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  1. Yeah, that's what I was looking for.
  2. Nice looking little S-10 Dominik! Back in the day, those little trucks were everywhere!
  3. If I'm not mistaken, the Monogram '69 Z/28 Camaro also had a Dana rearend under it. The upcoming reissue supposedly has parts to build either version. I wonder if it will have both rearends? Did the Street Rat have the same induction on the engine?
  4. The three I built that were molded in black all had the Dana rearend under them. Is it possible that the twelve bolt cover is from the Street Rat version? If it's orange under the chrome, it's from that kit.
  5. Nice looking little hot rod Steve! Those wheels suit it really well!
  6. This is one of my favorite kits from back in the day! So, I'll be tuned in! I'll definitely be snagging a reissue when they're available. One suggestion. Get rid of the runners on the glass. It'll make your headliner much neater looking.
  7. One thing that annoys me is when someone reacts to a post of mine, is it doesn't show what kind of reaction was left. What's the point in that? But, I can see the type of reactions others have left in everyone else's posts. It's like everyone else knows the reaction your post got except for you. The reactions are completely anonymous to the person getting the reaction. Again, what's the point?
  8. Thanx for posting that Carl! That was a good one to watch.
  9. That clearly doesn't work. Just look at the paint stripper topic. Twenty five pages and people still ask the question. But, you can't blame someone for not wanting to wade through all of that.
  10. This is the first '37 sedan I've seen that I actually like! The colors, wheels and stance are all dead on! Then there's the chassis and drivetrain to put it further over the top! Nice work!
  11. I put a thick coat of windshield glue over them. You can also use a drill bit the size of the headlights and drill into them creating a bucket. Then, glue clear lenses in. This one has the glue method. This one has the drilled out and replaced method.
  12. I have a Mark Pawuck Summit Firebird if you're interested in it.
  13. Thanx Colin! I now have all of the engine bay details done! I also have the interior done! I ended up knocking the other sun visor off. I'll install them last as I'll have to flop it over to do the exhaust. The box of parts is getting pretty empty now! I'll try to take better photos once it's finished.
  14. John, when you figure out what wheels and tires you want, send me a PM and I'll do a trade with you. Not a Foose '56. But, it may give you an idea.
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