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  1. Pretty much all of the Testors Extreme Lacquers have out of scale metallics in them. Some colors are worse than others. Icy Blue is the worst as it looks like it belongs on a bass boat. The Mythical Maroon you used doesn't seem to be as bad as most of them.
  2. Thanx! It was actually a Firebird coupe. But, out of the box, it has a wonky looking roof and quarter panels. It started out as an experiment to see if I could fix the body. But, I ended up building it.
  3. I've done it both ways. Either a tiny drop of crazy glue or barely hit it with Tamiya Extra Thin. You're right about crazy glue being fairly easy to get apart and clean up. But, the Extra Thin works well also. It is a bit easier to get the panels back apart with the Extra Thin as long as you don't over do it. I had to glue the hood on this Firebird. I temp glued it with Tamiya Extra Thin on each corner.
  4. Thanx guys! I also have a '34 Ford pickup painted with AS-19 Intermediate Blue.
  5. The AS paints are flat. But, that can easily be overcome with TS-13 or by polishing. This is AS-29 Gray Green with a coat of TS-65 Pearl Clear and three coats of TS-13.
  6. That's a wicked looking Chevelle Bryan! I really like the wheels and tires on it! Did you print them yourself or purchase them?
  7. That little Falcon has the eighties all over it! Nice work!
  8. That is a sinister looking Bel Air Luke! Perfect stance and paint! Nice work!
  9. That is one cool looking Galaxie Nick! The stance and wheels are dead on! Nice work!
  10. The AMT '62 Pontiac has a decent set. But, they're pretty shallow IMO. These are from the AMT '36 Ford. To me, they're the best looking from a kit. I also really like the Pegasus chrome reverse wheels. But, I usually change the tires. There's also a nice set in the Monogram Pro Modeler '60 Corvette. But, they're a little tough to find. The Revell '49 Mercury has a set. But, they're a bit oversized. I don't have a photo of those.
  11. Definitely do not polish! Unless you want adhesion problems. Paint needs the fine scratches to stick. The 2500 grit you're using is almost too fine. I sand my primer and color coats with 1000 grit. I'll spray two coats of clear, allow it to dry, sand with 2000 and spray a final coat of clear. Then polish.
  12. That's a very well done Chevy, Lee! One of the best examples of this kit that I've seen!
  13. I've changed this model since it was first built. It's now lowered with a set of Hopsters from the Revell '67 Chevelle SS 396. It looks much better now!
  14. I really like the weathering on the '57 Del Rio!
  15. You had a heck of a year Dominik! Nice work on all of them!
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