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  1. When I read your post, I thought sure that was the issue. But, it wasn't. I checked them with a straight edge and all four cross braces were on the same plane. I then took a piece of scrap styrene around .050 thick and placed it under the radiator support. That was what it needed. It got rid of the bowed look, made the cab wall and bed fit perfect as well as got the fenders up away from the tires. So, I glued the piece to the chassis plate, trimmed and sanded it.
  2. Thanx Steve and Greg! I got most of it in primer last night. I'll sand most of it away with 600 and shoot three coats of primer and allow it to cure a few days while I work on the rest of it. Stance check. I think the front end needs to come up a touch. I'm going to try adding shims under the radiator support and bumper. It kinda looks like it's bowed in the middle. I checked the chassis plate and it's straight.
  3. You already know how I feel about this model Bernard. But, I gotta say again that this is your best work yet! Congratulations on pulling off one fine example of a hot rod!
  4. This is danged cool!! I wish I had the talent and eye for weathering such as this great example!
  5. So nice and clean! I love everything about it! I especially like how you made all of the Super Stallion parts work with the body.
  6. Thanx again guys, I appreciate the comments! This is my all time favorite model! I doubt I'll ever be able to build another that I'll like better. But, it won't keep me from trying!
  7. Definitely be watching this one! I've been wanting to stick a CJ or a flat fender clip on one of these for a while! But, I recently scored the earlier "Safari" version of this kit. So, who knows which one I'll get to first.
  8. I got this MPC kit from Tom Kendall in a trade. I loved this kit when I was a kid! I thought that boxart was so cool! Of course when I built it then, it looked like garbage. Runny paint, glue smears, crooked decals. It had it all! Now, I have a second chance! This model is going to be just for fun. No detailing, corrections, etc. Just like when I was a kid! It's going to be a tribute build (not a faithful rendition) to the boxart. Only better. No long stepside bed! Ugh! That was one thing I really disliked about this kit. In just a little while and swapping the chassis plate and bed with the AMT '72 GMC, I had a better looking Chevy stepside. The tail gate was just a touch too tall. I removed 1 mm from the bottom. I removed the Cheyenne trim as I couldn't find a stepside with that trim anywhere in my research. Plus, it just looks wrong with a stepside bed. I also decided to get rid of the non matching marker lights. They didn't match on the original fenders either. I filled in the cab corners and the recess on the rear stake pockets. I opened the grille to make it see through. This was the most time consuming and difficult grille I've ever done! I literally wore the chrome off from handling it so much! And I'm still not done! I'm going to also get rid of the molded in headlights. That shouldn't be too difficult. Once they're done, I'll paint the grille, do the blacked in the recesses and do the surround with a Molotow pen. The plan is to paint it gold and if the decals hold together, use them also. I'm going to change the color of the seats/interior to some kind of tan instead of white. Not sure about the side pipes. I may fix them so they can be installed and removed easily. Should be in primer soon.
  9. Plowboy

    62 Comet

    That's a good looking little Comet Carl! I actually like the '62 better than the '60 and '61s. To me, the tail end is much better looking with the four small round tail lights, tail panel and fins.
  10. I'm thinking about putting up an ad of my own, "trade kits for toilet paper!"
  11. Least favorite is removing mold lines from every single part! Favorite is a toss up between body prep work, paint and foil.
  12. Finished this one up today. Basically a kitbash with a Revell '48 F-1 and convertible. I used the pickup's chassis, engine block with an automatic from an old Revell Ranchero, bed, roof, rear cab wall, floor pan, dash and door panels. The convertible supplied the front clip, bottom section of the doors, rear fenders, engine accessories, wheels, hubcaps, tires and seat. Paint is Tamiya Gray Green with a coat of pearl and clear. Thanx for checking it out! Any questions, just ask.
  13. Too many ideas to list. But, I have been knocking some of my ideas out. It's good to get it off the mind and on the shelf. I've been into phantoms lately and really like doing them.
  14. I got it finished today! Not able to take decent photos just yet. As soon as I get a chance, I'll take some better photos. This inside photo doesn't capture the actual color.
  15. Coolest minivan I've ever seen!! The paint, wheels and tires with a touch of camber, the roof and that interior really sets this model apart from the usual. Nice work!
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