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  1. I'm not sure what's up with this ^^🤬 Anyways, I finally got a chance to to get to HL. Only 1 car kit it was the prowler. No thanks!!!! There were however several plane models and army kits. Didn't see any paint putty etc on discount.
  2. Curiosity got the best of me so I opened it up and here's what's on the inside.
  3. Aspieguy

    Protar Vespa

    Well, curiosity got the best of me! I opened up the box....
  4. That's what I thought! I just drove through there about a month ago!
  5. Was this on Hwy 395 lone pine, big pine or somewhere in that vicinity?
  6. What about a water pump for a '64 corvair?! Lol Years ago, I sent an employee that pissed me off to AutoZone to get me just that! I also asked him to go get me a 9/8ths wrench! Lol
  7. I'd like an van. I'm not pickey. Just a van to build for the community build.
  8. I have this Protar Vespa 125. I know it's a long shot but,.... Would anyone be willing to trade me a van? I'd love to get in on the vannonball run!
  9. Aspieguy

    Protar Vespa

    I picked this up at the swapmeet for a $1!. Not my cup of tea but I couldn't pass it up! Still factory sealed, although just barely!
  10. My 1:1 I used to have was AWD. I had a 4 inch lift on it. As stated, the AWD system was not for offroading, but I used it to get to out of the way places so it was used for light offroading
  11. Man, that's there is schweet!
  12. Are there any updates to this?? It's looking sweet!
  13. I don't suppose you have pics of the interior cuz now that you say you used two different years I'm kind of curious.....
  14. Man o' man you gents have my attention! I'm a HUGE van fan! Wish I could throw my hat in the ring but sadly funds do not allow. I'm coming up on a year of not working due to my mental health. Anyways I. Watching this thread!!
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