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  1. I hope it will happen again. Itll hopefully give me the ol' get go, to build something. It's only been a few, about 20 years or so, since the last model I built. I have literally nothing as far as tools or kits or a place to build. Now I can get the tools I need and never had back then. Build something I always wanted, never did, a truck kit. Maybe I need to build a simple, out of the box, truck first to get a feel for it. Time to start combing the forum for what tools to start with besides a decent knife, what suppliers to use, and simple tips/suggestions.
  2. I'm curious.... Will there be another build off next year? I'd throw the ol' college effort into it if there was.
  3. Frieghtways.com is calling what the trucking industry is going through, a trucking "apocalypse". Weve seen 3, now almost 4 big carriers go under, quite literally with little, to no notice to the employees, again. Its half way through the year. How many more are gonna under? The government is in on this deal, some way, shape or form. How can they let companies basically disappear overnight, no notice to the drivers on the road, again. I got a feeling that all this autonomous and "convoying" technology are contributors to this trend of companies closing up shop. Theres much more involved in it too, not just automation, much more.
  4. Glad you did. It's worth lookin at even if the owner has no idea. Guess we need to be on the look out for the "old post" police.
  5. Due to a recent purchase, became available at 9 am this morning and I was get 1. My new favorite is this 1 of 12000 RLC 55 Gasser.
  6. Yes sir. Not much of a Superhero fan, only Batman for me. I have that same set.
  7. Hey Now!! You sure Hit em' with the Hein with this build.
  8. But my favorite in any version is the Bone Shaker.
  9. What is currently my favorite, and it is in my collection, as of last Sunday. The Car Culture Team Transporters, Super Nova. Not to mention a close second is the RLC black Camaro for 2019.
  10. I have yet to find one and put into my collection. The Need for Speed Koenigsegg Agera. It will be mine one day, oh yes, it will be mine.
  11. The truck driver is an endangered species. The steering wheel holder has taken over. They are the ones pushing to get paid while sleeping in the sleeper. Yes, it is true. They want to be paid 24 hours a day since they are the truck. Theres more to this point, but not here.
  12. I really, really do not like this autonomous truck movement. I'm a truck driver, accident free this in my career, 20+ years. It saddens me greatly to see this ACTUALLY happening. Its sadder that Peterbilt is involved and supporting it. Cashiers are loosing their jobs to automation and self check outs. Now, truck drivers are literally watching their replacements work the bugs out, in my case literally, right next to me on the highways. Its childish I know, but I give those automated trucks the universal salute for #1. The company out here in the southwest is called Embark, that I see all the time.
  13. It reminds me of the Griswolds Family Truckster.
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