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  1. Monogram 1/24 1970 Buick GSX

    Beautiful Car!!
  2. 41 Willys Street Rod

    Stock built out of the box. Learned I need to tape windows before spraying dull coat. Otherwise, I am happy with the result.
  3. 1969 Nova

    My first time painting stripes. I ordered the star decals, then discovered when I opened them that they were dry transfer. They were a challenge. It is far from perfect when compared to others, but I am happy with it.
  4. 1964 GMC

    Outstanding! If I may ask, how did you do the seats? I was hoping to do something similar in a truck I am building.
  5. Seat belts and buckles

    Could you show a couple of "how to" pictures for this?
  6. Mug Root Beer 55 Ford

    Dave, It came with the kit.
  7. Testors Root Beer on the Fenders, Krylon Brushed Metallic Caramel Latte for the body. I had painted it Tamiya USAF tan, but dropped it while moving it indoors to dry. Nearest hobby store is 350 miles. After a little sanding the Krylon covered the tan nicely.
  8. 1966 Ford F100

    Very Nice!
  9. I started this about 10 years ago. Life got in the way and it got put into storage. Fast forward to a month ago. I pulled it out and realized I had not painted 3 body panels. They do not carry the paint here. My boss was going out of town for a work trip. 700 mile round trip and he brought me the paint to match the panels. I wish I had another of these to put together a little different.
  10. My dad drove one of these when I was a teen. He drove a 70 Chevelle race car about the same time. I have also built that. My goal is to build a trailer to attach to the truck and display all 3 together with a picture of him from his racing days.
  11. How to remove pin marks

    Thank you all. Looks like I will be sneaking some new materials past my wife!
  12. I am building a Monogram 55 Ford F100 Street Rod. I am new to the finer details of modeling. I have always just “put them together. The bed of the truck has 5 pin marks that will definitely be visible when the truck is complete. There are also some on the inside of the cab roof. I have big hands and getting in the tight spaces is challenging. What is the best way to remove these without hurting the look of the truck? I have a couple of pieces of pretty fine sand paper. I also have a Dremel tool and can get attachments. Any advice would be appreciated.
  13. 1970 Chevelle Rally Stripes (OR complete kit)

    Did you find what you needed? I have a set of decals from the AMT 70 Chevelle SS (minus the 79 Michigan license plates, I used them on another project).
  14. Just getting started

    I have built models over the years, but never with any attention to detail. As a kid I was given a couple of Snap-Tite models without paint or glue and enjoyed putting them together. I joined the military after high school and tried to do a couple in my dorm, but time and space did not allow good results. Later, as a young father, I tried again. Life and kids got in the way. About a month ago, I decided to try again. I found a 58 Edsel about 80% complete in the closet that I started about 20 years ago and finished it. I am not good at fine details, and have a lot to learn. I will never win any contests, but I enjoy the creativity that comes with the kits. I live in North Pole, Alaska. We do not have a hobby store here (other than Michaels). Getting supplies has proven to be a challenge, but I am getting there.