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  1. Thanx Matthew! There are a lot of different pieces used. Too many to remember. The main frame rails were made with .100 x .156 (2.5 x 4") rectangular strips from Evergreen.
  2. Thanx Robert and Ron! The Fairlane is ready for body and paint now! A few minor adjustments left. I gotta get the paint ordered. I've changed my mind on the color. I'm going to go with Tamiya's Light Gun Metal. I'm going to paint the bumpers either body color or aluminum. Not sure on the interior color yet. I got the trunk hinged and am really happy with how it works. It will stay up on it's own. Still have to make the latches. I have a photo etch hood pin set that I may use on the hood. Lot of little details to work out yet. But, now I can make some real progress.
  3. There's nothing wrong with the tail lights. I have seen builders get them switched up and not fit properly. There is a left and right tail light.
  4. Today I got the trunk opened, rain gutter and trunk seal installed, added detail to the underside of the trunklid, trunk floor filled, added trunk braces, opened the underside of the hood and the scoop vents. I still have to make the latches and hinges for the trunk. I'm getting closer to being able start the putty, sand and primer process.
  5. Thanx! Yeah, I'm using the complete T-Bolt 427. That's why I added the scoop. I need it for clearance. I'm thinking about making it a nitrous engine.
  6. Well, you know what they say about opinions......
  7. Yeah Steve, it's a lot of work. Mind numbing at times. But, the results always pay off IMO. I now have a direction for this model nailed down. As I've been working on it, I've been comparing it to my '61 Comet that I built as a sleeper/phantom S/S. I've decided to make this Fairlane the total opposite of it. It's Wimbledon White. This will be black. The Comet looks stock. This won't. I'm thinking a champagne or blue color for the interior. Can't be red. Wheels are staying. The stock buckets may go. I may add in a four or six point roll bar. I got the front lowered exactly how I want it. The rear may get lowered a touch more. I'll have to check the driveshaft clearance and fit of the ladder bars before I go any lower. I also added a tear drop hood scoop. I know they're a cliche/me too thing on a Ford anymore. But, to me, it just fits the model)
  8. While I'm not a fan of post apocalyptic stuff, I like this! Well thought out and executed! The best part is everything is tastefully done and not over the top. Nice work!
  9. Ever build an interior inside the model with the chassis in place also? I don't recommend it! That's practically how I had to do this interior. First mockup, I taped everything together and stuck it inside the body. Then, placed the chassis. It still hung down below the body! Then, I noticed the floor pan was in the wrong spot in relation to the chassis. The interior floor pan will only fit the chassis in a certain spot. No fudging at all. So, I temp glued the door panels, dash and rear seat together. Stuck it back in, placed the floorpan and chassis. Once everything was where it was supposed to be, I made reference marks. The problem was the door panels actually fit the floorpan different than they did with the '64. So, the door panels had to be lengthened to position everything where it needed to be. It was confusing to me as I did this same conversion on a '61 Comet years ago and it practically fell together. Then, I noticed that the '63 is a hardtop (shorter roof) vs the '64 sedan. The Comet is also a sedan. Anyway, I got the buckets and console modified. Everything is now back together and fitting like it should. Next, I'm going to work on getting it lowered down some. I'm thinking three scale inches in front. Maybe four in the rear.
  10. You'll get way more than just the wheels Randy. That kit also has one of the nicest BBC's with an automatic and headers along with a nice 9 inch Ford rearend. I've bought a few of them for the parts.
  11. They're Pro Stars from the AMT '57 Corvette Street Machine.
  12. Thanx! Yeah, it's the stock rear window. Just shorter. It was quite nerve racking cutting down 57 year old glass! I attempted to make new glass for it. But, couldn't make any that fit well enough.
  13. This is a really cool looking van! You obviously put a lot of work into it and it shows. Loads of details! Nice work!
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