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  1. Junior Johnson...now that's a race car name for sure! I've read articles about this man, from his and others' days of back roads and moonshine running from the law. An extraordinary driver, able to slide cars on small roads, paved and otherwise, like the law had never encountered previously. The back woods boys from the east still do amazing, and have amazing knowledge of how a motor can work. Read NASCAR. These guys are the real motor builders...period. Yes, RIP Junior Johnson.
  2. Here's what I want for Christmas.... I want this wonderful time to be like most of the others I've experienced. Far away family is coming around and we'll meet soon. Always joyous, a great event. This time of year in my area it gets dark at 16:00, read, way up north. Snow on the ground. Home is lit inside with a decent and warm lighting. The fireplace is on. I love the dimmed lights at home, and trimmed table, spruce branches and some small figurines the wife has from her Grandmother...they're small angels, in a beautiful white porcelain. The wife and some family gals are polishing up the silverware, and cleaning and shining up the crystal glassware. The place smells good. Some real candles too on the tree, no electrics. We light these on Christmas Eve, after church. Great and traditional meals being prepared. Folks around that you love, family...your own history is looking you in the eye. This is a great thing. Nowadays you get older and after a while, you realize you and your generation are the next ones to go, you've lost family and nature says you're next. I hope this to be true. I'm grateful, and thankful for good health and some good breaks in life, and a good wife and that we support each other, good and not so good times....just like we promised. I want this to continue, yes. I want also, that our country continues to be strong and true.
  3. Wow! Bernard, the "teaser" is just sensational...respect! I've never seen this photo technique used for a model car before. This car is just plain clean, my opinion. A wonderful replica from the very beginnings of hot rod days, way back when. Cleanly built and wonderfully presented, this only is a direct result of your intensive search for factual and relevant information about how things really are, and were back in the older days. I still think you are a treasure chest of valuable information, should one choose to model an actually correct car in the correct scale. I do wish more guys would follow this path, build a model with research and understanding the "why" it was done the way it's presented. Thanks Bernard.
  4. Hmmm...and all along I thought these bodies were fiberglass. Is the scoop scale? Man, what's underneath....?
  5. Coming along well. So what exactly is different on this car as opposed to the original T-Bolts? Of course, I get it with the wider tires, but what else? Is this a special class drag car, or just a build it 'cause you like it street car, or bracket car? Mike..
  6. A few guys have asked questions, so, yes the car has a windshield, the seat belts are attached to the rear chassis and the chute is scratch built. Also the front spoiler is aluminum sheet. Here a few updated photos as the car sits alongside other fuel cars on the shelf... That's it. Thanks for looking. Mike..
  7. Something about this car....when I first look at it....makes me think....aquarium. Anyone else?
  8. Wow. Any pics of the motor available? Really sensational stuff popping up here.
  9. Again, fairly the same setup as previous. Where do you acquire these beautiful and stunning builds?
  10. Again, another that you might be able to pull off. I don't understand what's going on. Do you buy these partially finished cars, then build them further? Great idea. Some pics of what you've done with these cars would be great too. Got any?
  11. Well, you write that this is what you've come up with so far, and that you don't know if you can pull it off. Also, the body was already painted. So, have you done anything, or should I praise the previous owner?
  12. Beautiful build, respect. Super smooth paint and excellent BMF detailing. Such an old kit, and so well done is just a joy to view. No idiotic slicks, no insane motor, just doing as the kit prescribes. This, being done just as it is supposed to be. Plus...the hood fits! Compliments.
  13. I only have one project at a time on the bench. Usually beforehand I've already spent months gathering all of the information needed to build the project. Once started, I'll go through with it until finished, like maybe 3-4 months. The build before last though, needed a 30 month interval due to joint problems with my hands. OK nowadays. I'm rarely happy when it's done, mostly kind of saddened that's it's over. Then after a break, on to planning the next one. Anyways, I'm always interested in reading what other modelers are up to, and also the mind think.
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