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  1. Sweet Impy ! Nice job on the restoration and looks awesome as a Pro Touring car. I've got one waiting in the wings for a resto too...one of these days lol
  2. I was thinking it was probably Missing Link. I'll ask him. Thanks Guys !
  3. Rear bumper was found thanks to Curtis. Thank you very much. Still in search of a hood. I've looked on ebay a few different times for a resin one Brian, but have not found one. Do you recall who the seller was ?
  4. Fish_65

    Modelhaus gold

    If I could buy a resin kit of some of my favorite 1:1 cars I've owned for $525 I'd probably do it. Who knows, maybe Judge Reinhold bought it
  5. I just picked up an AMT '68 Galaxie builtup and I'm in need of a hood and rear bumper. Let me know what you have. I have lots to trade.
  6. Whoa ! That's a stunner for sure. Love the color combo a lot. Nice Work !
  7. It's automotive single stage in a rattle can. Mixed at the local parts/auto body supply store. I prefer factory correct colors on most of my models and I'm a rattle can man so I wanted to give it a try.
  8. Thanks for the very nice comments Ray, Oliver, Larry, Keith, Lee, Chris, David & Roger. I really like the look & stance too Roger. That's the area of model building I like to dwell in. Some guys are all about the last detail, for some it's perfect paint...that's not me. I'm all about the rattle can paintjob and maybe some spark plug wires , but It has to look like an "everyday/realistic" car and sit right with good tires & wheels.
  9. I also found this very inspirational pic on the old interwebs last night too.
  10. Got a little bit done on the 'Cuda project last night. The AMT Duster 340 intake seems to work fine and the engine got painted with some genuine Mopar Street Hemi Orange paint. Took a lot for me to decide on what color to paint the car itself, but finally decided to go with Testors Vitamin C (aka Dodge Go Mango). Was a bit bummed out that the Testors paint does not have any metallic in it...Vitamin C/Go Mango were metallic colors. Next big decision will be interior color...black or white ?
  11. Just finished this one up this morning. This project started out as a paint experiment and I'm pretty happy with the results. It's not a show winner by any means, but it served its purpose...it will look good on my shelf and it has the look I was after. I wanted a used, but not abused hot rodded parts-hauler that you'd see cruising around on any street in America in the late 70's, 80s or even into the 90s. I did use the silver box art kit and was somewhat disappointed in the fact that this version has a custom wood bed floor, but I guess it works. So, I needed a guinea pig for the paint I wanted to try out. The El Camino was found on quick search through my stash. I had robbed the big block/automatic from it for another project a while back and figured it would be a great candidate for this project...if it went bad it would not be a big loss. I thought since I pilfered the big block from it, I'd have a little fun with it. I decided to build a standard, non-SS small block truck. I removed all the SS emblems as well as the 396 font marker lights/emblem. I used the 350 callout marker light decal from the Revell '69 Nova kit even though a 350 was not an option on El Caminos in '68. I also removed the SS emblem from the grill and added a non-SS grill bar/emblem....on my second and final attempt, I ended up carving the emblem from the real tail panel of an AMT '66 Nova kit. It still wears its SS hood, but I figured that is a common owner "upgrade". The color is '68 Chevy Ash Gold from a rattle can with Testors One-Coat clear. I used a section of AMT '65 Lincoln decal sheet on the tailgate for the faux wood treatment. Not sure if that's correct for a '68, but I really like it. I found a small block from an AMT NASCAR kit that fit well. Added a MAD distributor, some parts box headers and also converted it to a 4 speed. The Centerline Auto Drags came from the AMT '55 Chevy kit, parts box front tires and rear tires from the AMT '70 1/2 Baldwin Motion Camaro. Thanks for looking and comments are welcome.
  12. I've been eyeballin' that kit too, just haven't pulled the trigger yet.
  13. Got an AMT '59 Imperial kit and a "couple" of resin parts for it
  14. Fish_65

    Volvo 240

    I think it looks great Mattias. Has a street car/track days kinda vibe going on & I dig it.
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