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  1. I did a tutorial on it several years ago. It was in Tips, Tricks and Tutorial section. But, I doubt the photos are still there due to Photobucket. If you can find it, it explains the process step by step. So, the photos shouldn't be much of an issue.
  2. Something I've noticed on the full scale Coronets is the front bumper/bottom of the grille has a slight downward curve to it. Like it's smiling. Another issue with this kit is the rear bumper fitment at the top corners. I have mine in paint and cleared. Just have to polish, foil and assemble now.
  3. Tamiya White putty doesn't work well for filling at all. It seems better suited for filling in scratches after primer. The Tamiya Gray putty works much better for filling.
  4. Nice looking Camaro Gerald! The Fathom Green really suits it!
  5. If you want the best BMF, buy it directly. Just go to bare-metal.com and place your order. I won't buy foil any other way.
  6. Thanx! This model is the leftovers from the same conversion. I never have been happy with the El Camino I built. Someday, I want to strip it and repaint it.
  7. Buy a can of Tamiya clear. It's way better than Dupli Color.
  8. Very cool little hot rod Alan! Lots of good choices on the parts and the colors really work well together! I think this is the first model I've seen painted with the Light Red.
  9. Really nice looking Buick! The color is perfect for it!
  10. Nice looking GTX! Really like the color!
  11. Just finished this one up. It's been one of toughest builds I've done in a while! Anything that could go wrong, did! It's the Revell '67 with the '66 El Camino front clip and '66 wagon grille. The taillight panel and rear bumper are from the Monogram kit. Taillights from the Lindberg kit. I modified the roof into a sedan with sheet styrene. Inside the interior, I used the rear seats from the Monogram for the rear and front bench seat. Engine is from the kit with the fuel injection from an AMT '72 Chevelle, headers from a Revell '69 Camaro and valve covers from the AMT '57 Corvette. Paint is Model Masters Artesian Turquoise inside and out with Tamiya clear. Wheels and tires from the Revell '62 Corvette. Thanx for checking it out!
  12. The Sierra Grand can't come back. It was modified into the '72 Chevy. Steve Milberry and I had a discussion about this subject a while back. I was doubting the story. Steve confirmed it.
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