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  1. The Spam Can

    Like it! My favorite breakfast!!!!---John
  2. '70 Plymouth Superbird

    Yup factory colors! The burnt orange wasn't for Superbirds. Someone in the paint shop "accidentally" painted it that so the story goes. They let 2 or 3 go that way I guess that's why they are so rare.---John
  3. '70 Plymouth Superbird

    Thanks. That's where I am going to be at soon, stalled. I'm still looking for a match for that color, burnt orange , in rattle cans. No airbrush here nor will there ever be one. So I will hunt the hobby shops, Wal Mart and Home Depot to try to find a decent match.---John
  4. '70 Plymouth Superbird

    The black one I did, doubt Plymouth ever did it in black. At the time I believe I was doing stealth aircraft and thought this would fit right in.---John
  5. '70 Plymouth Superbird

    This will be OOB. I decided to start it while waiting on paint for the Daytona Charger. I am thinking maybe of painting it that unique burnt orange color if I can find a good match. I did one a few years ago in basic black.---John
  6. '69 Dodge Charger Daytona

    Thanks, I have the nose and body primed white. Need to buy more primer.---John
  7. 2 tone 57 Ford Custom

    Like the 2 tone scheme!
  8. Pro Touring Dart

    NICE! Like the body style, reminds me of a cross between my '74 Duster and my '70 Dart. I almost bought a white '74 3 speed that looked sorta like that but with less style!---John
  9. "32 Deuce Coupe

    It's done----In "Under Glass"---John
  10. AG '32 Deuce Coupe

    Thanks, the only problem I have is they muffed up the pre painted headlights, They did 1/2 to 3/4 of the chrome ring around the front of the headlight housing. It should be ALL yellow with no chrome ring showing. I have seen where some guy painted the ring silver but that's NOT the way the movie car was, got lotsa images. I also wished they had put the windshield wiper on, am I asking too much? LOL---John
  11. AG '32 Deuce Coupe

  12. "32 Deuce Coupe

    Body joined to chassis. Note the lack of a solid axle on the front wheels.---John
  13. Any idea of MSRP ? $30-$40 maybe?---John
  14. "32 Deuce Coupe

    I have the interior and body together. The top did NOT want to seat on the bottom of the body after I added the interior and glass so I super glued the line up pins and area where the firewall will go. It is visible in the first image below. It now has a tighter fit along the seam running down the body at door handle level.---John
  15. I NEED one, had a '73 RR off the showroom floor, gold with white stripe, had a 360 and a slapstick auto. Made in Canada. Where do I get one?????---John