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  1. This is the first Phaeton I've seen that I actually like! I especially like the trunk and the fog lights! Those are perfect touches and really make the model. Nice work!
  2. I did the same swap some years ago on the El Camino. I recall the lower side sculpture issue. But, that was it. I can't remember how I did the cuts. But, I later put the '66 front on the '67 body and converted it to a '66 sedan.
  3. Like the title states, I need both rear fenders from the AMT '72 GMC stepside pickup. I can use new or used/painted. Will trade or pay. Thanx!
  4. I'll remember that Tom! LOL! I thought you may have had one kicking around. I have a mint '68. I want to hack on it. But, hate to at the same time.
  5. Haven't done it. But, if I build another one, I'll use a nice Y block from an AMT or Revell '57. Now that I think about it, I may jerk the DeSoto engine out of the one I have built and swap in a Y block.
  6. About all the AMT kit needs is a better chassis and dress the front end up a bit. The head lights, turn signals, tail lights and grille from the Revell kit will fit the AMT kit easily and makes a big difference. I would rather do that than deal with the separate body chrome on the Revell kit and having to do a roof swap.
  7. If you don't have any plans for that grille Tom, I'd like to work out a trade with you.
  8. The recently reissued '77 Pinto should have what you need.
  9. He did say that he took them from a '67 Chevelle. So, I think he knows.
  10. I've had two smooth as silk trades with Tom and Scott. They made trading easy! Through them, I've acquired two '71 Chevies. All I need to do now is pay stupid money for a '72 and Round2 will announce a reissue! Here's what I've done to the first '71. The plan is to build it like the boxart. Only it'll be a short bed. I may even use the side pipes.
  11. Very nice looking Supra!! Great work on the decals!
  12. Did you see the photo etch wipers in the second post? They don't get more dimensional than those.
  13. You're welcome Scott and thank you for the Racers Wedge! Today I found a few more that I want to get rid of. A '61 or '62 Tempest four door, '59 Mercury and a '74 Challenger. My project pile isn't getting any smaller. But, I have a couple of models that I at least have more interest in.
  14. Plowboy

    1960 Nomad

    I would choose option 3 and do it up right with the parts from the Revell kit. How many chances will you get to work on something like this? Do it the way you want and enjoy it.
  15. If you can use 1/24 scale, the old Monogram '70 Chevelle has a decent blown big block. I'm thinking the last issue that's a B/M comes with headers.
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