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  1. My name is Patrick and I live in the Tehachapi CA area. I build a plethora of different things but my favorite subject is F-1 in 1/12th scale. I have 9 completed and 14 more in the "pile" to complete. If it's not F-1 straight up builds, then I am usually cooking up some harebrained diorama idea with all sorts of stuff... I have somewhere around 160 unbuilt kits, from airplanes to NASCAR to just stuff. Thanks for adding me...
  2. I'm in Tehachapi if that counts!
  3. pnance26

    Ferrari 312

    Very nice build! This kit is in my "pile" of 14 1/12th F-1 cars to start on after I finish a few other long neglected projects. I have the 312B, 312T, 312T2, and the 312T5. I've already built the 312T4 and just missed getting the 312T3 recently. That would make a complete set of the 312 kits available. Niki Lauda was a great one, that's for sure!
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