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  1. Is there anything in a easy to find spray can that might come close to Easy Chrome?
  2. Chrome is the thing holding me up on my large car build....anyone have any suggestions? The best I have heard so far is to use Molotow liquid Chrome refills and use their contents in a spray gun.
  3. Thanks for the replies,,,it will be a low rider with skirts and wide whites,,,might even make a chop top for it..all depends.. Still looking for good chrome ideas
  4. 1964 toy car made to resemble a few USA vehicles of the day but not just one. Not worth a whole lot so custom is what I want,,,new paint, chrome,,and more maybe. Has clear headlights and tail lights so might also try to make the lights work.
  5. Got this large older 1964 car model and really want to redo as a custom..paint, interior, chrome and such. I joined here to get some advice, help and ideas from this group. Chrome is the biggest obstacle so far,,,too much to send in to a rechroming shop,,,paint so far is not working. I tried the Melotow chrome markers but cannot do a smooth larger surface with them. Also saw a YouTube video of a guy testing the Melotow chrome paint and it does not look as deep or mirror like as the marker does..he said to break open the marker and use that in your spray gun (sounds like it could go wrong
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