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  1. I've recently started building models again after roughly forty-five years of working on bigger cars. I seem to remember that back then model cars were four or five dollars. I was lucky to find a can of spray paint in my dad's garage, and flat black was my go to color because I could only afford one or two bottles of Testor's. I have always enjoyed drag cars and more specifically gassers. In addition to model building, I enjoy off-roading, metal fabrication, and re-purposing vintage car parts to become art work. I admire all of the talented work on this site, and I look forward to sharing builds and ideas.
  2. Here are some photos of not only a recent build, but the first build I have done in the last 45 years. I wanted to give the car the look of a well-used, low-budget gasser of the 60's. I intentionally made the car unrealistically low in the back end just to give it some attitude.
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