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  1. Something that may work would be to brush a coat of future over your enamel primer before shooting the lacquer paint over it. The future should seal your primer and allow you to spray lacquer over it. Still, I would do a test before committing to the body.
  2. You can get pretty close with the injection setup from the AMT '53 F-100. I'm using it on a build at the moment. Mine is on a Ford 4 cam mod engine from the Phantom Vickie. You just have to flip them around to get them to angle towards the center. Here's a photo. This is what they look like on the engine. The port spacing may be different on your engine. But, that could be fixed pretty easily.
  3. That's a sharp looking little Sonoma! You rarely see these kits built. It's a treat to see one built up nice! Makes me want to grab one of my old Rangers and build it. Nice work!
  4. That's a wicked looking old Chevy truck! Lots of details! Do you have any photos with the doors and hood closed?
  5. Dupli Color metallics won't have a bass boat effect. They're not perfectly scaled for a model. But, they're as close (if not closer) than a lot of scale paints. Way better than Testors One Coats. If Tamiya doesn't have the color you want in metallic, but has it in non metallic, you can simply spray a coat of their clear pearl over it. Still, don't dismiss the Dupli Color metallics. This Chevelle was painted with Dupli Color Bright Aqua. It certainly doesn't have the bass boat look.
  6. I did it recently without any problem. The only time I choose Dupli Color over Tamiya is if Tamiya doesn't have the exact color I need. You can use Dupli Color primer without issue over styrene.
  7. Thanx Carl! They're the Kelsey Hayes wires from the Revell '32 sedan. Same as in the first photos. Just painted black. That's why I'm changing the color on them.
  8. Steve, I like the small caps better myself. The stock caps look a little too big to me. Right now, I'm not sure if these wheels will even make the cut. I'm going to have to see them painted along with the body. The plan is to paint them Light Gun Metal at the moment. I have the frame, rearend, engine/accessories and the interior in paint. The Dull Red isn't much different than red oxide primer. A little darker. But, not much. I think it'll look good with the Mica Silver. The engine is just Dupli Color Bright Red. I think once it's all together, it'll take a sharp eye to notice that it's actually a DOHC Ford engine. The dead giveaway will be the serpentine belt and coil packs of course. I can't wait to get the chassis back together so I can do some mockups to see how it's going to look.
  9. Could this be pinned so that it doesn't interfere with the regular trades?
  10. The description states from the middle '70s. So, no.
  11. Thanx guys, I appreciate all of the great comments! When I finished this model, I thought never again! But, I'm kinda thinking of doing another one with either a built '60 or a fresh '77.
  12. My only participation would be to give stuff away. Would it then be acceptable to ask the person who claims it to cover postage? The reason I ask is last spring I had a big tote box full of stuff that I wanted to get rid of. When I realized what it would cost to ship all of the parts ,bodies, partial kits,etc., I burned them as it would have easily cost me 100s of dollars to ship all of that stuff. I won't pay to give stuff away. Maybe instead of PIF, create a free section where a person could claim it and pay the postage for it. That way, no one is expecting anything in return. That's where the problems stem from IMO. No rules. Just a simple, "here it is", just pay postage. I don't think anyone could complain either way.
  13. I have the bulkhead and the stock wheel backs. Send me a PM to work out the details.
  14. Considering how Gregg just recently updated everyone on his/the magazine's situation, I don't see how starting yet another thread about it is going to accomplish anything. We know what's going on. Why does it need to be discussed further?
  15. One man's painting of an ugly woman is another man's Mona Lisa. I'm sure the guy that built it loves it. That's all that matters. No matter what anyone thinks of the style, the thought and craftsmanship is there.
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