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  1. Sweet looking truck and you did a great job on it. How bad was it to convert it to non-camper-special wheelbase ?
  2. I would be interested in the AMT 65/66 Mustang fastback bodies & interior parts as long as they are NON-AWB.
  3. I had every year full size Chevy kit in 1/25th scale from 54-76 in one form or another. I moved onto other things and sold off all but the AMT '66, MPC '68 & MPC '71. I did acquire a decent '74 builtup a couple years ago that I would let go of. I also have a box of 75/76 parts too. Let me know if that interests you.
  4. I might be interested in the Charger. Any other Impala/Caprice stuff you are after?
  5. Looking good Steve ! What blue did you use on the roofs ? It looks like a very close match to the decals.
  6. I can't wait. I'll be getting several of them.
  7. Your '64 Galaxie promo looks like the 90s issue ERTL issue, so warping due to the plastic used should not be the problem. Must have gotten hot.
  8. From this chart at http://www.427galaxieregistry.com/index.html it appears that you could get a R-Code XL.
  9. The warped promo body thing was limited to late 50s promos as a different plastic was used. I believe promos switched to non-warping kit style styrene by ~'61-'62. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. Your '64 should not have warped...possibly sat in the sun for too long at some point in its life?
  10. Original promo off of ebay, but I'll be using kit interior and chassis. Seems like you can pick up '65 Galaxie promos pretty cheap if they're not mint.
  11. What's the source for the poverty caps? AMT 66 Fairlane 427 kit?
  12. Great project Tom and I am curious about these details as well. I'm pretty sure you couldn't get an R Code XL, but not 100% positive. I started collecting parts to do a '65 R Code too including a promo body to get rid of the opening trunk lid. Unfortunately, I'm still in parts collecting mode and can't really help shed any light on the subject.
  13. Awesome project Steve. I have a thing for JoHan annuals and '68 442s. It''l be great to see one built. Subscribed 👍
  14. Also picked out the rolling stock. AMT Parts Pack tires, Revell 68 Charger steelies and resin poverty caps.
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