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  1. Could the '67 GTX be converted into a '66 Satellite? Or are there too many differences?
  2. Thanx to everyone for all of the great comments! I appreciate it!
  3. Thanx Dave! You wouldn't happen to remember the name of that color would you? My brother's '63 Fairlane was a similar color. It looked brown as I remember. But, it was faded and dull. I couldn't find the color in the codes I looked at. But, I was maybe looking for the wrong color.
  4. Plowboy

    1971 GTX

    It's the '70s all over again! You definitely got look down pat! Just needs some Hi Jacker decals in the quarter windows.
  5. Yeah, I saw his project. He and I are going in two different directions though. As I was looking this project over, I saw I was doing the same old thing as I've done with other street type builds. Plus, I wasn't looking forward to all the work ahead of me with the rear seat and interior quarters. Time for something different! I'm going to do this one as a serious, barely street legal car. I've never done one in this particular style. So, it'll be something kinda new to me. With the interior a non issue, I could now do whatever I wanted. It'll now get a race seat, roll cage and custom dash. I started with modifying the chassis. All that's left of the rear section of the original frame are the frame rails and a cross member. I moved the frame rails inboard to make room for the wider rear slicks from a Revell Willys. Then, I made new tubs, trunk pan and a raised center section with .020 styrene. Up front, I cut away everything but the spring/shock towers. I'll make bars from .080 rod and tie the front frame rails to the towers and firewall. Don't know if I'll use the kit suspension or switch to struts. I'll now have all the room I need for the engine and headers. Or at least I think I will. New mockup! It won't be quite this low. But, I don't want it to be much higher. Next task is to get the suspension worked out so I know exactly where it'll be.
  6. Thanx Bob! If I had it to do over, I would have sectioned a couple or three mms out of the headers to bring them up level with the oil pan. There's plenty of room to do it. They actually hang down too far IMO.
  7. They're Detail Master detail wire. You get several colors. I've used on the same package for years.
  8. Thanx! My older brother had one that had a 351C stuffed in it. I got some scary rides in that car! Someday, I'd like to build one like his. I was going to do it with this one. But, didn’t really want to hack it up like I would have needed to.
  9. Thanx! I mulled over whether to keep the emblems or not for a while. I was thinking about using the 427 emblem decals from the T-Bolt. But, decided against them. Now that it's done, I'm glad I kept them also.
  10. Just finished this one up. Pretty happy with how it turned out. My only disappointments are the stance and my trunk lid won't hold itself up like it did in ALL of the mockups. It's a bash of an original '63 promo and a Revell T-Bolt. The T-Bolt supplied the chassis, core support, engine and floor pan. The rest came from the promo. Other kit parts used were the valve covers from a Revell Torino Talladega, wheels and front tires from a Super Clean Olds Pro Stock and the rear tires from an unknown kit. Also a few scratch built pieces. Paint is Tamiya Gun Metal and clear on the body, Dupli Color Bright Red for the engine and interior.
  11. I used a Thunderbolt chassis under my '61. Should fit the '62 just as easily. It was actually less work to fit the Comet than it was to fit a '63 Fairlane. You have to fudge the rearend just a touch to get the rear wheels centered properly. Other than that, it's practically a drop in.
  12. From the time I built my '60 F-100, I wanted the Chevy to go with it. I finally scored a minty example. But, it had Modelhaus resin replacement chrome pieces that looked terrible. So, I snagged the grille, bumpers, turn signal pods, side view mirror, tail lights/housings and tail gate chains from the '90s issue. The biggest task with this model was getting all of the body lines straight and crisp. I ended up losing the door handles in the process. I also had to rework the wheel openings and add a strip of styrene to the tail gate. Under the hood, I added tubs to the inner fenderwells so I could lower the front where I wanted it. The engine is just a hodge podge of parts from the parts box with no details. Paint is Dupli Color Bright Red and clear. Interior is Champagne Gold and flat black. Thanx for checking it out! Any questions, just ask.
  13. Nice looking little Cutlass! That thing would be a handful if it were the real deal! They say pro street is dead. But, I still love 'em!
  14. That's a sharp looking old Chevy truck!! Love the stance on it! Nice work!
  15. Thanx Alan! I had never thought of it that way. But, now that you mentioned it, the influence is definitely there. Maybe this is what a rat rod could look like painted and finished? Thanx to everyone for all the great comments! I appreciate them!
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