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  1. Just sensational! Easily once more Francis, smiling again! Mike..
  2. Smiling now Francis! Guys, let us realize, Francis is fabricating utterly exact parts in different materials. Metals, aluminum and brass, and styrene-types of materials. Sensational what is going on here! Such a great incentive. We all know that we can do better. We all know as well, we do not have to do this. This is a very special style of modeling in our world, very few know about this. I cannot do this, we all build differently. The love and utter dedication is truly a sight to behold, and a very special incentive for me. Thank you for the opportunity to view amazing modeling! Mike..
  3. Hello Noel, yes, you are absolutely correct. Please, give it a try, you will be rewarded! I like the 'silver plated' thin copper wires available. Just, you have to order from China, nothing elsewhere to be found. Amazon. In this case, I was not personally bothered. I'd like to add, your British hubs, Jaguar and Co., Ferrari as well, need another dimension, a third row at least. But the tutorial is, I believe, a decent starter. Best of luck to you, and above all, my best greetings to the UK. Thank you for your input! Mike..
  4. Yes sir! Please attempt, you will be very surprised the difference! Nothing better than real, especially in our small scale world! Mike..
  5. @WHOSBAD, looks very nice! Not sure of the scale shown, maybe 1.25? If so, sensational! The rims come together very nicely! Compliments! The hub is a bit cluttered still, might like to not make too sharp of winding the "wire" around the hub. Perhaps go instead of trying one less turn on the first twist, instead of going 2 to the side. This will reduce loading and clogging at the hub..the paint will come out better, too. Sensational job, well done! Mike..
  6. Oh Francis, smiling again! Who would ever think to machine door handles and guards in 1:25? Yes, you are a sensational modeler! Greetings, and a very Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. Looking forward to viewing updates in the New Year! Mike..
  7. @CT, thanks very much CT. Also, for the support throughout, you've been very kind.
  8. @Ian, thanks very much, you know also what a replica build entails. @R. Thorne, yes, quite presumptuous on your part. Fuel lines? Are you kidding? The injector lines are black, tank and pump lines are braided wire. Exactly like the real car. This is a replica build and not just any car from any particular era. @Francis, many thanks for your unending support throughout, very much appreciated. @Steve, thanks much for your enthusiastic support, we had nice conversations about those silly exhaust pipes. Indeed, happy to have them close now. The next project has been started already, shown on our group. Mike..
  9. @CT, always great to have you visit. I like your "heat is heat" statement....mercy, I felt the heat with this process. Blisters! I've found the really cheap and thick, sticky bandages from the local home builders market work great on fingertips. When soldering up a small area on this body, thinking..."oh by, this will get hot"...the cheap band-aids were an immense help. Still got hot though! Thanks for your approval, very much appreciated. @sflam123, hello Steve! Good to see you here. Sorry for not replying earlier, it's been 2 weeks since I last looked here. I appreciate you looking and am grateful for the praise. Showing the almost finished car now, decals and new slicks are on the way, hopefully at my door before year's end. UPDATE: The car has paint, almost ready to race... I'll skip the chassis and motor build photos, I'd like to end this here. Finished. Thanks to those members who've bothered to comment. Mike..
  10. Ian, that looks delicious! Excellent! Also, the aluminum sheet looks almost precious...meaning precious metal...like platinum. Beautiful material, the sheet I get is not as nice as what you have there. Ha, now it's really tough to get paint on there! Wonderful looking car. You have it now, that's for sure. Mike..
  11. Oh Francis, I understand the woes of having to paint metal parts, but understand your dilemma. Judging from the rest, I'd suggest making the brass bracing strips to have a different look, and saving the aluminum. Paint a graphite-appearing metalizer on the brass straps...? These brushed gently with a cotton swab (or similar) after drying on brass make a very nice finish! The brass straps are perfectly fabricated, but the star here is the tank, with the brass cap, not the straps! To hell with the brass straps, save the tank! I'm smiling again. Also, concerning the finish on metal parts, do you have a sandblaster with different grain usage available? The difference between a hand-buffed and smooth metal part can be sensational when fine grained glass beads and other abrasives are applied. Five parts with the same finish, can be easily made to look very different when an air blaster is involved. Your small scale fabrication is a joy to view! Mike..
  12. @Scott, hi there, how you doin? Thanks for viewing and commenting, appreciated! @Francis. The original PACERS Fuel Altered car was a steel bodied Bantam, back in 1961! Motor vibrations and increased power started to crack the steel body, so the team added a '23 Ford T, fiberglass body to the existing chassis, leaving all the rest unmolested. So, meantime, several of these cars have been made, two of which were exact replicas of the original 1963 fiberglass Ford T body. First off, 1961 Bantam body.... Soon though, the Ford T body.... Here, the clone car, built exactly like the original.... Mike..
  13. @Francis and @Art Laski, many thanks for viewing, things are moving along well with the bodywork. UPDATE: On to the trunk now. Luckily I have lots of real car photos so there is nowhere to have to resort to guesswork, it's all there. More later... Mike..
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