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  1. It's looking good Mike! It's hard to beat a tubbed out '55 Chevy! I have an old '55 project that I need to finish up. Maybe yours will give me the push I need.
  2. I think my problem with this project was cross frustration. I was more annoyed with the '32 3-W I was working on at the same as this one. But, I'm back on it for good now. Hopefully, I don't start another project while I'm working on this one! I got the wheel tubs filled in and puttied. The gas tank glued back on. I also roughed in the spring pockets. The rearend is glued together permanent. I'm hoping I can use the Camaro exhaust. I'd kinda like to use the chambered exhaust from the small block version. I'll just have to see which one fits best or easiest. The BBC setting in the engine bay. I glued the firewall to the chassis. It doesn't quite meet the front of the cowl. So, I may have to do some trimming. First official mockup with the front and rear suspensions installed! I lowered the front and rear a couple of scale inches. I wish I could take it a little lower. But things are already close to the ground. It has just a touch of rake to it. The body is ready for paint. I need to get the rear valence ready also. If I can, I want to get the interior and chassis in primer today. I'd like to be able to paint the headliner and interior in the same session. We'll see how it goes.
  3. Super nice looking Mustang Tony! The lowering and better tires made a huge difference! Topped off with a slick as glass black paint job. It doesn't get any better! Nice work!
  4. AMT makes a parts pack tire set with one set of wide whites and one set of narrow whites.
  5. The Good Year Suburbanite tires are tiny. I have a few of them and they look small even on a 2wd pickup. They will surely look small on a 4wd Blazer.
  6. Just finished this one up. It was built with parts from the parts box and parts sourced from other kits. It's been a frustrating build for me! I never would have thought that mixing a few parts together would have been so difficult! I could write a book on the issues I had getting this thing together! I wanted to do more details to it. But, towards the end, I just wanted the pain to be over! The frame, front suspension, exhaust, grille, grille shell and hood are from an AMT Phantom Vickie kit. The rearend is from an MPC '85 Corvette. The engine, radiator and electric fan are from the Revell Rat Roaster. Headers from a Monogram '37 Ford. Carburetors are from a Revell '69 Camaro. The body is a chopped resin piece from an unknown caster. The interior is from an old built from a 3-W. The shifter is from the Rat Roaster and I think the steering column is as well. Not sure on the steering wheel. The wheels, tires and disc brakes are Pegasus. Paint is Tamiya TS-49 Bright Red on the body and chassis. The interior is AS-15 Tan. Thanx for checking it out!
  7. The best way to make panel lines more realistic looking is to scribe them deeper. To me, nothing looks worse than black washed panel lines. If you want to paint them, I would suggest doing it before paint with a mixture of the body color and black.
  8. I like the green over silver best. Over black looks a little too dark. Maybe try it over gold and get it somewhere between the two? I don't know the diameter of your wheels. But, check the tires from the old Revellogram kits like the Mach III, Alternomad, Vetagin etc. They're what I use on the Pegasus wheels. You'll have to cut out the center rib. You may also have to heat them a little with a lighter to make them more pliable and able to stretch over the wheels. Looking forward to seeing this in paint! But, don't rush it on my account!
  9. That's a nice looking little Celica Nigel! I really like the color and wheels!
  10. Definitely looks like something the Joker would drive!
  11. It doesn't have to. But, if you're competing with it, it's almost a must. If your model doesn’t have those details. But, another model on the table does, which one is gonna win? Some builders add emergency brake detail along with the gas and brake lines, hangers on the exhaust with heat stains etc. If you're competing to win, the more detail, the better. If you're competing for fun, don't worry about it.
  12. Revell actually did the WJ Olds Goodwrench P/S. It'll have the exact engine you need.
  13. Exactly. Do however much or little it takes to satisfy you. For me, it depends on the build and my mood. If it's just a build for fun, I may not add any details or just plug wires.
  14. I have an extra sealed kit. Send me a PM if you're interested in it.
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