added a post in a topic 1968 Howmet Mark Ii   

    Nice job on that. I've never seen one built. I recieved, about a year ago from a friend, this reissue and an original Mark I? version with the aluminum cockpit. I did a little research initially, and they have an interesting history and the cars are cool too. They're both close to the top of my project pile, I might have to dig through the boxes tonight.

  3. Joe R. added a post in a topic Salt Flat Studebaker 1953   

    An instant favorite. Nice work.
  4. Joe R. added a topic in Under Glass   

    1968 Howmet Mark Ii
    1/25 scale
    Re-issued under MPC Can Am.
    Painted using Tamiya paints and the Tamiya Weathering Master kit.

    The only turbojet powered race car to place 1st place. The engine generated 57,500 rpm.

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  5. Joe R. added a post in a topic Real Or Memorex?   

  6. Joe R. added a post in a topic '27 Ford Lightweight Tower   

    Sometimes little projects like this makes my day and inspires me.Great work on your little break-away project.
  7. Joe R. added a post in a topic Deleted   

    Geez.Incredible! I think I'll give up models and start knitting instead. Wow. Working universal joints....
  8. Joe R. added a post in a topic Just Another Red Z/28   

    We had 1:1 muscle car / 4x4 conversions running all over San Jose during the '80s. A shop called Bull Shift built a '69 'Cuda 4x4. Maybe the shop was run out of town since it's no longer around.
  9. Joe R. added a post in a topic Real Or Memorex?   

    I'm sticking with real. With the tires exposed like that,could anyone replicate that tire scrub surface? I've seen 1:1 concept car and production car photos taken in this angle,to show off items like all glass roofs,aerodynamics and such. Here's an example...

    Oh,and thanks for correcting me on that 1/3rd scale Ferrari. That is an awesome little car.

  10. Joe R. added a post in a topic 2001 Cadillac Escalade   

    I didn't want to go for aftermarket custom off-road wheels and there's not much out there when it comes to production style off-road wheels and trucks. Since the H2 style wheels first showed at concept car shows between 2000 and 2001,I figured I can use these wheels for a 2001 Cadillac SUV concept. I might find a set of new wheels that will fit these tires.
  11. Joe R. added a post in a topic Street Cheetah Build   

    Wow! I always wanted this car! I'll be watching this one.
  12. Joe R. added a post in a topic Real Or Memorex?   

    It's the real thing.
    If this is a model, then I have a new model building hero.Proper and even body panel thickness.Tight door panel lines. Tire lettering scuffing at the right places.The interior is well done for a model.The window net would also be a neat trick if this was a model. Tamiya couldn't get to this level.
    But there is that 1/9th scale Ferrari with the working motor so it could be a model but I'll stick to real.
  13. Joe R. added a post in a topic Turboniques Mustang   

    Wow! wow... That is way off the cool meter!
  14. Joe R. added a topic in Under Glass   

    Just Another Red Z/28
    1/24 scale.
    A rare kit of the High Roller 4x4 series.
    Issued 1981.
    Tamiya Bright Red.
    Supercharged 454 big block with puller exhaust.

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  15. Joe R. added a topic in On The Workbench   

    2001 Cadillac Escalade
    Here's a simple little side project. I'm building an off-road version of the Escalade. Nothing radical here.I'm going to build a show-room concept. I lifted the suspension with spacers and added H3 tires and wheels. This is a curbside kit with good chassis detail. The color is undecided but this SUV won't be bling bling. Thanks for looking.

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