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  1. I would like to write at this stage, it was a pleasure to read the comments among two French-speaking members, being translated to our forum language. We had possibly an opportunity to view some flying sparks, or maybe not. I do feel it's a blessing to learn another language, and all the intricate features available. I would not do well as an Ambassador. Luckily, I never had to during travels. Francis, the shown photo of the triangulation is useless. The connection to the left and right chassis rails will negate the calculation. There is too much play with this connection. This is not my personal opinion, just from a pro who knows. I believe this is correct. Mike..
  2. Well, this would be from the "Good Old Days". Today, no shop bill for a newer type car, no cash for you. Cash and carry is not the EU insurance way. Ford though, is very receptive to deals, I feel that OP did good. Here in Europe, I do believe that Ford here is a bit different from Ford in the US. I can attest, little Ford 4 bangers will run 80 to 100 mph all day long on the German Autobahn, and get great (!!) gas mileage. Recently, I had opportunity in a rental Ford 4 cylinder. Average speed for a 4-hour drive was right at 95mph. No brakes, just left lane and lots of fun. Very early morning, hardly any traffic. Got +35 mpg! Cheap fun.
  3. @Snake45, over here...anything NAZI gets views and ratings. The stuff is always on one channel or the other. Not to mean a positive aspect, just showing real film footage and facts. Never have I realized any glorification! Just an attempt to set the record straight, from my point of view. But Nazi Gold is in Poland, the Alps, sunk in some Alpine lake, and in former Communist East Germany. Yep, go figure. I think Ike and the boys got all of it. Mike..
  4. Exactly, being a huge waste of time. Being a Florida boy, I used to like the Tuna show....but it's a fake show. Oh boy...OK, I live in Germany. I keep hearing on TV that the Germ....no, better not. The statement might be viewed as being political. Just, the Nazi Gold show, and there are a lot of these types on TV here, might get big ratings. Sometimes I feel that History is for sure international. Never seen anything about Sumo wrestlers here on TV. Well, American Pickers, or whatever the name, is sometimes fun. Nazi Gold though, is a hit. In Poland maybe? Man, they have whole trains hidden underground full of gold....the Alps too. Truly a popular theme here. All the above though, is better than watching the evening news, between 7 and 8 evenings. Pee-uke.
  5. So, I've been wondering now for a while, what's the deal with Oak Island? What kind of BS is this anyway? I watch "Forged in Fire", instead of the evening news. I don't watch MSM anymore. Big Tuna too, until I found out the show is a total fraud. I'm in Germany, and these shows are amusing and sometimes entertaining, better than the fake news showing at the same time. I'm not even sure if "Oak Island" is the original name for the show. Does anyone watch this stuff?
  6. Just wonderful! Francis, I agree with your method. Your rendition is better than mine. Much cleaner, as I have to use several slide tubes to correct size differences. Your way is better, and also your skills and equipment. What a thrill to view! Thanks for showing other ways, I do love this. Mike..
  7. @oldnslow.... Excellent! The method of adding material to the inside of a sticky tape is a keeper. Thanks for the tip! @CT, many thanks for your insight. I like this method, add your own details. Just, I have no motor in 1:16 scale. Indeed, adding the ribs to the inside with a suitable material is an excellent tip. Perfect, now I do not need to shop for parts. Thanks fellows.
  8. Hello Francis, Just perfect, one could almost imagine the smell of oil while viewing these parts. Also, for better flow and cooling characteristics, I've noticed the rounded edges. Excellent! Mike..
  9. Hello guys, I've seen wonderful tutorials about making realistic blower belts, just my PC crashed and all is gone. Anyone know a good way to add detail for a blower belt? Meaning, the inside surface of the belt. Mike..
  10. CT, not to worry. All major header manufacturers have already received Francis' plans. Should difficulties arise...Francis can sue them for liabilities. Mike..
  11. Hi Pete L., I like red primer too. Here a 1:25 styrene body with a smoothed out and lightly sanded body, with two coats of Duplicolor Rust Primer; Covered very well. Then just lightly rubbed with 4000 grit, wet paper a bit. Then polished with a regular car wax. Mike..
  12. Brad, I hear that! I was very recently all fired up about a 1:16 scratchbuilt brass FED. Paul has gorgeous parts! Man they would've been great! Just after lots of searching, my conclusion came out to be, if you don't have a kit or two at hand in 1:16, you'll pay lots. Motors, if found, $40+, slicks are rare, wheel choices are not great, rearend housings...hard to find. Since I build brass, not even the correct scale rods and tubes are available. Meantime...Alibaba has offers...thanks but no thanks. Still, I can well imagine an Altered in 1:16 from your bench! Go for it! Paul's parts in conjunction with an existing kit would be sensational, a real upgrade.
  13. Good to see your project moving along now Joe. The seatbelt hardware looks good to me, believable! The interior looks like it means business, well done. Mike..
  14. Francis, this may sound silly by now, but I'm smiling again viewing these photos! Excellent, again the contrast brass/alu will enhance. I figured out a while back to make decent U-joints using brass profiles, this involved lots of soldering in very small spaces. That you make these in solid aluminum is even more of a treat. When I round off the hollow brass tubes, I have to solder the holes back up. Francis, I like seeing that you round off the edges again...! lol
  15. Wow. Really cool with the burnout smoke, love it. Interior seems to be done, what motor will this one have? Any color scheme figured out?
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