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  1. A very uneventful, modeling wise, March. Here's my nothing new update.
  2. Rest in Peace pick up man. Get him a blonde mannequin and stiff drink.
  3. Great job. Just need a set of mud flaps.
  4. It's funny how BB made that Pontiac Aztec popular again. The Wagoneer in the show looked to be in great shape too. I might be remembering wrong, but didnt Jesse try to buy an El Camino from Badgers cousin the mechanic guy, but bought that POS red Toyota?
  5. It's good, not great. I find it entertaining. I just finished season 4 on Netflix. They have all 4 seasons on there. I would recommend it just because of the BB slip ins. Gives the background to a lot things in BB.
  6. Great series, great movie. AMC is showing the movie because Better Call Saul starts the 23rd. Oddly enough, Netflix finally put the 4th season of BCS on this week. If anyone is a fan of the Albuquerque shenanigans, it's kind of an exciting time.
  7. Yeah, I was disappointed to see the stands so empty. But with tickets around 70 bucks, parking up to 30 bucks, a hot dog 13 bucks, fries 8 bucks and a 20 ounce soda at 7 bucks. Sure doesnt help things. Torrance Racing was absent, Steve and Billy. Also, the teams they help, Scott Palmer and Mike Salinas. It wasnt but a 13 car Top Fuel field. The weather I'm hoping is the cause for the low turn out, spectator wise. I've been a fan of NHRA for as long as I can remember, 35 years at least. The entire series has made changes in leaps and bounds, good and bad. A personal feeling here, I dont like the countdown. To quote Steve Torrance from a few seasons ago, it's a welfare system for points. I get the entertainment part, wanting to make it more exciting for the fans. I for one, enjoyed seeing certain teams dominate. Like the KB Boys in Pro Stock, Tony Schumacher in early 2000s, Force in the 90s. Looking at the brighter things. It was good day. Didnt get rained out for the first time in like 20 years. The teams were in good spirits, especially the Napa team after the disaster they unfortunately endured enroute to prevent season testing. Got to spend time with my family. That doesnt happen much anymore these days. Got the smell of nitro in my nose, got my insides shook by 20000 horsepower.
  8. This year is the 50th anniversary of the Pro Stock class. They representation of the evolution of the class. It cool to see early cars.
  9. The west side seating is the best. A couple more pics.
  10. And this. Not sure if it's one of the original cars or not. But it so cool to see Reher and Morrison Camaro run a pass.
  11. Not sure if it belongs here. Here are some pics I got from the 2020 Winternationals on Sunday.
  12. Here's my February update, incase I miss it later. Nothing new. Gonna order some things now that lifes Bill's are gettin caught up from the holidays.
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