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  1. I'll be watching. Maybe this will be a great motivator for me to get one of mine built...I think I have 4
  2. Fish_65

    '71 Duster

    Very Cool! Nice Work.
  3. That's super cool and great execution. Love the look, very contemporary.
  4. Thanks for the kind words everybody! Much appreciated.
  5. I might be interested in either the '74 or '76 Camaro. I don't have anything on your want list that I'd let go of, but I do have a lot of odd kits.
  6. So I just finished this one up. Started as the F&F kit I bought from a club member at our last meeting. It was pretty much all there, but was missing a few parts. Figured I could build something cool out of it and it would prepare me for the stock '70 Charger build I've have coming up. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It has the look I was after with a little kitbashing. Paint is Testors One-Coat 1846 Pure Gold (looks like an OEM color to me). Wheels are from the AMT '57 Vette Street Machine kit, front tires are from my parts box and the rear tires are from the AMT Baldwin Motion Camaro kit. I substituted a Johan Hemi intake (looks like a 90s Mopar crate engine intake), a Revell/Monogram Holley Dominator carb and the distributor is a MAD unit. I added a scratch-built fuel system and gas tank sump. I still need to add some plates and maybe a couple details yet. Comments and criticism welcome 😁
  7. Sweet looking truck and you did a great job on it. How bad was it to convert it to non-camper-special wheelbase ?
  8. I would be interested in the AMT 65/66 Mustang fastback bodies & interior parts as long as they are NON-AWB.
  9. I had every year full size Chevy kit in 1/25th scale from 54-76 in one form or another. I moved onto other things and sold off all but the AMT '66, MPC '68 & MPC '71. I did acquire a decent '74 builtup a couple years ago that I would let go of. I also have a box of 75/76 parts too. Let me know if that interests you.
  10. I might be interested in the Charger. Any other Impala/Caprice stuff you are after?
  11. Looking good Steve ! What blue did you use on the roofs ? It looks like a very close match to the decals.
  12. I can't wait. I'll be getting several of them.
  13. Your '64 Galaxie promo looks like the 90s issue ERTL issue, so warping due to the plastic used should not be the problem. Must have gotten hot.
  14. From this chart at http://www.427galaxieregistry.com/index.html it appears that you could get a R-Code XL.
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