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  1. Just finished it tonight. Very good, like Goodfellas or better. Gonna be one of the movies I watch over and over again, like a lot my favorites. Kinda feelin a mob marathon. Godfather 1, 2, 3, Casino, Goodfellas and probably all seasons of The Sopranos.
  2. After reading this thread I went looking for his work. My GOD what a builder. Any subject matter, very early race cars, ships, wagons, and so on. What a talent.
  3. BaBaBooey

    RPM Act

    It's already law here in Commifornia that any vehicle made 2020 and newer may not have any form of modifications done to the emissions system. Further more, making it illegal to sell said parts to a resident of Ca. Not to get too political, Ca is dancing on some very delicate ice. They are directly interfering with interstate commerce. Dont even get me started on this AB5 crock of doody.
  4. Very nice build. Some reason you dont see very many built as the replica. Well done.
  5. That's a good looking build. Very well executed.
  6. Most of the T680 Kenworths that UPS is running out here on the West Coast are natural gas.
  7. Dont let it drop below 50. Very cool and something different.
  8. R.I.P. Rip. Funny funny guy. The laughter will live on forever.
  9. Can you guys give me some information on this kit? A buddy gave it to me with a couple of NASCAR kits . A Dale Sr and a snap Jeff Gordon. But this pick up kit is what I'm really curious about.
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