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  1. Gm products all used Chevrolet engine blocks no matter , Pontiac, olds, Buick, the Fords all used Ford blocks I forget what year they all went to a pretty much universal block I think it was around 2000 or so maybe I'm incorrect
  2. That ghia is killer. Id love to see some more pics of that 😎
  3. Haven't posted anything in a while ... Hope you all enjoy. Thanks for looking
  4. I left the emblems on as ill order a detail set from mcg. They will look better then decals or shaving them off
  5. Just a pro tourer 67 chevelle. Probably gonna deplate the bumpers and murder it out. Foose wheels and rotors from pegasus. Had to also roll with a dual carbed 572. Before it gets in paint gonna shave off all the emblems as well.
  6. I filled in the stock holes for wheel location and re tapped new hole locations to lower it down just a touch. Also notched out the rear end mounts just a hair as well the stock height didnt satisfy me. This is advice from another builder on the forum and its worked out well. For those of you that want to lower it just a hiar without major surgery
  7. Sourced it from a 2014 mustang gt kit. I bought 2 of them cheap at ollies just for the coyotes haha ?
  8. So I'm back at another foose pickup for a 3rd these are quite possibly my favorite pickups to build. Another coyote as well
  9. All thats left on this one is getting the wheels on
  10. I posted a while back and thought this one was done but i made a couple revisions to it. I personally really enjoy these pickups. Easy builds and easy to customize.
  11. I mean what else do you do with left over decals and kits ... Lol
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