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  1. Welp, nothing worked to get the hood and trunk to match.😟 I sanded them down, shot the gray, three coats of white and a coat of Pearl White. Still didn't match. Shot another coat of Pearl White and it was close. But, still off. So, the body is now in the stripper so I can start over. Next time around, I'll have the hood and trunk mounted to the body from the first coat of primer to the last coat of paint. I knew this paint would be a pain. But, I would have never thought it would be this much of a pain!
  2. Thanx Kit, I appreciate the kind words! I'm definitely no comparison to Harry Bentley Bradley. But, I do know how I want this model to look. And I wanted try some new things too. The extra coat of Pearl White didn't work like I hoped. It brought the color up a shade. But, still not enough. So, I sanded the hood and trunk back down, shot the gray and have two coats of white on them. Once they're dried well, I'll shoot one more coat of white, sand, shoot a coat of Pearl White and see where I'm at. If it's good, I'll shoot another coat of paint and a coat of Semi Gloss clear. If not, I'll strip and start over. I shot a coat of semi gloss on the floor pan and it makes the shine exactly where I want it.
  3. The worst kit I've built is the Moebius '71 F-100. Too many accuracy issues to mention them all. It's pretty much wrong from the ground up. From that point on, I looked at Moebius builds much closer before buying. I haven't bought another one since. I had hopes for the '65 and '66. But, they're not much better from what I've seen. They bear a striking resemblance to a cheap diecast.
  4. Thanx Sonny! I've got a lot of stuff done over the past few days. Too much to try to take photos of. Everything is in primer. Floorpan, engine/trans, suspension, valve covers and breather are in paint. The wheels and rotors are detailed ready to install. Sorry for the poor photo. I also got the first coat of Pearl White on the body. And I'm disappointed in it. The hood and trunk don't match! Even though they were painted with the body. They're just a shade off. Once it's dry, I'm going to see what an additional coat of Pearl White will do. If that doesn't work, I'll sand them down and start again. I had to shoot three coats of white primer over the gray on the body. I'm thinking I may have only shot two on the hood and trunk. The shine is just a touch more than I want. I'm going to hit the floorpan with Satin Clear and see what it looks like. I may have to use Matte Clear. Other than the mismatched panels, I like how it looks!
  5. The easiest way to simulate the seams for a vinyl top if it's going to be a dark color (doesn't work well for light colors) is to simply lap the paint. Mask off the center, paint the sides and allow to dry. Then mask off the sides leaving the width of the seams exposed, paint and unmask. It makes perfectly in scale laps with no strips or sanding. The paint makes the seams.
  6. Plowboy

    AMT Ford F150

    One note on these AMT Ford pickups is that they are all F-350 Camper Specials with the extended wheelbase. The rear wheel openings and gas cap will need to be moved forward seven scale inches and dropped three to get a regular long bed. I think someone casts a regular long bed. The brow on the windshield is too low and needs to be raised the width of the gasket. I also added .020 to the roof and had to add the gasket detail on the rear window. I think the later versions have it.
  7. No, I don't have a photo of them. Just search for any Monogram 4x4 and you'll see them.
  8. Looks like it will be a good time to get rid of the Eagle II and lowboy trailer I have. I bought them years ago thinking I would build them. But, I've never opened either one. I planned on building them along with a JD tractor and backhoe.
  9. You should have glued your strips on before primer. Just sand back down to bare styrene where your strips will be and glue them on. .010 is a little thick for a vinyl top seam. So, I would sand them them down to a more proper thickness before primer.
  10. Have you tried your wheel in a set of Monogram Good Year Trackers?
  11. It'll still work fine through an airbrush. Years ago, when I still had an airbrush, I had a can of Fathom Green that had lost it's propellant. I drilled a hole in the can, dumped it into a jar, mixed it well and sprayed it. I didn’t even have to add thinner.
  12. There's an idea! Pitch the kit bed and make a wood flat bed for it. Maybe also turn it into a dually.
  13. Probably. The majority that I have had leak, leaked out of the top seal.
  14. It's a common problem with Testors. I think it's the propellant leaking out. If you have an airbrush, you can still use the paint inside.
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