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  1. R.I.P. Rip. Funny funny guy. The laughter will live on forever.
  2. Can you guys give me some information on this kit? A buddy gave it to me with a couple of NASCAR kits . A Dale Sr and a snap Jeff Gordon. But this pick up kit is what I'm really curious about.
  3. The big thing I've been noticing is that people are getting the tool truck boxes for about the same price as HF. But, once you factor in interest, its right back up to the full MSRP. HF having in house financing and "supposedly" offering interest free on purchases over a certain amount changes things also. Then comes the warranty. Tool truck tools are original purchaser only. In some cases, depending on your tool truck buddy, the "original purchaser" thing is over looked. Yes, you can get the big names used at relatively average Joe prices. But again, the warranty comes into play. I've had my hands on a few of this Icon brand stuff. And to me, I'm no expert, but it feels just as good as the big names. Ive watch some YouTube videos of comparison tests and yes the big names faired a bit better, but, Icon held it's own. The Earthquake line of air tools, I've seen it with my own eyes. The Earthquake 1 inch drive worked right on past the Ingersoll Rand. We bought an Ingersoll Rand 3 months before the Earthquake. That was 2 years ago, or so. The Ingersoll has been rebuilt and replaced, while the Earthquake still works like a champ. I'm gonna give them a shot. For what I do with my tools, I'm willing to try.
  4. For all you tool guys, mechanics, and whoever else. Harbor Freight has really stepped up there quality. Been watching this closely and now it became available this week. HF new line of tools. Icon. The boxes were the big story. Tool Truck quality, half the price. Even at half, its probably still out of my budget. But, these boxes are super nice and even nicer once in person. If had the means, I'd get this before any tool truck. I got to look at a few of the hand tools. My HF doesnt have a lot yet. Breaker bars, 1/2 and 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 torque wrenches and snap ring pliers. What I've had my hands on, it's really nice. Quality and feel. With Craftsman going to garbage, I'm thinking I'm gonna buy Icon or Pittsburg Pro series stuff. Just my opinion. I really like the last pic. This box in green with black trim is something else. Would love see what kind of discussion there is on tools. Here are some pics I got today of the Icon display box in store and the price sheets. Hold your hats when reading those. The drawer above the one with the drill storage is charging. It's got 7 or 8 outlets for chargers and the front of the bottom box has 2 outlets and 2 USB ports.
  5. That's quite the memory. Part of his hour long discussion about 9/11 was how The Daily News prints the names of EVERY person that died. He always points out the guy he knew when he was younger and stayed in some limited contact over the years, that perished that day.
  6. I collect Hot Wheels. Not a very big collection, around 1000 or so cars. Constantly adding to it, 4 to 10 cars a month. I also do some photography. Nothing serious, just with my phone. But it takes some amazing pics. I also love to BBQ. Low and slow. Baby backs, Tri-Tip, Pork Butt, Chuck Roasts, veggies.....
  7. Howard spent an hour this week talking about it. As out there as he is and the show is, he is a true New Yorker, true American. Brutally honest. I'm a fan(^^^obviously^^^). I really enjoyed his interview with Robert O'Neil.
  8. It's a day where the lives lost that day should honored and a forever a day that the lives lost from the after effects should be honored. Whatever the excuses, or theories, or whatever the beliefs are of why it happened, it DOES NOT change the fact it happened. Thousands of innocent lives were lost and are still being lost. We were all of the same thought at first. I was working in an outdoor lumber yard at the time. The GM was "holding court" as usual that morning and said a plane hit. My first thought a small Cessna type plane. But then, same thing, radio cut out and our fabric of life in this country changed. Then the reports of DC and Pennsylvania came out. I remember how eerie it was that day too. No planes, traffic was oddly light. It's kinda odd to know that there kids fresh out of high school who have no real idea of what happened. We can only hope they teach about 9/11 as I was taught about Dec 7th.
  9. I find it shameful, that so many have forgotten the events of 18 years ago. I will never, NEVER forget where I was that day. I will never forget what I was doing that day.
  10. Its a real shame that so many have forgotten. I will never forget where I was on this 18 years ago. The memory of all that perished that day in New York, DC and Pennsylvania will live forever. If anyone on here was affected by this terrible tragedy, our thoughts and prayers should continue.
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