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  1. Some minor updates. Opened up the grill, got the chassis painted and made some fillers for the interior to body pieces.
  2. This is a project I've had on my brain for quite a while. Not sure how far this is gonna go as I have a terrible tendency to wander off from project to project, but it will get done eventually. I bought 2 of the reissue Revell Honcho Ice Patrol kits and did the body mods a couple years ago. I ran into a couple issues and it went back in the box until this week...a buddy of mine is building one and he got me interested in it again. So I cut the bed away from both bodies and added Evergreen sheet to fill the void in the back cab wall. Then both boxes were cut up to lengthen the bed by about 14mm (9/16"). The frame was also lengthened the same amount. I'm building this as a 3/4 ton 4x4 so I picked up a set of resin 8 lug steel wheels and will be using some parts box tires. Today was the 1st mockup. Stay tuned.
  3. Great look & nicely done!
  4. Nicely done Sir! Great to see seldom built kits like this.
  5. Nice Work, turned out great 👍
  6. Thanks everybody. I appreciate it.
  7. Nice Work! These cars really lend themselves to the mild custom treatment.
  8. So I needed to build a car for our model club diorama and it had to be a Kustom. I had been thinking about thinking about this project for a while and decided it was time to do it. Started with the Revell Foose '48 and put my twist on it with the idea to backdate it to an early style custom. I painted the body with Testors Extreme Lacquer Pure Gold and top-coated it with Testor Extreme Lacquer Clear. For the interior I added some cut down and modified AMT '53 Studebaker seats for a more vintage look. Tires and wheels are from the Modelhaus. I also added a Cadillac grill that came in the Revell '48 Ford custom. I didn't get crazy under the hood or with details as it was just going to be on our diorama. Comments & questions are welcome.
  9. Thanks for all the nice comments guys 👍
  10. Just finished this one up. I will add some class designation decals at some point. I started with the new Moebius '65 Nova gasser kit, but backdated a few items and put my own spin on it. I wanted it to look like a privateers car from back in the day without a lot of frill. The kit version seems like a modern take on an early gasser to me. It's painted with Krylon Short Cuts Antique Bronze and topcoated it with Testors Extreme Laquer clear. I added a MAD distributor and used some parts box tires and front wheels (AMT '55 Nomad), the rear wheels are from one of the Moebius '65 Plymouth kits. I used a single reservoir master cylinder and some more vintage looking seats from the parts box. The kit seats seem really big and are really laid back. The kit went together very well with the exception of the door handles...they break in 2 just removing them from the tree. Luckily I had a buddy that is building a modern pro touring style car and won't be using door handles. Comments/questions welcome.
  11. Thanks guys! Not much progress as of late. Been working on the 1:1 hot rods lately. I did decide on and build the engine/trans for it and got 2 grills from Iceman today. Engine is a LSX454 from Clearly Scale and the intake is a 3D printed piece from Shapeways. Need to decide on which grill I'm using, but I'm leaning towards the 81/82. Hopefully I get a little bench time this weekend.
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