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  1. I'd be interested in the condo. Be awesome if you could a Classic XL hood too.
  2. This a very nice build. Love the old school iron.
  3. Great builds. Lots of cool stuff going on here.
  4. Charlie Daniel's Band. Mid 90s at the county fair.
  5. Cool build. There used to be one just like it runnin here. A few bungees holdin the grille together on the one here though.
  6. A very uneventful, modeling wise, March. Here's my nothing new update.
  7. Rest in Peace pick up man. Get him a blonde mannequin and stiff drink.
  8. It's funny how BB made that Pontiac Aztec popular again. The Wagoneer in the show looked to be in great shape too. I might be remembering wrong, but didnt Jesse try to buy an El Camino from Badgers cousin the mechanic guy, but bought that POS red Toyota?
  9. It's good, not great. I find it entertaining. I just finished season 4 on Netflix. They have all 4 seasons on there. I would recommend it just because of the BB slip ins. Gives the background to a lot things in BB.
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